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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:21 AM
Not too sure where to post this as it’s my first and encompasses a lot.

I’ve had this constantly involving theory for over 25 years but it has holes, a few tonne of wonky information and a bad game of connect the dots. Although, I had the dots and the crap has a function. I want to know if I’m on the right path and it would seem I’m not alone in the “foundations” of this theory either. It’s now apparent that bits and pieces from around the world are indeed coming together to answer THE QUESTION!

I use to be a conventional believer whilst growing up and I suspect like most, because people forced their beliefs on me, parents, family, friends, other believers, church... and it’s the only REAL belief to have and any other is wrong, right?

Atheist will not normally tell kids “the truth” so they only ever receive one side of the story while growing up but I could SENSE the ATMOSPHERE change when those people were asked and I was left, having this feeling , on the inside, a feeling... This is the “make” or “break” point. Farther Crimbo ring any bells? – pun intended
) If a lot of people tell the same kid the same thing, they may well end up believing it too, dont you think?

To simplify, imagine the human mind looks to create paths of conscious helpful to itself and uses a “THIS” or “THAT” format and generally use “THIS” over “THAT”. I took THAT route and my fate for the truth was sealed! Ermm, A young open mind.

God forbid you came from another country, your reading the wrong book. And don’t they think like that too? I have found moving around the world with blind faith is too “dark” for some people! So they say I need to see the “light” then... And I say, people NEED to know there is SOMETHING beyond - God, past family members or even their dead pet!!! - or they would just go mad/crack up, wouldn’t be able to deal with life or just shrivel up and DIE!.. do me a favour then

My point is every God type book has only certain possibilities.

They are all incorrect - everything you know is wrong...

They are all right - each has a piece of the puzzle...

Only one is correct - the rest are wrong...

and after saying that, you all jump to your BOOK and say this one, right! Where does that leave me? Do I take on another countries beliefs or stick with my own, which isn’t really my own. It’s our old friend the bind (NLP)! Round and round I’d go... till I settled on one... Maybe

I then went through an atheist stage. Even believers go through this process. I was young and stupid but hay, I just plain started to believe that there is no God and that went on for a number of years... A lot of atheist think so coz it’s cool, they want to make a mockery of believers (because “we” can see “believers” have a certain problem that’s hard to put into words!), this isn’t going well in their life or they just don’t know the truth and are scared like the rest of us etc... Now, at last, I think I have it right. I’m on the fence, looking at both sides, laughing.

Ask any atheist what they think of a believer and you all know ya gonna get some FUNNY replies.

Ask any believer what they think of an atheist and your gonna get some STRANGE responses.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:22 AM
Now I’m an AGNOSTIC (is there a closer word?). Although not in the true sense as if you’re not sure either way it inadvertently makes you a non-believer! I’ve again, begun to think something did start it. When you work out that “atheist” or “believer” is merely another bind and brake out of that... people may be able to stop fighting themselves just long enough to...

How many of these books were written DIRECTLY by the hand of an almighty, has man change little things along the way or did they just make it all up? I, as a Christian know of MORE than two bibles in my lifetime, NEW/OLD testament... They are not the same book (similar/ish!) and there were more before those. You had people before this messing with the WORDS OF GOD too - who gave man the right? The bible was translated from Hebrew AND Latin... with little liberties taken along the way. If you change one part here or there you’ll have inconsistencies. The humour removed and the fact that Jesus up to the age of around eighteen-twenty was just another piss ed, womanising worker like all his mates and he was not a carpenter. And we all know Jesus must have been a Rabbi too, right?

