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UFOS: Extra-Terrestrial or Military Advanced Tech?

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 03:32 PM
Is it possible that what we know as UFOS are nothing more than advanced technology created by Earth Governments to stop a possible alien attack on Earth in a few years? Technology not disclosed and considered top secret, created since the Reagan and Gorbatchov administrations in the 80's? Does Star Wars project ring a bell anyone?

Yeah i know that the SDI aka Star Wars project was intended to protect the USA from the soviet attacks but what if the enemy wasn't the Soviet Union but an alien civilization?

Wasn't the Moon space project halted till 2020? If so and if i'm correct and they (americans and soviets) encountered a hostile species in the moon wouldn't it be logic that a group of countries started to develop weaponry and technology to defend and counter attack?

Reagan alien speech in the UN

Is anyone here acquainted with the CARET Project and the so-called UFO drones? If not i would recommend reading this

this sure gives us a lot to think about doesnt it?

glad to hear some oppinions from you guys about this. Sorry once again for my English as it's not my first language.

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