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Nightmares of War (Dream Related)

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posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 06:31 AM
First off, lately my dreams have only been nightmares and horror stories. I'm a livid dreamer and can remember almost all of my dreams if I concentrate hard enough. Where as I hear most people forget them after waking up. This in turn can create havoc in my life; I lose track of time and even what day it is because when dreaming it feels as if days have passed rather then hours. I've even gone so far as to get medication to sleep without dreaming (which failed but was an insightful experiance.)

You know when you've lived with something so long you just tend to work around it? i.e. back pain or an old sports injury... Well that's where I'm at with my dreaming. Let's say 90% of all the dreams I've had in the last 2 years are Nightmares. Leaving me terrified or in pain when I wake up.

After having many conversations about it with friends and family I've decided it might be related to the paranormal. Maybe I am an open book for Spirits to have some fun with? Possibly Demons have invaded my sleep to terrify, confuse and even cause me distress in my waking life.

Let me share with you my latest nightmare. I woke up only an hour ago so this is as latest as it can get.

I am in my home. A modest 2 story 2000 square foot house. I am downstairs on the sofa infront of the television. I get the sense I just opened my eyes from a nap. The house is rather dark an omnious. Which is unusual because there is always a light on inside any room.
Now I live right on the street where 2 lamp posts meet so it is even more omnious that there isnt any light from the outside windows. Looking around I decide to go upstairs to cheak on my dogs and cats. As I am walking up the staircase I am accousted by a Golem like creature! Scaring the crap out of me. Both of my dogs come to the rescue and cause the Golem to tumble down the stairs. Mind you that it is still extremely dark and I can only tell tis happens because of the sound of the fighting. I flee up the stairs to the landing area and am attacked by a group of Vampire type creatures! If you have seen the new I Am Ledgend movie, the vampire monsters in that movie are pretty much what attacked me. Now, 8 to 10 of these creatures tackle me to the floor causing this horrid cruntching sound. I have no idea what it was but gave me the wiggins.

Im downstairs agian, sitting on the couch I woke up on. The house is still dark, feelings of dread and horror overcome me as the blackness of the dark seems to plusate and invade my personal space. I get up off the couch and creep over to the long hallway that leads to the master bedroom. In this hallway are three, 10 inch tall imp like creatures, one about 3 feet infront of me on the floor then the other two farther back near the end of the hallway. All 3 are slowly limping toward me. They don't really have a solid form... it's more the outline I can only see. Their images are darker than the blackness around me. I get the sense they intend to do me harm if they can get to me. At this point I hear a scratching noise from above my head, I look up to see a black figure hanging to the ceiling.

It drops onto me, feelings of horrible pain and suffering overcome my body as I wither and squirm trying to get away. It's like a sheet that has encombered my movement. I scream in pain!

Then I wake up.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 08:00 PM
Hi Tentickles.

You might want to post in this thread here. It is a collaborative effort to find similar themes/meanings/events within our dreams.'

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 02:03 AM
reply to post by 12.21.12

Wow... I have never looked at the BTS forum before and the one time I do a thread I put up afew months ago just happens to be on the front page.

What's the chance of that.


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