So what religion was in place before the translations – Pagan, Maccabees?... It’s no wonder few people can keep up with this and I haven’t mentioned the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Kabbalah, the Romans may have tampered with the books or this is a grand plan dating back centuries... Even top Religious Scholars of today now think Jesus was a just a follower.
At one time, the majority of this planet, if not all of it, where Sun worshipers and/or then had a liking for mushrooms! The Romans wrote or gave the orders for the Bible to be written. Most of it taken from the Egyptians (Horus – Set) and other sources. Many of the “books” along the equatorial line follow along similar stories, from South America to Japan. “Good”/”Bad”, serpent, died – 3 days – resurrected... The Vatican itself is a sundial (St Peters Square). Jesus is the Sun and his twelve astrological signs. “...I will be with you till the end of time...” TIME, is actually AEON and means AGE! An age is 2150 years – Pieces at the moment, yeah! People around the year dot and before were just as clued up as we are today, if not more so and on many levels!

The Bible consists of books stuck together, with overall themes BUT is written in a kind of multi code - hidden! Think along the lines of a over lapping three dimensional book. ie, metaphor, storytelling, etc, with multiple meanings. Up/down, left/right, back/forth and a few in between! Interpretation guided towards a certain outcome. This format is STILL in use today!!!
NLP and reread the thing! Eve slept with the serpent – taste this forbidden fruit - and was told not to talk with her mouth full
) makes sense even today;o) They realised they were naked! Cane and Able - the very misinterpreted “good”, ”bad” story! Noah had three sons and one had a brother what about the other kid, was it Noah’s or the serpents - OOoooo? Satan thinks God’s bad and it would seem so! There’s another tree in the Bible (with the sacrificial Lamb) called The Tree of Life! Where have I heard that name before? Inconsistencies, metaphor, subject, problems...

So whoever wrote the Bible had powerful knowledge and (strange) ideas. There are certain types of book that have been miss translated, modified, manipulated and messed about with and seeing as they’re not “real” doesn’t matter now anyway! The books as I understand it, can now in fact be construed as terrible entities and also contains knowledge people didn’t want to be lost and may still be of interest if extractable!

I want to mention that the Koran was passed from word to mouth for years before being written down, without ever dropping a single letter and hasn’t been doctored in anyway. Either, that’s just my understanding?!? But I won’t mention it anyway

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:22 AM
Is the Kabbalah any different? It’s also written in code, has many meanings and dare I attack that too? At their time of writing, it was the latest stuff but there’s a “Good” and “Bad” side, fallen angel etc. It’s still early days but I think it’s a book about math with an attempt at formulating a way to erm, get in touch and uses old themes but maybe it had to? It seems things where split back then.

“Sun Worshiper” or “atheist”
“Believers” and “Academics”
“Searcher” or “Builder”
“Lazy Barstewards” and “workaholics”!

But this everyday, everywhere, pattern isn’t anything, is it?.. I’m sure before this split they would have been one and the same... you see that?

Babylon had The Kabbalah. It’s a mighty book I have little doubt. Were they the ones “hired” to write the Bible for the Romans and kept proof? Did the Babylonians create an early but powerful form of NLP, mixing magick with the Kabbalah and many of the chunks of information already acquired and implemented a few techniques into the Bible? From my understanding, NLP and MAGICK are part of a same unit and The Kabbalah seems to overlap more than you would think. What I do know is The Knights Tempar “knew” about this power, went, and took it - simple!!! Solomon’s Temple now seems to be mythical and the Jews say they have the Ark hidden underground!
But there seems to be talk of a MAP. The MAP is not the territory – NLP?

The Romans originate from the Italic people (maybe Asia minor?), met the people of the Middle East and the Egyptians, their after finding their way to Italy and the creation of the Roman Empire. Seeing the pyramids and having a chat with the Egyptians must have influenced them and we all know someone was in charge earlier than the Third and Fourth Dynasties before the Pyramids where assembled? What’s obvious is THEY DID HAVE a FORM of MIND CONTROL! Didn’t they have aliens and snakes in their drawings too (giant skeletal remains)? Just a thought
) How did they do that with them big blocks? Aeroplanes, helicopters, strange accuracies!

