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Admiral Wilson's statement about the Pentagon Briefing

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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 05:19 PM
Dear colleagues.

Ok it is official now so I can post it.
In the link below you can find the latest article from Billy Cox. Few of us have been working behind the scenes to connect the dots and Wilson was sucessfuly located few days ago. This is the second time now that Wilson has been asked for the record about the claims of Pentagon Briefing.

The investigation continues...

Billy Cox's article is in the link below:


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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by uforadio

article not found. why not put part of the source in your post, now i cant find it. if you can find a new link that would be great.....or is it just not working for me?

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 05:25 PM

Admiral: Never looked for UFO data

By Billy Cox

Published: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 4:07 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 4:14 p.m.
A former high-ranking military intelligence official rumored to have been snubbed in his attempts to obtain sheltered UFO data insists he never even bothered to look for it.

“Never,” retired Rear Admiral Thomas R. Wilson replied Tuesday when asked if he’d ever been barred from retrieving classified material, exotic or otherwise, during his career.

Wilson, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1997 when he agreed to meet at the Pentagon with advocates of UFO declassification. Among them, he confirms, was Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

The driving force behind that meeting was North Carolina UFO researcher and emergency-room doctor Steven Greer. Greer founded The Disclosure Project in an effort to grant amnesty to government whistleblowers willing to violate their security oaths by sharing insider knowledge about UFOs.

At least seven years ago (, Greer was telling audiences about extracting a pledge from Wilson during that meeting to investigate special access projects involving UFO technology. But shortly thereafter, Greer claimed Wilson reported that he didn’t have the proper security clearance to inspect those files.

As Greer informed a Portland, Ore., audience in 2001, “(Wilson) said, ‘I am horrified that this is true. I have been in plenty of black projects, but when we tried to get into this one,’ he was told, and I quote, ‘Sir, you do not have a need to know.’ The head of intelligence Joint Staffs. You don't have a need to know. Neither did the CIA director, and neither did the President.”

This story has been circulating on the Internet ever since, and made it into Greer’s book “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge,” last year. But the thing didn’t sprout legs until Mitchell began discussing the meeting during what turned out to be a media blitz in July.

Mitchell avoided all mention of Wilson’s name, but in a July 4 appearance on Larry King Live, the moonwalker told CNN audiences he’d learned the admiral “had found the people responsible for the cover-up and for the people who were in the know and were told, I'm sorry, admiral, you do not have need to know here and so, goodbye.”

Now an executive with a Minnesota-based defense contractor, Wilson told De Void he “accepted (Mitchell’s 1997) request because he was a former astronaut and maybe had more credibility than some person off the street.” Wilson says he doesn’t remember who else attended that meeting, but he admitted to “a certain amount of curiosity” about allegations of deep-black UFO projects.

“What is true is that I met with them,” Wilson said in a phone interview. “What is not true is that I was denied access to this material, because I didn’t pursue it. I may have left it open with them, but it was not especially compelling, not compelling enough to waste my staff’s time to go looking for it.”

Mitchell told De Void he never heard directly from Wilson after their initial meeting, but he says he trusts the veracity of the unnamed sources who told him of Wilson’s inability to penetrate security.

Mitchell said he was "shocked" by Wilson’s response to De Void, but added, “I do not wish to engage him on this matter.”

Steven Greer refused to back down.

“I was there and know what was said,” he stated in an e-mail. “I was also informed prior to the meeting that, after sending him a secret document with UFO-related code names and numbers, that he located one of the compartments but was specifically denied access to the operation.”

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 05:25 PM
Navy (J-2) Admiral Thomas Wilson? Yes, this is one of Edgar Mitchell's contacts. I hope this is brought up in the interview with Edgar on the Kevin Smith Show tonight...

It's kinda one of those "who are you going to believe" type things.

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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 05:33 PM
thanks nightvision, props to you.

im definitely going to check out the kevin smith show tonight, ive never heard of it before, thanks to you also ufo reality.

i don't really know what to think about this whole situation now, i guess i will just stand by and see what happen's.

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by pureevil81
reply to post by uforadio

article not found. why not put part of the source in your post, now i cant find it. if you can find a new link that would be great.....or is it just not working for me?

Thanks for the info. Now it is corrected.

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 07:15 AM
Rich has sent me the permisson to post this so here it is:

From: Richard Dolan
Subject: Re: Admiral: Never looked for UFO data
Date: Thursday, 7 August, 2008, 12:49 AM

Greetings all...

I chatted with Billy Cox a bit prior to his article, and more to the point, spoke with Admiral Thomas Wilson in late 2006, not long after Dr. Steven Greer's book -- Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge -- came out in which he mentioned Wilson by name.

I had known about this meeting before Greer published his account. The information came to me through another party. This other source, while not giving me Wilson's name, gave me some explicit information about the nature of the meeting (top level DoD official who met with Greer, then being denied access to black programs dealing with ET technology).

As I understood it at the time, Greer and Edgar Mitchell met with Wilson in April 1997, and that Wilson took two months to continue looking into the matter. At that point, he reached the program but was denied access to it. My source indicated that the primary people who denied Wilson were not even DoD personnel, but rather private contractors .... mainly attorneys. They told him that he did not have a need to know, and furthermore, that the only reason he got an audience from them was so they could determine how he learned about the program.

