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Brilliant - I got illuminated - the answer to WHY.~

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 10:05 PM
Ok, just listening to some old material for some inspiration and whamo...
boy did I get it... I think I figured out "Why"... let me get your opinion on it...
What is America afraid of... why kill your own children and lie...?

check these connections.... as to the secret agenda ... data points

1. COG... continuity of government..
2. 911... poorly executed terrorist attack.
3. War on Drugs... (High Priest)
4. Public Vision of a totally disfunctional government. No way they have never been more effective...
5. Federal Reserve Bank basically got congress to give them a blank check...
6. Global Warming... Carbon Dioxide Tax, humans exhale CO2. Life Tax, ?
7. USA has no real rivals / this time in history is a first. we have weapons that have no rival or equal.

Now back to WHY... well, Joseph Kennedy said something similar to this... If the American People ever wake up and look at what we are doing there is going to be hell to pay...
The war on Drugs fills the prisons with low risk criminals, low wages. slave labor.. USA has more people incarcerated than any nation on earth.
Well the Founders gave us instructions over 200 yrs ago, and W. DC has had 200 years to ponder this document and has committed treason's acts has caused this public delima... intentionally...

And that is why we have COG.. cuz, we are waking up and the system only works if everybody believes the same lie... and clearly we dont, we are divided and conquered... We are the ENEMY - and they are waiting for us..... we are the OBJECTIVE of all their action. and have been since about 40 years ago, and the govt knows this and is screwing up by speeding up the process with False Flag, freedom of information about horrible secrets of state. stuff that should never see the light of day, is leaking out daily -- all of these are reasons to make the people dissatisfied with it to over throw the current regime as corrupt and inadept etc.. all the while the systems are being hollowed out and gutted to ensure their solution will be the only one available... .. they first took away our ability to industrialize to create products to solve our money problems... we have a service based economy that produces nothing but debt.... so, guess what... They Thought of That... Now isn't that special... the bad news is this is going to be a socialist state similar to soviet Russia cold war days style Communism socialist government from a Democratic Republic under a constitution that grants all people sovereignty of self. its going to be a very bloody ordeal. but we will prevail -- its going to get worse until 01/2013 ... oh, socialist always kills people like us, we think.

now what do you think of that,,,

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by BornPatriot
I think I figured out "Why"...

I still don't see the answer to "why." Did I miss something? Is your answer that it is all preplanned to cause things to fall apart? If that is your answer to why, then it begs the follow-up question, why?

its going to get worse until 01/2013

What happens then?

posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 11:09 PM
We have caused this. The system could only function as long as it was never challenged, and for 200 years the system has remained in tact. Now that is impossible, they have stolen just about everything and the country is left with no ability to return to prosperity except for raw material export. and our ability to make the rest of the world accept I.O.U's Markers that can never be called for payment, those numbers are so huge every human on earth would be a billionaire...
That is Why, it is how....~! when the system fails to function execute plan COG. so its a self feeding beast... thats why no one in govt gives a crap... cuz, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it... so how is why...? do you get it...
we are waking up in direct proportion to the governments response... they are guiding this... and we think we are protesting... no we are just selecting ourselves for termination.... How is Why...

well it appears the 22nd of December 2013 is the actual date of the new something or another.... with Dec 21 2012 being the last day of the myan and other historical calendars... I think it will be a New Beginning something like a zodiac shift of focus... "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius"... now that's not a NW0 song is it..?.. So I think this new beginning has to do with "Son's of God" but people that look just like us.. (we are in their image after all) whether that be Niburu or some other crap. I do believe it will be a new paradigm and that surely would if all of a sudden we had more Alien technology - computers are reaching their maximum human interface design limitation. but computer chips, fiber optics they had to be on Acid or Alien Tech. .... now the new tech has very little to do with the tech it replaces - usually says something, progress usually.