Lets use our imagination to make and connect a few dots in a very simplistic way! We know that certain people had “power” as far back as the Egyptians and even beyond. What power was used, I’m not too sure yet. Definitely to do with The Gods, scare tactics and the like. BUT, what if two people interacted and one “stumbled” upon say, an interrupt (NLP). He tells a few friends and it starts to spread like a quirky joke. Sometime later, someone realises if you tell someone to do something while interrupted, you have a better chance they will do it. Others find when they speak in a certain tone of voice, everyone in the congregation has the same looks on their face and followed along with everything that was said – I presume the Egyptians already possessed this skill... The new up and coming Romans would have undoubtedly heard about this “early NLP” and obviously, take an interest. They assemble a group to find more mystical stuff. The group dig around and find some very unusual stuff but before the group, having held the same acquired information, became too powerful, where “shut down”!

A number of people and not so long ago (16-17th century), that were caught using this magick, if you are “good with your words”, with your voice, body movements, etc, were tortured until information was extracted and were used publicly to show others what will happen to them if they use this stuff and we all comprehend how evil these Kings, Queens, Cardinals etc were or had to be, just to survive
) What happened to that extracted information and who has it now? To mention the obvious, royalty/government and the church, right? If you’re at the top of a pile you wanna stay there, dont you?

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:23 AM
These evil magickians have always controlled and manipulated our thoughts! And we recognize this to be true as you have felt it yourself all along, although now very repressed and deep inside, that hidden feeling that we all have and dare not speak about. That’s right, that feeling.

This group or those above them, became extremely powerful using this, unusual information. New groups are establish, they move around the world to spread hidden messages, thoughts, ways to live, using and manipulating OUR own unconscious and we slowly loose or are guided away from the wherever we want to go. They invented Psychiatry, Infiltrated or manipulated Royalty/Governments, Religions, Leaders, the Wealthy, Banks, Judges, Police, Media and high powered jobs! They try and manipulate other religions. Sneaking in the shadows... Slowly Took Over and Are Ruling in the Background!

Did someone say Rothschild’s Uncle was left the residual Light of Lucifer when he departed this world? He’s boys picked a pocket or two and it may have ended up in his hands although my money’s says the VATICAN has that light. You only have to look at the Vatican, the most holy place on earth, helping all the less fortunate with their wealth. At least stuff I put in comes back out, therefore my arse helps more, is more environmentally friendly and serves me well, huh? Not to mention it’s cute
) If there was ever a devil, this would be one of he’s many thrones!

It only take a decade (Deck Aid) to change public option, or there about, don’t you agree? Did you just fall for that? So public option can be changed, huh? Repression. The 3 stars!

They tell YOU this MAGICK stuff doesn’t exist but they have been using it for years and if you are caught using it you will be punished, burnt to death. Today we are self policing and called each other a nut because you have an idea this outta the box! Oh and by the way, it don’t even exist!..

Look, listen again, there are THIS Academics or THAT Believers too. You all need to stop it ya furking freaks and we/you know who you are! For you the world IS flat and you went to far and fell off the edge! I want to help reel you back in and relax will ya, it’s hard enough as it is. But having popped at ya, I also think I have to apologize as without your ongoing craziness we may have all been lost. I have to thank you all and I raise a chalice to you and all us “nuts”!

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:23 AM
Geometry as a religion. I heard Square, Circle, Triangle, Square... That’s not right. My computer desk is smooth (square), zoom in and it looks sharp (triangle), zoom, blunt (circle) zoom, smooth again...

The Kabbalah has a DARK SIDE? OOoooo? DARK/LIGHT, ON/OFF, BLACK/WHITE. What if GOD was MADE of THIS and THAT. What if God was this serpent eating itself! As in something everlasting and self sustaining - environmentally friendly if you will! I break down into food, water, trees, take one out and I’m furked! That’s all we need, although it gets cold sometimes... Is it the origin of Geometry? Are they the same/ish?

