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psychotronic mind control and scalar weapons for mind control

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 08:16 PM
Hi,Iam glad that I found this site.It would seem there are a few people with some of the same things wich I like to learn of.What Iam looking to learn is about weapons that are used for mind control.I have read a lot of things that people such as David Icke,Tom Bearden,Nick Begic,and others have published.I was looking for a particular article about SCALAR WAVES AND ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS.Iam not sure if it was written by David Icke or not,but the aticle was very good.I saw it on the net but have not been able to find it.If anyone has seen it and knows where it can be viewed please post it on ATS.


posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by scalar e.l.f.

Look up tim rifat. I am not sure if this is the same guy who now seems to be cashing in on crystals and such (for healing and/or protection). It wouldn't surprise me. Everyone has their breaking point.

I believe this stuff is real, and have personal dealings with assaults. Naturally, one is labeled 'whack' for such a declaration. However, the desire to learn the truth about a billion odd phenomena that I have seen starting in the early 80's, and the relief it brings me for understanding the burdens, is worth it. I don't get much utility from companionship.

On October 19th of 2009 I was drifting off to sleep, and my mind was sensing blasts of energy at 10 minute intervals. I pretended to be asleep, but after seeing the three small pets stationed with me on the couch violently convulse, along with myself, I decided to become awake, once and for all. It was a strange night. There was heard a loud skyquake about 30 mins after I arose, and it was difficult for me to stand. The radio reports on the scanner had police looking for an 'outed transformer' in two or three towns nearby. I don't think they found that 'transformer'.

I believe that the xxx's (who declare myself an anti-xxx) are getting their hands on these weapons, and have manage to steal some satellite intel as well. One x was just busted for this in the US, transferring the intelligence to the x homeland.

I shared this info with my family, which at first accepted the possibility, with this caveat: 'You are lucky I don't call you insane'. I replied: "there's always tomorrow"

A few weeks go by, and sure enough, I am 'insane'. They wish I were dead, basically, as I am an apparent source of embarrassment to them. I ought to have known not to have trusted her. In order to see my brother, I have to dream about him. All family connections near terminated through stasi like interrogations.

During the week of those assaults, about 12 lightbulbs were burned out, mainly around where I sleep, and under any copper or metal canopy in our house. I have felt those energy blasts several times in the last year, and changed many bulbs as well-more than the typical amount. But now I know what's going on. Eventually I stumbled upon scalar energy.

Remember what Google ceo told the nation on live TV (CNN):

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

-Eric Schmidt

Once you understand the Rolls Royce like stability of the Earth, Universe, and geosynchronous satellite weaponry, coupled with man's capacity for evil...well

A screaming comes across the sky....

Eric Schmidt's little slip is simply the blueprint for what is now possible.

My friend...once the space weapon hones in and captures your eeg (brain fingerprint), there is no mountain burrow deep enough to escape detection. It is a fact: your eyes will be their eyes. Your thoughts will be clear to them. You will invent things that will be claimed by another. I knew there was a reason I abruptly abandoned writing, years ago, and began to doodle what seem to be electrorheological chains. Perhaps it is a defense.

These are super duper computers, and there is room for us all. You would not believe the amount of invasiveness they are now using, and this explains exactly why and how the xxxworldorder is flexing it's might, and flaunting it's galling nerve.

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 06:47 AM
There is one flaw in the works, however. God has always seen everything through the eyes of every atom on Earth, the Universe, and throughout Time itself. The proprietors of these devices are engaged in a huge battle...there are those who believe in God, and there are those who want to be God. These factions are diametrically opposed. In other words, acting as middlemen, or interceptors, for our 3D experience called 'life', there are those who crave beauty and refinement, and there are those who pay handsomely to interview guests about 'anal' (howard stern), who use life and it's work for making cartoons about scatology and cancer (family guy). One of them is going to emerge victorious. One of them is now panicking. There is a world groundswell against the xxx's, as their computer models have shown them. Hence, they are in a hurry, a big one.

I am hoping that the good guys (beauty and refinement) have found time travel, and have set the program on kill. It would explain why when I see the is as if the whole hippie thing never existed! Wrenchingly sad, but perhaps a necessary development. I would not want to have a future with the stamp of today's media controllers, or even a shred of it, in sight, anywhere. They are incapable of telling the truth, because if they did, they would lose their strategic advantage. Truth sets a fair playing field. Lies obfuscate things, making the game easiest to win for those who are lying. It is as though playing the game of 'musical chairs' with others who know exactly when the music stops, and they will always have a chair. The scraps, that of being expected to 'assimilate' is left over for the losers, and eventually you can assimilate to status of 'hangman'. That is what they are counting on. You see...they NEED you.

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 07:04 AM
When you prepare to sleep, set your mind as if a massive tug-o-war between yourself and the God-in-you against a satellite targeted to follow your every thought. Sometimes you get a split second advance warning, and the blast fails. Imagine the satellite failing, and thank God for your ability to withstand them.

Do not attempt to please THEM, the xxx's. Please God alone. They will be excluded from the house of God. You will see God. Sure, your family will hate you...but that's obvious.

Submission is the first key to fail. Submit to no one. Let the computer model they have come true at last. There is a groundswell of hatred and resentment against them, and it is a threshold moment. Using the wonder weapons, they will lure you with a pinkie finger up your butt (virtual reality etc) but it ends with a behemoth dildo of submission. For what it's will be what you choose to be, especially with the new game, which can stamp or imprint your own selections as being, more or less, permanent. Try to remember that your cell phone is not so much giving us the gift of 'ourselves', but rather, it is giving us what they want you to become. This will help allay any momentary rage you are likely to encounter while measuring the depth of the mind rape. It is like junior principalities fighting hard to become the true Devil. Perhaps there are others tailoring waves of beauty and refinement... If we have a choice at all, perhaps we ought to select carefully. Few will acknowledge this technology at the truth is liable to stay hidden until sara palin is elected president, and will enlighten us all.

3 dimensions (life) in submission to 2 (computer) is .666666666. Take that to the bank.

The shame is on their side.

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by davidmann

hello,you might want to read up about the blue beam project. very interesting indeed. check it out.

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