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by BornPatriot

I think that things are moving too fast for your theory to work. As I understand it, you are saying that the government was set up to reach a point of total control over the people. If that is so, I can't disagree more. I would be willing to concede the notion that at some point, probably within the 20th century, powerful men decided to set in motion a plan that would eventually bring them or their families total power over people, via government. I do believe that the founding fathers intended people to govern themselves and for freedom to prevail.

Back to my initial point, things are moving too fast. I think that if your idea is the truth and they want to reach that point of total control, that would require people to voluntarily give up their rights. One primary example is gun rights. There are two prominent divisions of gun rights advocates in the US: those that believe each person has the right to poses firearms for their defense, and those that believe that the government is responsible for the defense of the public and individuals should not have guns. There are other shades of gray, but that is the majority views. As long as there is a large portion of Americans not willing to give up their right to own firearms, there are going to be people able and willing to physically resist the government from going too far. For some reason, liberal-peace-loving, passivistic views are increasing at a rate inversely proportional to the rate of free-thinking, researching, responsible individuals.

I think the government is trying too quickly to remove rights covertly to prevent an armed rebellion. And unless the whole world is in on the conspiracy, other nations would act against the government of the US in a time of internal rebellion and then the whole thing would fall apart from the US conspiracy end.

posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 11:39 PM
you know they choose this year to hear that case for a reason...
remember, the SPP Provocateurs ... why would the police attack themselves ... because that way they can get what they want... ? the ends justify the means... the more of the plan you can execute to wealthier your family will be ... its almost like a novel each president reads and cuts a little closer to the books final chapter which I'm afraid is in 2012... but have heard rumors of error in time that puts it in 2008, scary...
I think you and I agree .... this is a long term plan....
the more we wake up to reality -- the more closer we get to the last chapter. after all they took GOD out of our Country and we didn't even stop shopping...

so piece by themselves mean little but looked at collectively you get a different picture and I dont like it... I wonder what the next novel is... 1001 human recipes...

this is one of the 4 old programs I went back and reviewed...

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by BornPatriot
I think you and I agree .... this is a long term plan....

I agree if there is a plan, it would have to be a long term one taking many decades to plan and implement.

the more we wake up to reality -- the more closer we get to the last chapter.

So how do you interpret that reality? Government in control or citizens rebelling? or something completely different?

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by BornPatriot

You are realizing stuff. GOOD! Realize this. Freedom is free. That other saying they spout is the bane of patriotism. You can not fight for freedom but you are free to fight. You can not buy your freedom but you can spend money however you like. You can not die for your freedom but you are free to donate your life to whatever cause you like.

Freedom is realized. One day you wake up and realize you are free simply because you are.

Nothing stops your liberty but you.

As for the state of the American Union... based on your words I would bet you have not read the communist manifesto. Public schools, public libraries, Public welfare, all communist/ socialist ideas. The US is not becoming a socialist state. IT IS a mix of capitalism and socialism. The change began in the 1860s with Abraham Lincoln and the south. He was the first war president with dictator powers. He meant to lay those powers down but he had unwittingly done the fraternal brothers bidding. So as a dictator with executive powers he was executed and the power was passed on to the next president onto this day.

What we have is not what washington and jefferson and payne envisioned.

Things went wrong 100 years ago and never got righted. Woodrow Wilson is also a fraternal I dispise.

It comes down to fraternals.

They control politics. They have eons. The only hope of breaking their rule is by self rule. This was tried with the articles of confederation after the first revolution but it failed. SO a system was set up that they KNEW would last for awhile but eventually break down. This is WHY it is based on the roman Senate. Since they failed back then they set up a system to endure with the hopes that later their Grand Children would rise up to the promise and responsibility of self rule. Fraternal order be damned.

Its a great thing to understand them and their reasoning.

So here we are today. Free but fighting for freedom because those in power tell us freedom is not free. So go out and buy stuff to fight terrorism. And remember, your government is here to help because you are your government because you accept those in authority over you.