Conscious Theory - heard of that? Strange but I like it... Mind Control, NLP, Magick and it all fits together. All of the above?

It’s a big race to see who can save the human race from a certain cataclysmic event that happens every so often – although only 1%, +0.5 % make it. Build an “Ark”, save themselves with some slave races and start again. We are not invited. They want off this planet for good. Roads on MARS, real UFO footage from NASA! Flashing spheres of the earth and shooting at UFO’s. Nah, can’t be?

Anyway, to take something written or spoken by people to be true, has to be questioned, wouldn’t you normally agree? Like what I’m writing here. You have questioned it. Question it some more! For all the non-believers, go find out yourself, it only takes a few key presses and a few clicks on the mouse...

If you believe – you can’t see the bigger picture.
If you’re a sceptic – you have too much to look at.
And at the moment the only way you will ever know the truth is when you die, FACT!
Unless you start to look around now you realize, because something is happening...

Not sure if you allow links but I think these two everybody must watch!

Wotever you read it’s up to you and good luck with that, but have you REALLY done ANY homework or are you just running around blind - like a chicken with it’s...
Out of all these books one could WOR SHIP, I know which book I’d rather study:

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 10:25 AM
sooooo where is the part about NLP? Maybe you could explain this or that. Where did that choice take you

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 11:22 AM
You believe it is magick because you do mot understand it.

Here take a look at NLP via a mix with hypnosis from its creator.

Where is the magick and evil? Religions as you say use fear based doctrine. NLP is the opening of the mind or controlling the mind based on the integtity of the practitioner. There is no fear or magick, nor evil. Someone has gone beyond the preconcieved ideas and brought truth. that is all.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 12:04 PM
I’m saying is it possible that the original templates of the bible or an early form of NLP may have been the hidden treasure of the fabled Solomon’s Temple and was really in the hands of the Babylonians and that’s what the Knights Templar went after and retrieved as it would fit and explain a lot!

Ying-yang, black-white, on-off, male-female, sandwich-dinner, pro drugs-anti drugs...
THIS-THAT is a part of life (a pattern) that I see all day, everywhere.
It’s a small part of how our unconscious works too. We are pattern orientated and that normally leaves two avenues.
Will I do, this or that... NLP refer to this as a bind and we all fool for it.
Day in-day out!

If you have ONE choice, you’re a ROBOT.
If you have TWO choices, you have a DILEMMA.
You need THREE or more to have a REAL choice.

Drugs are a classic example. There are not, good or bad, in a sense. It’s a BIND, a trap...
While everyone argues as to the pro’s or con’s the truth slips by - in a DECK AID it can be gone!

Another thing I put forward is that God maybe the same - the serpent?
Like me and a tree, I breath out, tree breaths in. Tree breaths out, I breath in...
God has both sides, is self contained, eco friendly and therefore everlasting.

"THAT" took me on the search for a real God and away from so many real things it’s a nightmare, a trap!
Just another BIND!!!

Also, I’m just putting some of my theory out there so people can tell me if I’m historically correct, or not!
I’ve been alone in my beliefs for a long time and it time to sort my head out...

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 12:54 PM

Not too sure where you went off to but I understand more NLP than I care to mention,
have been interested for years and think I have ALL the books, videos, courses...
Frogs, Trance formation, Adventures Anybody, Reframing, NHR, etc, etc, bla, bla, bla...
The creator of NLP as you put it, Richard Bandler (in the clip) had a partner, J. Grinder, they parted company long ago. I fact, I believe Bandler is a bad wittle boy with a dark side!

I think you grabbed the wrong end of the stick, as I believe in magick, yes.
Although it seems, at first glance, we are referring to different forms of magick.
I think a lot of the magick we see to today can be explained.
Take Derren Brown’s Messiah for example.
What type of magick are you referring to?

