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And People Criticize Bush for Intruding on Our Privacy

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posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 10:01 PM
It amazes me that people criticize Bush so much for allowing Big Brother to invade our privacy but are basically mute or are unaware that our privacy is being intruded on by both the Democrats and Republicans during this 2008 election.

They are gathering info on Americans via data mining. Both parties are in the process of building their own databases but have been known to use Aristotle Inc. Supposedly his database has detailed information on about 175 million Americans. Of course, many Americans probably don't mind or care as long as our government doesn't have access to this information. However, this information is for sale to anyone and most people aren't even aware of it or just don't care.

Aristotle can tell its clients more than just the predictable stuff—where you live, your phone number, who lives with you, your birthday, how many children you have. It may also know how much you make, how much your house is worth, what kind of car you drive, what Web sites you visit, and whether you went to college, attend church, own guns, have had a sex change, or have been convicted of a felony or sex crime. It can pry into every corner of your life.

If the American public had any idea just how much of their private lives was out there, there would be a revolution,” Shelley says.

same source for both

Obama and McCain have demonstrated that getting elected is more important than the privacy of Americans. Although what they are doing is legal I do question the ethics of it. I don't believe that my personal information should be collected in government and corporate databases only to be sold to anyone who is willing to pay up.

Privacy is important to me and if this data mining of personal information on Americans continue, the government won't have to pass bills to spy on Americans. All they would have to do is use American taxpayers money to buy the information.

Are you alarmed that your personal information is so easily accessible and being used by candidates running for public office?

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 10:39 PM
It's sad that anyone thinks there is any fundamental difference between these two parties... They are hand puppets in a one-man puppet show. They are the two sides of a two-headed counterfeit coin they try to hand us, and the only thing that coin will buy is NWO.

Drop these two facades and vote Ron Paul.


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