One a side note it has been said that Franklin was discovered to be an illuminati (why does spell check say that word needs to be capitalized) upon his death. This nation founded by rebel masons may of been sabotaged from the beginning.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by titorite
Public schools, public libraries, Public welfare, all communist/ socialist ideas. The US is not becoming a socialist state. IT IS a mix of capitalism and socialism.

You bring up a good point. I agree with your assessment, but let me fill in why so others may understand how the US government can be seen as partly socialist. I don't think that just because there are government run entities it means the government is socialist. Just because there are similarities between Socialist governments and our owns doesn't mean the two are the same. The question I find myself asking is, where is the line that separates a social program from a socialist government? I think it becomes when they have an agenda. Now, if you think that the government run schools, libraries and welfare are lead by an agenda, especially if it is not what the people want or would want, then I would classify it as socialist.

I think public schools and libraries and even a very limited form of welfare are good for a nation. However, when the point of the schools and libraries are not to educate, but merely to push more meat through the grinder, and welfare isn't used to give its citizens a hand up, but merely keep them dependent on the government, then you find yourself in a socialist state.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by titorite

I was going to say something similar. We are free right now. Communist China is free. The whole world is free. Free to either accept Tyranny and War, or to denounce it in favor of self responsibility and civility. In the same breath, when you're raised from a new born to believe you are governed because your parents believed they were governed and their parents the same and theirs and generations and generations before them, the mental barriers that must be broken are astonishingly tall and thick. So tall and thick, that you might just assume that the wall was always there. The first and most crucial step is REALIZING that the wall was built by someone to keep you in. We know this much. Now, how do we break through the wall? When will we take the time to endure the struggle of toppling that wall that governs our movement and our thought processes.

This has been a problem for millenia, not just 40 years. The revolution was still a violent war, and those who knew how to play dirty and outsmart people came out on top. The Secret Societies and mystery schools of the Initiated and the Elite know a lot more about the true nature of reality than the average educated man, and therefore these initiates knew exactly what to say and do in order to manipulate the people and lead and change society as it needed. All of these Revolutionary leaders were Masons. Does that not strike you as odd? This cannot be just a coincidence.

There seems to be a Grand Purpose to their seemingly sinister scheming, though. Are Masons and the Illuminati truly evil? Or are they doing exactly what is needed in order to facilitate the mental and spiritual evolution of our species. Maybe He does favor their undertakings for that reason! In order to survive, THE WHOLE SPECIES needs to wake up! Stop believing, and start knowing, experiencing, realizing on their own. The grandest revelations usually come after periods of great hardship and suffering. Progress cannot be made without an opposing force.

You cannot know God without courting Lucifer. This is why Lucifer is called the Light bringer. This is why it seems that the Illuminati is being very evil, when in fact maybe they are doing us a great favor by straining our spiritual muscles so they break down and build up stronger again.

This is why America must fail at the height of gluttony and perversion and ignorance... because we must be karmically bitchslapped awake on a massive scale. We are being lied to and manipulated by our leaders precisely in order to realize that we are being lied to and manipulated by our leaders, and in order to take back power for ourselves and not trust other people to babysit us. Believe me, politicians and kings and dictators could be doing much better things with their time if they didn't have to babysit all the children. Sometimes it's tough love, ya know?

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 02:05 AM
I often wonder who we would appreciate more in the longrun: someone who just gave us truth and babied us and never taught us anything that was difficult to learn, or someone who REALLY challenged us and caused us to invent our own solutions and become creative and ingenious and empathetic towards suffering... all the thngs we wished they would be to us. We need to become more of the things we wish for, and in a harsh but effective way, these Illuminated people are allowing us to push ourselves there.

posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 02:56 AM
And you , Wolf321, summarize my part of my point. The libraries only carry certain books. The schools teach you what they want to be known not t think for yourself. The welfare system is set up to help you stay on welfare. The prison system is set up to keep you in prison.


That is the socialist slash communist battle cry. It implies ; one you are not free to begin with , and two if you work it will free you from bondage.