I also get the feeling that you are about to shove something down my throat and I’m getting a bad taste.
To give a lame example, it only takes a wink – that’s magick.
Mix that wink with anchoring and you’re on the right path...

I see where we have gone wrong.
“Religions as you say use fear based doctrine.”
Hell fire and damnation?

“NLP is the opening of the mind or controlling the mind based on the integtity of the practitioner.”
I can agree with that...

“There is no fear or magick, nor evil.”
So every time I use a gesture combined with words and anchor,
I cannot call it magick, doesn’t work and isn’t real?
Although I’ve been using it a while now and it works for me.
And are you seriously telling me there is no evil?

“Someone has gone beyond the preconcieved ideas and brought truth. that is all.”
Again, I agree. I would like to add: Where did truth serum come from?
Did they make a conscious effort to find something like that?
So, I presume it’s safe to assume, they have done the same throughout the ages,
using everything from, words, gestures, TV, all the way to drugs!

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 01:04 AM
ejunk, you have a good point and have done your research, as a practicing pagan,(witch) you pretty much took the words out of my mouth except for the nlp and magickal high powers controling things.

The background research you have shown is true, all religion is, was formed from the earliest of pagan religions, christiany is false ect.. ect.. old news, but as i recall the jewish system of ancient kuabala was not monotheistic but polytheistic, a hidden code, ppl misinturpereted(excuse my spelling) to be one god, infact an androgin of equal male and female aspects, separte as it is polarized, light/dark, male/female, but the whole is greater then the sum of parts. the ones of the earliests examples of monotheism is when moses's right hand man(forgot his name, starts with an A) gave the ppl a god to worship that they could see as they requested b/c they got tired on waiting on moses, so he gave then the image of the golden calf wich is an early egyption god that posses qualities of the son aspect wich is one of the things jesus was created from. but paganism gave power to the ppl and when the pisces age start leaders didnt like it so they started developing a monotheistic religion to give there power to an almighty being like sheep so they could sway their govermental influences through the head of the religion, if u dont be good and worship him, u go to hell, ultimate mind controll.

now the nlp, using from what i understand intention and body language to sway or control ones thoughts? kinda a similar skill like hypnotizing somebody, you have to get in there head but there is actualy no magick needed, as of today ppl are discovering ability's in themselves without delving into magick of any sort, but most of all it just takes practice for the key use of it is to be a better sales person, for using nlp on the mass public is to sell something too them right? what better way then to brush up a little on nlp.

and third hight magickal ppl, sorcerers, witches or whoever you want to blame on the nwo and disruption in the world is innaccurate, it is natural for humans to have positive and negative desires, and as history repeats itself most destroy themselfs(or country) through this negative desire weather they realize it or not as i have gone through the same thing and almost destroyed myself, no magick or voodoo stuff needed or some high power making it happen, its human nature, things have to get worse before they get better and the ones who have the ability to see threw the caos will know where to put there foot to survive, as of the age of picses coming to an end, it is represented by 2 fish, or in otherwords two faced ppl, manipulative is a better word, take the presidentual candidates for example, put up a smoke screen to get in the door, there all good, then change things for their own desire, its perfectly normal at this time in stage, the alignments are affecting ppl's desire's and the way they go about it, no biggy but also the age of aquarius is setting in too wich a small part represent glamour and outer beauty hence the whole blinding your "sunny" self with the mainstream layouts of what hot and whats not.

oh and the guy who was confused about the truth, every religion has a peice of a puzzle, they all have thruths, god is a thoughtform created by one's own self, im not goin to tell you everything, ejunk provided "alot" of realy good hints to look up on everyone has to find the truth for "themselves", theres your truth, mine, and the whole truth

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 01:18 AM
I think its human nature to try and persuade people to think what you believe. Everything you think is pretty much shoved into your head since you were born.

I, myself am Agnostic. I don't believe man could have possibly written the words or will of God into a book. Not only that, it was translated so many times.

