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Relocation anyone?

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 11:21 AM
The government should really consider to relocate the New Orleanian's permanently on the higher grounded areas that will not be affected from this hurricane or any other hurricane. It will be less expensive to the tax payers if the U.S military gets out of Iran, Iraq, Georgia, or wherever they are, and help contribute to the aftermath of what this hurricane might deliver.

Even though some of the New Orlean residents want to stay this time because they are concerned of getting "robbed or raped" during the evacuation or after.

They want to stay because they don't want to leave their home for months on end.

People want to stay because they have important belongings that can't be left behind.

Hurricanes will keep on coming and flood the lower elevated areas. The government spends way too much of the tax payers money to rebuild the lower part of New Orlean's, when the goverment knows that it will become damaged again. So what's the deal here?


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