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Story I wrote not sure where to post?

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posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 09:27 AM
Hi I wrote a story about ufos not sure if it should go here but I am a long time fan of the site and the boards. Reading them has always provided enjoyment and so I made a story to correspond to a video that I came into. Not sure if this would be the appropriate forum for this thread but didnt want people to take it the wrong way. Admin feel free to move where appropriate. Comments welcome as it is my first I am open to criticism.

suggestions welcome, I could not think of something better than a level 10 access. Perhaps Crystal8 would have sounded better but with that I think it starts to detract from the overall theme.

Video is here:

Story is here:

Area 51 is a secret base whose exposure has made it a household name. What most do not know is the rumors are true of its nature and existence in relation to alien phenomena. Communication with species is difficult at best though attempts to record all meaningful data has been adhered to with only the strictest precautions. The following is a prepared statement implied to bring 2 cultures closer together in an attempt from the aliens to communicate with humans. Explaining our past is a history lesson summed up in this strange work that reveals the meaning of a level 10 project known only by its code authorization of K3C under alphanumeric designation Eden212. Unclear as it may seem the message contained in this entry is evident of a larger hive mind at work. All attempts at opening other channels for dialog have failed. Lack of progress has caused release of information for public consumption to discern its underlying relevance. A precursor of past events raises notions of a seed leading to the species known today as human as a predecessor to their own. Logged details specify a genesis of humanoid species upon a terra formed world known only to specimens as Earth. Contents subject to immediate destruction upon revival of underlying subtext. Contrary to popular belief there is moot information transcribing this into all known phonics using known dialects and languages. Clandestine inquiries along informal channels has led to revocation henceforth of all known and hither to unknown compacts, treaties, agreements, spoken, written, understood with a shared or complicit understanding. Cryptographic efforts produce null results as all data is marked irretrievable for post humus collection.

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