Some people need to believe there is more to life then what they percieve is reality. It's kinda depressing and dark to think that nothing has created us and we will never exist again once we die.

I usually don't push my beliefs on people. I may rant on about what I believe, but I don't force it or anything. I usually tell people to learn and educate themselves about things then rethink some of the things they believe.

I'm almost certain that a majority of the similar Religions were an intricate play on Astrology.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 04:11 PM
I’ll have to make this point clear as it seems my use of these arbitrary terms (NLP/magick) where meant to be just that and I’ve only used theses terms as I had no, and couldn’t be arsed to find, alternatives – witch, I will do now!

I wasn’t directly stating NLP of today.
“...Did the Babylonians create an early but powerful form of NLP, mixing magick with the Kabbalah and many of the chunks of information already acquired and implemented a few techniques into the Bible?...”

The Babylonians create The Kabbalah, from which you have perhaps, the math equations and ability to form:
A few basic linguistic formulas – language patterns (trance)
Talking between the lines – hidden content (slow change or moments for later)
For want of a better word – an basic early form of NLP. Nothing near Banders stuff.

You may have heard of sigils. Can you adapt this using your hands, body, facial expressions, in real-time.
For want of a better word - magick. Some call this body language but it’s more a distant relative.
It only takes a wink!!! I give a better example in a mo’...

Mixing just theses two newly learnt processes is powerful stuff and combining it with what you already know, metaphor, storytelling, talking in that voice, etc - you have something real hot!

Whether magick is real or not, in truth I can’t answer. I can only tell you what I believe, have seen and experienced.
And I’ve met a lot of really bad cold readers who get away with it!
I have never seen any real magick – with or without the “K”! Truth be known, I think they are one and the same!
Come to think of it, NLP is the same in that respect too. If you are unaware of its workings, you’re not going to see it at work.

My “easy” to follow example:
Take a random group and call them: NEWAGE , BULLY & TRAPPED.

NEWAGE is explaining some new thoughts: THE WORLD IS ROUND!
BULLY has never heard of a round world or “already knows” it’s not true and positions themselves in their ivory tower.
[wand to the ready]

While NEWAGE is explaining, and without saying a word, BULLY lifts their eyebrows and points their head towards TRAPED.
[move wand. possible pattern recognition - start anchoring]

It’s an unconscious signal with multiple meanings, right... That’s it, magick, in a nut shell...

Now let’s say, “without words” again, BULLY proclaims to know more than NEWAGE or puts NEWAGE down etc,
using a body movement or facial expressions.
[wand move again – pattern recognition - building anchor]

What was being discussed soon becomes irrelevant,
as it’s now becoming a battle of power and is hard for NEWAGE to win,
unless NEWAGE has magik too or calls BULLY on it.
Which supposes NEWAGE knows it’s occurring
and has an adequate response to something that isn’t really happening, right!
[Inbuilt safety mechanism]

NEWAGE is now on the defensive and isn’t sure why.
Using this “self manifested” form of magick,
BULLY has begun to unconsciously persuade TRAPED, nonverbally.
[wand move - 3 times a pattern - loop complete - !!! magik !!!]

ALL LOGIC is PUSHED ASIDE, as now TRAPED has apparently been FORCED, into a “BIND”,
and has to choose between NEWAGE or BULLY
and will go to the person with the most apparent power!
[anchor is amplified!]

People never even dreamed things like that are there and put it down to “other” things!!!
Furking cool, really! Wouldn’t you say? If you understand it!

If NEWAGE is no longer present, BULLY can reinforce with a “friendly chat”.
[test and amplify anchor]

Therefore... the “next time” the three meet, it only takes a look – if that...
[fire anchor]

NEWAGE is doomed forever more...

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 06:13 PM
Not too sure about your reference to my good point but I have a good point people!
Thanx for that, now I'll leave it (don’t want to get a big head, ya know)...

