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The Detraction (measure)

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 03:37 PM
Answer questions in bold with no other response.

Step into the anti- 'face value' prophesies for "the" mathmatical worded prophesy:

A Ruler = A Lurer = A Detractor. A Ruler is a Measurer. One as the Measure against or for etc., etc.

A Ruling, luring detracting shall drop our togetherness. As in, let go our gathering of a togetherness being.

How will you act or behave or talk or perceive seperate from our current one another?

It was bound to be to "the be" a single ruler, both out and in all before it, during it, and after it with "also".

Think of the symbolics to "also": "a l (1, Ruler) so". You know what ruler also equals. Before the Ruler you were hellbound to be in a sense that it was just a matter of bound occurrence in a random point in infinity to come unfold. The Ruler was Supreme-bound.

So skip every prophecy about a possible rapture or a possible taking to see the Detraction measure pending to occur so so so. And forget about ever being a one another later once seperated from such the case and point here.

Hewn so still veer!! We veer together, then we veer apart!! The Hewn so still bound. Every one shall be divided and be minused themself to any other.

The thing about the twin towers isn't about them, but about what is next. 1! Not a two! Not a two towers. A single ruler in sign of the works is. It doesnt mean the building has to be up and running to imply it when the point is foretold into your mind vivid. Did they not already show you what next they may have put up in place of ground zero? The contradiction zero says it is already and isnt already built the Freedom Tower. In mind it is built already. In fictional of physical (as by design on material) it is built already. In actual final means physical it is not built already. So now you do understand a rule, a lure, and a detraction extra so with that info.

The main question I want you to answer is: Do you see any reason for a detraction to our togetherness? What is the reason?...Is it because we dont truely get along with one another because we wont?...Is it because we find one another hateable in some way that extra reveals time after time to no fail?

Some cant even answer correctly with respect. And that reveals the reason for a detraction, because there is no getting along between one another. You shall indeed witness divide itself and minus itself also. If you bring about division or cause division, then you have yourself as the point made in the right hand of a Ruler that gives detraction reason to simply occur.

Where you find someone ugly in look or by behavior or action, you detract them and yourself to become apart because there is reason become for having done so. Detraction is a force in affect like luring (attraction) is a force in affect. You cant resist going along with those forces that reveal the reason for being come face to face. Think of a south and south magnet... They detract by force if they face one another. Magnetism has two sides... An attract and a detract. You normally overlook the detract side I bet. We have a magnetism between one another, and it is detraction. The south and south magnet were always bound to detract. That's a sign that we are to a "be" bound to detract and then stay detracted to when and where it shall be then to each their own. Facing detraction means you're not truely home, but away from a welcoming home. Facing lure (attraction) means you're truely home, and away from an unwelcoming abroad.

So the Detract shall put one another, seperately, in their own Lure (Attract). Then, shall things be chaos, if you're such that, and things shall be harmony, if you're such that. Such shall then be your homes apart. Home is where the heart is. Your heart foretells your bed (foundation) that been made for or against you alone.

Take the sun... It, to itself, is in a lure. It shall come into a detract by explosion. The sign is in the planet because earth is lured close to the sun, then detracted far from the sun in the orbiting around the sun. That is the sign of lure, then detract. You think you've found a lure, but it, come to find out, turns out something or someone you found as a detract. We've come together only to come apart.

Take a woman... Her body, to you, is attraction, but her inner person (expressed in behavor or actions or talk), to you, is detraction. You see the conflict surely. It means you are far away from home. Home = complete Lure when and where, say, a woman's body, to you, is attraction and also her inner person expressed, to you, is attraction. It is healthy to be in a fine-tune best suited for you. Be the suit a fine-tune of chaos or harmony. Certain of you want to be where the womens lure is complete and wholesome, where they find your lure complete and wholesome, too. But since this here and now is not a home, to any here, the detraction shall occur as bound to. We shall be divided and put whole, and not handicapped how it is here and now for us. If an attractive, clean woman you (CERTAIN) see in your eyes and path cant just come up to you and say certain things like in your fantasies, then that tells you that here is not your Home. It also tells you (CERTIAN) because of being here there is ugliness, and mean and cold heartedness, going around that puts you limited and away from fuliflling likes. If there is a thought in your head that causes you to, say, not approach a woman you like, then know that the cause of the thought is simply there in your head because this is not your home since you have to be precautious here of the ugliness that can pop up from those who detract only come to find out in close-in attempt involving a close up. Yeah, you may have been lured by the body, but the person can be nasty like a nasty snake strike of a snake waiting for that type of try-close moment to be venomous to your heart and mind. Then it leaves you thinking... Why were you attracted to such a snake if the body seems pleasing to the eye and luring??? Why couldnt it be a match to where the body wasn't decieving to begin with??? Is there a woman that matches outside and inside without any confliction???

[edit on 3-9-2008 by Mabus]


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