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George W. Bush the Victim?

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posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 07:18 PM
Good Day Everyone.

I apologise if this has been posted/discussed before, but I've just come across an interesting article relating to George W. Bush and Mind Control.


The interesting thing about this article is it argues that instead of being the purportrator of mind control experiments and an integral figure in NWO conspiracies the President is infact a victim of those very same organisations.

Its been well documented the stammering and seemingly unintelligent manner in which he presents himself a lot of the time so when he does have a spout of competence it makes one wonder what is going on. (Personally I believe he is an evil genius mastermind who is just putting on the idiot impression :p) Perhaps it is the case that he is being controled by the men behind the government and a victim instead of a purportrator.

Out there for you to discuss.

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