I like what you have given me though, thanx for that too.
Androgen separate as it is polarized...
The whole is greater than the sum of parts...
And two faced people – smells a bit fishy to me.

I would jump in to Paganism now if someone could logically explain to me how anthropomorphising stars can be comprehended as real!
That’s a big furking word! My IQ must have just shot up 0.3%!
To me it’s just Astrology and what they thought at the time to be true, with no more or less knowledge of the real truth.
I’m up for dropping a mushy or two though.
Although is that just me getting new age, old age, and brain washing since birth mixed up?

My interpretation (being a layman) of the term, intention, in relation to NLP:
1. Believing NLP works and going for it – part of the altitude of NLP
2. Setting an outcome – what you want
3. Trusting your unconscious to get you there – using the tools
(language patterns and magick)
4. If what you are using isn’t working, use anything else...
5. STOP, when step two is complete and exit program - immediately!!!
Sounds simple and kids are dam good at it: mum can I have...

Getting in their head is not strictly true. It should always come across as just another normal convocation.
With hypnosis you tell people to go into trance, you boss them around!
NLP Is different, you use what’s already there - although what was there is modified – and hidden.
We all know if you ask a politician a question they reframe it, take you to another time n place then answer something else.
I truly believe under those kinds of interviews they honestly are unable to answer the question.
They are programmed too!

Whilst sitting, listening to music, in my nice dry, warm car, people standing at the bus stop give me the evil eye!
Do you know someone who doesn’t have a computer, can’t use one or even turn one on!
Couldn’t use a video...
The way I see it, is if you don’t learn NLP, you are gonna be one of them and it's also part of the next evolutionary step! Besides, it does help sort alot of crap out!

If you’re not running your brain then someone else is
and they may not have your best interests at heart – no matter how close!

I’m a logical, and human nature type too, have been down similar avenues of self destruction but for me to say “a form of magick” wasn’t at play, now I will not. Having just explaining what kind of magick I’m referring to.

I love your moral stand point...

...”every religion has a peice of a puzzle, they all have thruths. God is a thoughtform created by one's own self. Im not goin to tell you everything, ejunk provided "alot" of realy good hints to look up on. Everyone has to find the truth for "themselves", theres your truth, mine, and the whole truth”...
I second that and I wish I had your power, erm sorry, reserve! I’m learning though, thanx for that lesson!!!
Having said that, JUST FRICKING TELL ME!!!... I don’t even know what hints!

Getting there though...

[edit on 29-8-2008 by ejunk]

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by ejunk
Now I’m an AGNOSTIC (is there a closer word?). Although not in the true sense as if you’re not sure either way it inadvertently makes you a non-believer!
How many of these books were written DIRECTLY by the hand of an almighty, has man change little things along the way or did they just make it all up?

After reading your long rant, it seems like you might be more interested in Gnosticism. To put it very simply (and therefore, very open for misinterpretation) Gnosticism is a way of saying that the only true way to know god, is to experience him yourself. No middlemen, no books, etc. Just you, your thoughts, and everything else (god). And he's not some old dude with a bear, and he's (it's) not an ambiguous ball of energy either. It would be interesting, especially since you have a Christian background - as Gnosticism is largely derived from Christianity, although it also draws from other belief systems.

Originally posted by nuevobilly
sooooo where is the part about NLP? Maybe you could explain this or that. Where did that choice take you

Which brings me to my next point... I second that! What the heck does any of this have to do with NLP? It seems like you are just throwing NLP in there as an attention getter, then ranting on about religion and mind control.

This makes perfect sense if you are not informed as to what NLP is.

Originally posted by Illahee
NLP is the opening of the mind or controlling the mind based on the integtity of the practitioner. There is no fear or magick, nor evil

Exactly. And to be even more specific - NLP isn't something that was invented, or just created. NLP is merely a system of identifying certain patterns that work. It encompasses all types of skills, such as social interaction, reading non-verbal cues, being a good communicator, constantly being aware of your surroundings, paying close attention to the words used in a conversation, etc. NLP is not the creator of any of these methods, anymore than a library is the author of the books it holds.

