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Conspiracy against peace and harmony

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 12:58 PM
I can prove that you (yes, YOU) are against peace and harmony. And I can prove that you like to gang up with the like minded against peace and harmony to then bring on a conspiracy nonetheless.

^^How may I go about that?

If you go to a thread and see that somone posted a nude pic of a woman, who some would find beautiful of course (whether or not you find the beauty or not your damn self
), for discussion pertaining to the particular forum of discussion (say, "General Conspiracy" or "Skunk Works") because by the pic, used in example, is an opinion and view about there being a conspiracy against peace and harmony or what some, in obvious peace and harmony, say is beautiful... I bet all hell would proceed from the mouths of the ones not for peace and harmony period nor for anyone caught dead in their on lil world of peace and harmony. And bet you these types would be for an action against the very thread to where they cause an affect of the thread being removed or closed. Am I correct so far in describing certain of you? Anyway, I'd like to know, if that sounds correct about you, as to why you would be like that? And if you cant defined yourself or your behavor that causes you to act opposing, then at least describe why to even that much.

O yeah, by the way, if the rules state against such being posted for on topic discussion, and you arent against the rules to bring about changing them, but yet, are for going against such a thread, or person who made the thread, this is dealing with in scenario, then that alone says you dont stand for freedom of speech outside of the government and outside any action of opposition. And it also says you are against peace and harmony that says alot about you. It says you are not a peaceful or delightful kind.

^^So I must say, if that is you, then arent you that same kind that would rather see someone's guts exposed on the news following a war that would scream bloody murder only when rather seeing an exposed breast on say the superbowl? Arent you the same one that has no problem with minors seeing the violent news shown or parents that let their kids (minors) see the violence on the news, but do have a problem with minors seeing porn or parents that let their kids see porn? Arent you the same one who wouldnt mind kids seeing violent news, but yet have a problem with kids playing violent video games like Grand Thief Auto and Doom and Etc?

And if you wont admit to your inner conflict, then you are ugh.

I must say, what in all of hell is with you conflicting types if that is you?!

Anyone see what I've gotting at? If I am the only one, then I feel worthy in the eyes of our Lord to be chosen for something very special. Hey, I may feel how I want reguardless of you that are against seeing me or anyone other in the joy of peace and harmony in whatever. Let Tupac said: "Take the evil out the people, they'd be acting right!"
Anyone against peace and harmony is a destroyer of the world, and is reasonably deemed evil in my book about the hearts of persons sown in my mindframe.

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 01:26 PM
Just an example:

If Sally at age 16 likes to post nude pics of herself on the net, who are you against what she chooses to do with her own looks and images?

Sally is finding joy in her hobby... and yet, certain of you want to take her from that and care not about how Sally feels about that? How would you like your T.V.s taken away from you because someone doesnt want to let you take joy in watching it and turning it channel wise to what you like to watch? Yeah, you do find it as a joy that if taken from you you wouldnt feel so good inside. Hell, certain of you need to have T.V. removed from your view since you lack wise judgement about what you see and how you are to take it.

Sally isnt hurting anyone whose business it's not. And it shouldnt be any other's business but her's.

You know, mother nature puts all her creatures to be clothed naturally. From feathers to just human skin... that is the clothing you were designed to wear originally. So wearing anything else is just a conveinant (sp?) option of the intelligent who wish to live smarter. And so you shouldnt be against nudity anywhere because that is showing your existence/mother nature disrespect in the utmost. If you dislike nudity, then you dislike your own kind. That is self-hate if anything, shouldn't you agree?

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 07:29 PM
The anti-Christ Bible special edition:

Revelation -16:-15
Action release, body depart as a robber. Cursed is I *this* listeneth (or: experience-th), divide 'let go-eth' my garments, acting point I hold (or: talk) clothed, divide they hear (or: experience) my shame.

^^My shame is when I shame that they concering the divide of conflict which is embeded in point in the quote by "divide they".

And you do see the quote concerning this thread acting the point. Inside a case is a point. Thus acting case = acting point. Case and point.

You see this thread is a divide out the other forum. Thus the divide concerning the conflicted let goed my garment after I placed it over them and under them (*this thread being in that forum about being removed). I spoke for the clothed (the natural clothed by skin or feathers) so I hold them and talk them as in a representing defender for and of them. The conflicting they who hear, hear what? The point. And so they hear/experience me shame them as I shame by making a point with a point about removal even.

Thus I got the point across. Yeah, you should see how robbed you I shame are concerning the removal of now your life in paradise. I write in my book void if you are conflicting and happened on this thread up to before I wrote this here post. Spiritually I'm robbing lives of the unworthy inside our Lord.

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 11:14 PM
Well I am thoroughly confused but I can honestly attest to the fact that you haven't proven a case on me


posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 01:43 PM
I must admit that I as well am thoroughly confused. Would you be so kind as to break down your argument. If you are trying to convince people about your point (whatever that may be) then boil it down to the important parts. Otherwise you are unlikely to convince anyone concerning your point in this.

Edited for spelling.

[edit on 14-8-2008 by Deson]

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