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Question - Orange light that >burns<

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posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 10:35 AM
For purposes of this thread, aliens are to be assumed real. This is not a debate on if they are or are not; but rather their orange light I experienced or their personal weapon capabilities.

I need feed-back, searching google and forums did not really help.

I am not here to discuss in this thread whether abductions, aliens, UFOs, spirits, what-ever-what-not are real or not. Nor am I hear to discuss my sanity or not. In short, don't derail this thread, I want serious answers.

Whether or not some people remember one of my older threads, I do not know, but I had posted up a constant visit/harassment of noises and presence of people. That it had forced me to sleep under my covers now at adult hood even. To be afraid of the dark windows...

I had more recently took an aggressive turn in response to my 'visits', real or not. I lock my door already to insure people do not walk in on me, now I have armed myself for 'visits' of the illegal kind (criminals) as well as visits of the E.T. kind.

Now, last night, 1:12 AM, I had just finished working ((aggravating)) on one of my hobbies, I had been up looking for a tool, it was missing, I was frustrated and angry. I went to get some rest...

It takes 30 min to an hour for me to sleep, usually, so no, I was not in dream state or REM or what-not. I do not meditate.

I was laid on my back, my left arm over my head, and out of the covers, laying as the only part of my body that would be in sight. My left hand, is my life. I am left handed. Its my weapon, creating, writing, etc hand...

Next thing I know, I feel a strange warmth on my hand, then it increased to very hot, I looked over, along my arm... out of the cover. There was an orange light. Orange, not blue, not white. I then felt pain, I jerked it back immediately.

First thought: Nuclear explosion, Flash radiation.

Next Reaction: Pulled covers over me, rolled off against the wall, and protected myself.

Next Event: Sound of electronic humming, very quiet, began to pick up, I felt my body shake with fear. A thought occurred to me, it wasn't nuclear, I'd be dead by now. Then... I went into fear-panic mode.

Next Reaction: I'm now shaking with fear, tired, clenching onto my bed's sheets, my arm is numb.

30 minutes later: A sound like a high powered saw, then the humming returns as every night, per normal, but slowly fades in 20 minutes more time.

Now, exhausted, weary, and still fearful, I lay wrapped in my covers until I fall asleep. Last memory I can recall upon was noting how my body was coated in sweat.

I have no dreams that night, which is not normal for me [1-3 is my usual].

In the morning, I find my tool I was missing, placed neatly on my open desk. My left hand has a slight red mark on the top side, and the skin itself, where I felt the heat, feels soft to the touch, more sensitive to touch, and has a very slight 'tan' to it.

So here are the questions

Question 1The orange light, has anyone read or experienced of it? Any indications as to it's actual uses?

Question 2What are the potential personal-weapon capabilities of these xenos?

Question 3Would attacking them armed, with non technological weaponry [eg: EMP/EM weapons won't stop it, like they do jets... a pistol, a knife, etc... wont be affected], be suicide?

Question 4The covers seemed to shield me from whatever the orange light was... perhaps I should use in with a knife, to insure maximum effectiveness?

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posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 10:46 AM
Not to be rude but have you sought medical help? A psychologist or something along those lines? Are you sure this isn't in your mind?

If the orange light was harmful, your blanket wouldn't protect you.

I saw an orange ball of light when I was a kid. But not an orange light like you describe.

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posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 11:40 AM
I don't know about your other two questions but this one I do know about.

"Question 1The orange light, has anyone read or experienced of it?

Down here in Florida, we refer to it as the "Sun".

"Any indications as to it's actual uses?"

I am no biologist, but I suspect it is one of the reasons I get burnt every summer when on the beach without a shirt.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by Blueracer

Actually yes, and asides obsessive compulsive and a phobia of the dark, there is not much else that makes me 'non-norm' in the psyche.

Its an extremely thick comforter that I use as a blanket when I sleep, and nothing else.

It also lasted only a moment, long enough for me to notice. I didn't think to put a time comparison of me noticing and seeing. It was moments, not minutes.

EDIT: Also, it could be purely mental, I know it can. However, no matter how hard I try to convince myself, the image of looking at that light out from under my comforter, is ingrained and I can not look beyond it. I can't convince myself I was just seeing things and feeling things and hearing things, all at once, that were just imagined, when before that I had NO thoughts of such a thing.

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posted on Sep, 6 2008 @ 11:53 PM
Did you see where the source of the beam was comming from?

If an orange beam is scanning your arm, assuming the beam is comming straight through the roof of the house onto your arm... Somehow I dont think that blankie is going to stop it...

Werent you even a little bit curious to go outside & see what all the ruckus was about?

I dont know if I could just pull the blankets over my head & hope everything was going to be alright if an orange beam was scanning me....


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