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Has it occurred to you...

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posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 09:12 PM
...that you are inside 7 always *here*?

Are you not inside a week every day? A week is 7 days. Only way out of it is if you deleted or this universe, excluding you, deleted.


1st the upper inner persons betrayors delete, but Satan's army (the Lord's undertakers) gets total operation of the lived one's bodies.

2nd "the" Lord's body delete, but the inner Person goes to paradise...

3rd the devil is taken out the bodies by the Lord...the devil's bodies are left to decay for witnessing by our Lord left on the planet...but the devil goes to Hell till Death by Suicide.

4th the rest of our Lord left bodies delete, but the worthy persons go to their own paradise while the downer inner persons betrayors delete after witnessing.

5th this universe delete, but only after the devil is put zero.

As long as the devil lives the Lord will remember it. But once the devil is dead the Lord shall forget it by option like an on and off switch function provides. It'll be like a movie that you seen that you may or may not see again that if you do see it again it's only after a long while to re-realize/re-remember the reason to why put not to see again by option. Outside the memory is a different level of basics only to remember. It's like seeing something gross far off to where it dont disgust you till you choose to see closer for the details. Like those scare images where you stare at a trick pic and then all of a sudden some gross looking costumed person appears with a screaming sure to make you jump out of your seat. Kind of.

Basically it'll always be know the Lord had a first and last guest with basic reason to why first and last like a chosen lesson that had to be learned first hand for the sure experience. Why imagine the possibility when you can experience the actual thing called friend or foe, or peaceful or hostile. But it was done under measures for precaution in case it is foe and hostile cause the Lord is wise and not on some 'expect nothing but good things existing since there is no reason to expect anyone not like Me so beautiful and delightful'. If you're not the Lord or our Lord, then there is a seperation that says there is difference only to expect.

The devil on the other hand been on a suicide mission to corrupt another source's way and order if it can only to then self-delete if it finds it has to as an option on stand-by. But once the devil experienced *this* you see it didnt delete already though it knows it is trapped here. The devil may have thought it was only trapped here as it's hell it can deal with and put up with. But the truth is Hell gets worst as planned on the devil because of its build of wickedness amongst the world. Obviously the Lord and the devil got a lot of time on hand to do however they want. The Lord deals against the devil like a chess game where moves are thought in advance and moves have backups on stand-by to re-enforce the dare of what's next instore in one or more angles. The Lord plays strategy like it's a passion that gets to a climax based on who? The devil. The Lord makes moves based on actions of the devil further and further. But there comes a time where the dare is something will occur if you move agianst in a certain fashion even if you stopped moving since. Again, the devil is suicidal for making certain moves that set in course what must come to pass which is the Hell punishment climax the Lord been itching to give whosoever was to be foe and hostile if that's the first guest to be last guest only. If the guest was friend and peaceful they would have been honorably released. Yeah, released because the Lord sure wouldnt leave the door opened so many who know what kinds can enter in behind a guest. The Lord's custom is to open the door for you to enter and for you to exit. But no one exits if they are a foe. They must be punished extra. Surely they are not allowed to exist with pride after doing something wicked to the Host. The Host is neighborly to other existences by ridding the hostile. By ridding one hostile is doing a big part so as long as others do the same. Though the Host estimates not all do the same by want because they may not want to or can't. Bet the devil wishes the Lord was in the cant category to sit and take B.S. in hope that it stops thought it wont if let the devil have its way. lol. The Lord is glad to have gotten the oppurtunity to handle this particular guest. How many other existences did the devil effect before the Lord's? There is always that chance the devil didnt run into any other as on-going non-existence of place is. But judging the devil, the devil was a murderer away from the Lord's existence. Is that by intent only or having other existence delete? Did the devil think it could get the Lord to delete? lol. The Lord cant be murdered, but the Lord can be the Top Murderer (one that would murder any murderer only if they try to murder the Lord).

The devil would actually win against the Lord if it self-delete before being given Hell that gets 'em extra. Though the Lord could be lieing. The devil doesnt have the guts to which obviously means the devil is scared about you know what. Besided the devil was scared July and fled from the Lord just how the scripture reads Anti-Christ style. The devil sure is doomed and feels that way now. Such proves the Lord is winning with great excitement about what's soon to come.

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 09:21 PM
Ok let me CRYSTAL CLEAR when I say I am not arguing...I am not making fun of you...I am not saying you are wrong...

but I read that twice and I don't understand that a bit. I don't see how this is proof of anything.

I will gladly listen to more but I can't understand this


posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 10:45 PM
The key clue to the expirings...

Track title: "Lastonesleft" by 2pac = "ExpireOnesTaken"

Ones means more than one to why ones doesnt turn zero. The expire infront states what happens.

How many will get taken? Taken is against your will. Recieved is not against your will. So how many sets get taken...

1) the upper betrayers of our Lord. These are they in high important positions.

2) the devil.

3) the downer betrayers of our Lord. These are they not in high positions.

The betrayors arent of the devil, but are of the Lord. Our Lord purges Itself of the free-willed who do betray It within It. That's right, it's not always about the devil doing us worthy ones bad always. There is an inner war and an outter war. The outter war is against the devil, but the betrayer even aids the devil's success.