Think of it like this: Math is a broad system of working with numbers. It's neither inherently good nor evil. Many have contributed to math - and math is not recognized as the author of formulas.

NLP is also just a collection of contributions to a very specific field - mainly concerned with how humans process, store and react to suggestion.

You speak of a "bind," however it seems you are confusing a "bind" with just classic duality. If you want to debate whether or not the concept of duality has had a negative impact on people, or whether or not duality is "truth," feel free. But please, don't spread bad info on what NLP is.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by alundaio
I think its human nature to try and persuade people to think what you believe. Everything you think is pretty much shoved into your head since you were born.

Also a very good point. I hold this same view. This makes NLP more like a way of teaching skills to people that weren't born with them. Some people are born with the "gift of gab," (aka smooth-talkers), some were taught, and some just never had the lessons or experiences to understand what rapport was about.

NLP has changed that, and allowed the entire concept of suggestion / rapport to be analyzed in a scientific way (in that it is testable, repeatable and not based on fairy tales).

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 07:48 PM

I completely agree with you. To be honest with you though, I like shoving “things” in peoples “heads” and sometimes they don’t even know it’s happening and I get away with it! To think that every single interaction you have with another person either creates, reduces or expands neurological pathways to me is amazing! We all possess the power with a little box in our neck to manipulate the path way! Why not learn to attack with precision? Did I say attack? Erm, I meant influence! Yeah, that sounds better. Once everyone knows this stuff I think we will evolve some more and it will then become virtually ineffective.

But talking about NLP isn’t why I’m here. Someone nicked my God and I want “it” back!
Life isn’t right – new age or main stream. Another bind and I don’t like either option.
I want HEMP back, as it is the saviour of our planet. Jack Heare is 100% correct! But you say HEMP and everyone thinks “you’re a druggy”. You could “use” it but it will just give you the biggest headache! I think there is .001% THC (the stuff that would give you the buzz) in the plant! Same ol’ story, people who know nothing about a subject say certain things to ridicule it and that’s part of the trap! Furking arses...

You say you an agnostic but I get the impression you’re more to the atheist side, no, to the believers side, no... To me you seem just a tad confused, like most of us and you have a belief that you don’t know whether to stick to? More to the point, you believe in something but when you die, that’s it. I too have had (still have) those same thoughts. Furking nightmare. Push em back down brv/sis, where they belong and when it’s time for them to surface it’ll be too late. To dwell on thoughts like that is a one way ticket to the funny farm – see you there!

ASTOLOGY – hit the nail on the head, thank you but what else? Running outta ideas and think I will never find the answer – is it meant to be found?

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by ejunk
talking about NLP isn’t why I’m here. Someone nicked my God and I want “it” back!
Life isn’t right – new age or main stream. Another bind and I don’t like either option.
I want HEMP back, as it is the saviour of our planet. Jack Heare is 100% correct! But you say HEMP and everyone thinks “you’re a druggy”.

well, thanks for wasting my time then, on a baited topic.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 08:08 PM
NLP is crap. Look at Blair. Look at the science then. Look at a haunted soul. I have read books about NLP, very wise points, until they tell you how to change your brain. This is the first time I have subscribed to the conspiracy theory that is anti NWO. Magic is Magijk, just don't torch your brain. (I did not...that way....spliff.....)......

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by redled
NLP is crap. Look at Blair. Look at the science then. Look at a haunted soul. I have read books about NLP, very wise points, until they tell you how to change your brain.

what does any of that even mean?

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by scientist

Originally posted by redled
NLP is crap. Look at Blair. Look at the science then. Look at a haunted soul. I have read books about NLP, very wise points, until they tell you how to change your brain.

what does any of that even mean?

Read a book on it, and the answer is....... nothing.

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