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My friend saw a UFO! UFO in canada!

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 12:19 PM

Well I wont waste any time.
Like my title, my friend saw a UFO.
As much as I would like to believe that I am not sure.
Here is what she said about it.

When she saw it,
She felt shock,
"disbelief. but i knew it had to be true cause i didnt kno what it was."
"i didnt feel afraid...just shock then i closed my curtains and walked away..."

"i thought it was a star at first but then it started moving."
"so i thought it was a satellite, but then it moved closer...and i didnt know what it was."

Could only see it from her room, her reason

"it was above my neighbors tree...and its hidden by these 3 gigantic pinetrees from my livingroom window (the only other window facing the direction) so my room is the only room."

The time was 12:35 at night

Her description

it was in the sky.
and it was flying. flashed...
and it...looked like a...disc...

The colors it flashed were blue, red, and white.

It moved "funnily"
"yeah 90° turns... and lots of other things"

Isn't this what everyone says about UFO's!

The location was,
Canada, Alberta, Medicine Hat.

And the thing is, she doesn't believe in UFO's so this against her belief.
So what do you guys think about this!?
Im looking for some logical things that couldve happened too!


p.s It cant be a plane because of the 90 degree turns.
And cant be a helicopter because of the disk like shape....

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