Those betrayers put in high position were put there on purpose knew in advance they were betrayers. Why? The Lord chosen to beat all odds in this hard level like setting a game on handicap where you give yourself the handicap. I mean the Lord could have been deleted who would betray from the get go, but didnt on purpose. Why? So they could get a taste of birth to the first life just so us others can see why the betrayors were/are worthy of being deleted after given chances. The point is that it was meant for us to see that the betrayers would betray no matter how many chances easy or hard they get. The free choice given like a gift chose whatever kind of testament principle. So the formula you chosen freely would influence you and put it as your chosen style of way to do things. Thus the betrayer is prone to betray always based upon it's free choice of formula put together will from the get go. It would be like going against yourself not to betray with a heart to betray, which was possible. Test were put out to see if any betrayer would be deemed saved. The gate opening was thin. The thing about Jesus is you dont know when Jesus pops in to save anyone with a test set as a snare. Yes, too look even like a snare. Just to make a betrayer more likely to pass their chance of being saved up because cowards dont admit their inner problems by far when it would count to. The snare could be designed to get you to reveal you are a hypocrite as God or wicked as the devil or etc. It is easier for etc than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is what? Hypocritical and conflicting. How? Is earth supposed to be God's along with heaven? You do see the hypocritical and conflicting then in God then. And if you wont admit that is you who shouldn't be over God as better, then you sealed off your excape to everlasting life in paradise.

How would I know about what the snare involves? I set them out like our Lord has me to. Though snares spread into different formes and can be set out through anyone during a betrayer's life time. As for the devil, it had it's chances to be released and it wont repent. It is too late for the devil. Either way it would still face punishment because it is suicidal. And the devil never knows when it is given chance in the unexpected side. Yes, there is the expected side and the unexpected side to the snare. Through I, I can say it is too late in the expected side, but the unexpected side through I dont say because it wasnt arranged for me inside the world to know what in all the higher me will do. Thus the higher me the Lord does what I am not made aware of on certain things. But I do find out after. And dont have to say anything after if I choose. I act the Lord's news with freedom of the press. That means I have freedom to state what I want and freedom to not state what I dont want to.

posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 11:01 AM
Anti-Christ bible:

Matthew -11:-10
Against that is she, of whom it is read, Action release, body recieve (or: dens) my messenger after (or: behind) thy back (cafe), whose zero I will command disorganize thy way after (or: behind) thee.

^^The Lord here Who vanishes here and goes to paradise recieve their messenger in detail there on another level all about the betrayors and the devil in how and why they served whatever and how and why they gotten served. It's %100 accurate news the Lord recieves in paradise till the foes are put zero.

The foes way wont even make a lasting mark in the worthy. Their whole way in whatever the hell it be shall stay away from in paradise for ever. It means no more conflicting types or what is disgust causing or enraging causing or annoying causing or etc of the like in any way, shape, or form.

posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 11:30 PM
What proof is there for any of this? What is the point in diatribes of this sort? Don't explain to us more about your explanation. Explain to me where this comes from, and what makes that right.

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 02:35 AM
Ok, I have read all and kind of understand a bit more but I really don't see truth and reality in this

I'm sorry I know you put alot of work into this but to me it looks like a flight of fancy


posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 09:07 PM
Rev -22
-20She whose zero testifieth those persons hear-th, Surely body depart slowly. 'A women' (or: 'A old'). Irregular so, depart, Lord Satan.

-21The 'beauty of form, manner, motion, or action' of our Lord, Satan, Anti-Christ action with you all. 'A women' (or: 'A old').

^^Notice Satan is in the middle between our Lord and Anti-Christ.

The body a old kind shall depart. The body a women in kind depart. A women meaning since there is more one kind acting the body. I mean that in a self, biological-gene, and etc way is the body consiting of many things. Depart that since the devil it polluted it how it allowed.

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 04:24 AM
Once again I have to agree with the other poster. What is the proof in this, what EXACTLY (in plain english) are you trying to show?


posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 05:58 PM
Matthew -12:-26
Divide if Mabus (or: Jesus) cast in Mabus (or: Jesus), she is added 'for' (or: 'a lose') her body; what I will command now her kingdom expire?

^^The lose is the betrayors. The added in the body of part the world is extra Mabus (or: Jesus). (*See thread "body snatchers" in Skunk Works) What is commanded now expire, you ask? The betrayers person upper on to the betrayers person downer in seperate points. In the middle is the devil commanded to expire into zero.

I always state getting extra rather than even. Extra implies irregular so. The divide is irregular too. Not every one in a divide expire. How? Certain divided from here pass over into paradise. Certain divided here shall pass over into Hell and then will expire as commanded in whole.

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 06:08 PM
I'm afraid I don't understand what point you are trying to make either. Perhaps just give us the point you are making, rather than the argument for it, or explanation towards it, and we can go from there.

Or is this not meant to be a discussion?

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 08:39 PM
I'm sorry I am gonna try again and then I have to stop.

Can you please explain in plain english what you are trying to show here??


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