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Biased Nature of Prophecies:

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 07:01 PM
By Biased I do not mean a negitive context. Everyone is biased to some extent. However a citizen of the Globe, the next evolitionary step, needs to realize how the biased predictions of future historic events pile upon eachother so they might see the clearer picture.

Everyone should be well enough in understanding Nostradamus. Thus I feel he a good example. Nostradamus's Prophecies were "biased" toward:
1: "The Holy Church"
2: Global Theater.

By understanding the core of the bias of prophetic works by a particular seer one gains insight into where better to put the building block of prophetic writings in the larger understanding of the whole.

What insite can be had by this?

How would you define others, more or less known, workings of prophetic writings?

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