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Oscar De La Hoya-Manny Pacquiao fight is set for Las Vegas

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 04:28 AM

Oscar De La Hoya-Manny Pacquiao fight is set for Las Vegas

The biggest boxing match in years will, indeed, take place. Oscar De La Hoya has agreed to a Dec. 6 match with rising superstar Manny Pacquiao, writes Bill Dwyre of the Los Angeles Times.

The official announcement, barring last-minute reversals, will be made in a conference call Thursday morning.

The match, Dwyre writes, is "the grand finale of 35-year-old De La Hoya's unprecedented career as the box-office king in a sport that has survived on his back for more than 10 years without a dominant heavyweight." The bout will be held at the MGM Grand Hotel Garden in Las Vegas. HBO will present the pay-per-view showing.

Click here to read more about the biggest boxing bout in years.
Unbelievable. Pacquiao started his career at 106 pounds. He's successfully gone up the weight divisions. Now he's going up against a 147 pounder, superstar Oscar.

I don't think Oscar can beat him.

Is there a possibility for a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight?

If Pacquiao does away with Mayweather. He'll be the greatest fighter of all time bar none. Good times

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posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 09:29 PM
I don't think Oscar can beat him either. But it should be a good fight. I think Oscar is past his prime, though.

I'd love to see Mayweather get floored by someone and if Pacquia can do it that would be great, but to me Mayweather is boring as a fighter. He uses his speed to punch and run. I'm more interested in people who can mix it up. Mayweather won't stand toe to toe anyone. Pretty boy is too worried about getting hit.

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posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by virraszto
Pacquiao says after he's through with DeLahoya, he'll fight one last time and retire from boxing. I'd like it a lot if he beats Mayweather for his closing act.

Pacquiao has more fights under his belt than either of them. He has more victories than than they've had fights. IMVHO, that makes him the true champion of our times although he is smaller.

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 03:10 AM

Agence France-Presse - 12/7/2008 7:17 AM GMT

Filipino boxing icon Pacquiao stands tall in TKO of De la Hoya

Manny Pacquiao punished Oscar de la Hoya for eight rounds, his technical knockout triumph over the US superstar underscoring the Filipino icon's status as best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Pacquiao's speed and precision were too much for De la Hoya, whose left eye was swelling shut in his battered face as he declined to come out for the ninth round.

The Mexican-American sat quietly on his stool as his corner decided he had taken enough punishment, and referee Tony Weeks officially stopped the fight.

With the technical knockout, Pacquiao improved to 48-3 with two drawn and 36 wins inside the distance.

I can't believe the Pacman was billed as the underdog. A lot of people made money hand over fist.

the mayweather-pacquiao fight should prove to be a better fight hopefully...that is if mayweather has the guts to give pacquiao the chance to show them to him.:shk:

posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 03:15 AM
As with sporting events, I feel this particular fight may have been 'rigged' for profit. :shk:

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