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Something Odd Happened On A Trip To Italy

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posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 07:35 PM
Just thought I would share a fairly odd thing that happened to me around 20 years ago, I was about 8 years old at the time and it only just occurred to me how odd it was.

Me and my family went on a holiday/vacation to Italy, Rome and we were doing the tourist thing of visiting the old Roman buildings and various sights to see. On one particular day we went to this large cathedral, not sure which one, and I was playing on the large stone steps that led to the entrance. There were lots of tourists around and my parents were looking at this cathedral while I was a few steps behind just playing on these stone steps. As my parents began to leave and I followed this old Italian man stopped me. He grabbed my hand and turned it so the palm was face up, he then said something in Italian which I have no idea what it was and then pinched the end of my finger. It did hurt but I think I was so shocked at this man grabbing my hand I didn't show any emotion or fear I was a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. My parents didn't see this as they were a few steps ahead, after this old man pinched my finger he let me go and I ran up to my parents to tell them what happened but we kind of brushed it off at the time.

Anyway after returning home I had this weird mark on my finger appear, it then turned into a hard circular almost wart kind of thing. I don't know weather it was a wart or not but it looked weird, it wasn't a bump but rather inside my finger, after a year or so it disappeared.

Anyone know what the hell that was all about??? was it some kind of Italian curse???

On the same holiday/vacation another strange thing happened, there was a woman, I would say 30 to 35 years old who seemed to follow me/my family around. I remember being in the back of our hire car and as you do when your a child you look out the back window at the cars behind and there was this woman. We drove for about 2 hours and this woman was behind us all the time, I then saw her at our hotel reception a few days later too. At the time I didn't think much of it until we got back home to the UK and I saw her outside my school a few times and she always seemed to be looking at me.

I don't know if the two incidents are connected but I thought I would share that with you for what's its worth, it could just be me being paranoid but thinking about it gives me a chill now.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by II HAL II

Maybe your parents work for the CIA and she's trying to give you a hint. They must be trying to tell you something, and don't mind you knowing that they are keeping their eye on you.

After my last Sleep Paralysis a few weeks ago, the first thing I remember is feeling a pain coming from my inner thigh, I checked it out, I have a bump there, and it's still there, but it's so thin that I keep shrugging it off. It could be an implant. If I get around to borrowing my friends cam... then I will post this on another thread. I''m really curious to know what happened to your finger though, you can probably get some x-rays and find out.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 09:49 PM
Well, I am italian (so i'm sorry for my bad english).In big cities is common to see some crazy old men/women around, especially near the center of the city.There are a lot of homeless or just people that is trying to get some coin for surviving.So, i think is better you forget about it and don't worry about.If you are still worried about, just make some xrays to your finger, but this is not necessary, do it only if you can't sleep at night thinking about it.

The second weird fact, i think is just a coincidence.And trust me me, i don't believe at coincidences at all.But this is surely an exception.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 11:29 AM
Thanks for the input guys.

I dont have any marks there now so I dont think an x-ray would do much good. I wish at the time I went to the doctors to find out what it was but I never did so unless a similar mark appears I doubt I will ever know how that old man gave it to me, unless it was just a very odd coincidence.

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