As I said before. Freedom is not something fought for, it is not something that can be bought, Working hard does not bestow it NO!!!!, freedom can only be truly achieved by understanding that you were free to do whatever from the moment you were born. The choice to obey or disobey your parents was yours. The choice to move out or stay at home was yours. It is your choice you made with your freedom.

Now here in the US as with other countries you have massive amounts of influence from those in power. They need you. You do not need them. If you do not work in the areas of the service industry the desire, well then, their economic plans will fail. If you do not obey the laws they have set in place then they will not be in charge. If you do not watch TV then they will have a hard time controlling you through influence.

I cite operation mockingbird as my example of that last one.


You know, few people know what the federalist papers are. The reason for that is that those in control work hard to make sure those papers get little attention. In them Hamilton discussed the dangers political parties. Specifically that is ; if political parties ever formed that a two party system would develop and from the would develop a tyranny of one party masquerading as two parties.

If you know the federalist papers double check me.

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posted on Aug, 28 2008 @ 06:44 PM
wow, you guys are right on... I must agree with your insights and conclusions ..
The stock market is the mechanism in which they keep it together, and guess what... ? I figure the city, county, state & federal pension funds control about 70% of Americas Stock ... (if interested, research CFAR)
that being the vehicle in which they use to manage the economy... they do things that are noticeable and we call that technical trading... sort of like water always flowing downhill until is ejected like from a geyser... if you want learn how they do it and how you can kick some butt...
you guys know, the Dow and S&P500 look like they did back right before 911... almost the same... so something bad is happening like it did back then...
I pray it want - however, these people have proven to be armed and dangerous.

and that brings up a question, does the CIA operate our side the USA setting up events for the NWO globally, I mean really Operation Gladio bombs terrorism way back in the 60's, why is the govt being so paranoid about something they control. there is an Agenda afoot ... but they want to bring the population along alive... if they wanted to kill us, they would just tell Marlboro to spray their cigarettes with cyonide and bingo.. daily quota met.. you know what I mean..? so they dont want to kill us.. but we have FEMA Coffins... that look more like meat packaging boxes.. so we are going to be harvested... yuck...

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posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 04:11 PM
I disagree on a few points.

This is a complex system and there are a lot of greedy cowardly lazy people out there making things bad for the rest of us. In any complex system your chances of failure increase with the complexity.

I don't think that we are incapable having industry in USA. If we wanted to be an industrial giant we could invest, and build factories and produce goods and sell them. We could. In some sectors we still do. Our food exports are huge.

We're just super focused on technological advancement its the only thing that keeps us americans on top. Having the most advanced military.

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 04:35 PM
I agree with you all that these things seem very bad.... these people seem cowardly and lazy, they may even act and think that way. From a strictly "take it as it seems" kind of standpoint, you guys are right on the money. NWO=BAD, Elites=Evil, Economic Death Machine=parasitic robotic soul-less mega-machine...

But without these things, we would not appreciate true freedom or even understand what it means to me free or to be enslaved. Things will change, but only when people wake up and learn from these things about themselves and their fellow beings. This is what they are here for... to wake us up. Maybe to make sure that whatever happened to Atlantis and the likes doesn't happen to us. So when we all gain immense personal power, that we will always remember to use it responsibly. So we won't have another repeat Atlantean disaster as a species.

Someone a few days ago didn't realize where I was coming from with one of my topic posts, and disagreed with my method of identifying a certain thing as "negative". To sum up what I mean in one sentence, I will Quote him:

"Everything is as it should be."

posted on Aug, 29 2008 @ 10:11 PM
reply to post by titorite

"Work Will Set You Free" or something similar
that was on the gates at the Dachau concentration camp. its not super relevant but a nice tidbit of info imo.
as far as the OP: it doesnt seem far fetched for the govt to act incompetent and corrupt to make americans get off their lazy ass and start appreciating what it is we have on this planet. This post really made me think how much has been planned? pretty crazy
i dunno theres my .02

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