When Greer's book came out, mentioning the meeting and naming Wilson, I checked with my source. "I assume it's Wilson?," I asked. "Yes, it was Wilson," came the answer.

At that point, I decided to try to speak to Admiral Wilson. Before doing so, I wrote to Edgar Mitchell. He also confirmed that the meeting took place, although he was not especially interested at that time in doing much more than stating that Wilson "would look into it."

So, armed with pretty good support from some high profile people that the meeting DID occur, I was able to track down and phone Wilson. This was in October 2006.

Our conversation started very cordially. That is, until I mentioned that I was researching the UFO phenomena and a meeting he had regarding the topic in 1997. He feigned ignorance ("my memory is foggy") until I mentioned confirming statements by Mitchell and my other source. Then his answer was "I vaguely recall....." At that point I mentioned that his name was in Greer's book. I can assure you THAT got his interest. He asked me to read him the relevant passage, which I did.

At this point, Admiral Wilson's voice changed noticably. Whereas he had been relaxed and low key when we started, his voice became high pitched. He seemed to be rather annoyed, maybe angry. He told me that, yes, he had met with Greer and Mitchell. That he only did so because he was "curious" why someone of Dr. Mitchell's stature would be pursuing this matter. "Everything else" Greer wrote about the meeting (whatever that means) was "poppycock." Wilson then told me he needed to go to a meeting and ended the conversation.

I was left with a distinct impression that Greer's account of the matter was substantially correct. That is, that Greer and Mitchell did persuade Wilson to look into it, and that Wilson did so. Furthermore, that he was denied access to said programs.

Wilson was basically a man who was caught off guard. His denials rang very hollow to me.

One final comment on this. After my conversation with the Admiral, I checked back with my source. "What else would you expect him to say?", he told me. "He would lose every security clearance he ever held if he gave you what you wanted."

As well as, quite obviously, threatening to bring down the entire house of cards. After all, an admission from Wilson that this was true.....? Good god. That would be enough to do it. I did not expect him actually to admit anything to me. But I had to try.

I have spoken about this event a few times in various presentations. Now is as good a time as any to make this statment.

Richard Dolan

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posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by uforadio

I think Thomas Wilson is lying now to cover his a$$.

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 05:20 PM
Cool thread!

So much for "Greer is just a cult leader and he doesn't really go around meeting with important people"

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by MrdDstrbr

So if someone meets with important people that gives their fantastical opinions credit? If that is the case then you show bow to me, as I have had dinner with one president, 4 presidential candidates, golfed with one vice president and spoken to so many 4-birds I lost count. Been to the pentagon so many times I lost count, been to air-bases all over the world, some not even on your conspiracy related ignorant I guess I should start making ignorant claims touting where I have been and who I have met with so I can get a following of gullible, ignorant believers too? I guess if I ever get desperate for money or attention I could concoct something fantastical given some of the places I have been and I would be able to assemble a ship of fools too, huh?

So by your definition, anything I say must carry more weight than someone else? Poppycock.

Man, any idiot with money, an agenda and a phone could meet with anybody, talk to anybody and claim anything they want. Seriously, try it. If you want to bs people that your some UFO hippydippie cult leader (like Greer) make a few phone calls, donate some money (not your own of course) and then meet with people. It's really, really easy.

Who someone has arranged to be in the same room with has absolutely nothing to do with the merit of what they are peddling, a Greer is a prime example. Sorry your ignorant in the ways of the world and assume if someone meets with someone that they MUST be 100% legit.

But then again, I will sleep better now knowing that you will take what I say way more seriously, because I've been places man, lol.

The measure of truth is EVIDENCE. Anything less is faith. And last time I checked, too many people treat this subject like a religion anyway.

I remember hearing the Paracast cover this a while back, and it was very interesting. That had Dolan on and a few others and really did a great interview (they always do, no BS softball questions like you get from all the other programs). If was a good interview, and a really neat story. I would say hit the paracast up and dig it out of their archives. Good stuff.

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posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 05:39 PM

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts
So if someone meets with important people that gives their fantastical opinions credit?

Not necessarily, but why would important people be having UFO meetings with a mere cult leader with nothing of substance to offer?

If that is the case then you show bow to me, as I have had dinner with one president, 4 presidential candidates, golfed with one vice president and spoken to so many 4-birds I lost count.

Prove it.


posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 06:03 PM
Will pictures do, or do you want video, lol? I have plenty of both.....well, not so much video but plenty of picture. Hell I should, some of those picture cost me big $$$$$

But your point about the purpose of the meetings does have merit that I had not considered so I give you credit for that. I suppose he could have met with those people under false pretexts and surprised them with some UFO stuff...I guess. I don't know. I mean, I could say I met with all those people about anything I wanted to. Despite that I didn't actually score any of those meetings based off of them wanting to talk about UFOs.

I had heard Dolan and a few other accounts on the Paracast about Greer claiming some of these meetings, then come to find out it was a mutual benefit dinner or something that tons of people were at. Not like that is the meeting that Greer later on went to claim it was. Gee, I shudder to think that I may have been in the same room with Greer at one time or another come to think of it......

I would be interested in hearing less about the meetings since you bring that up and more about how the meetings were set up, etc.

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posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts
Will pictures do, or do you want video, lol? I have plenty of both.....well, not so much video but plenty of picture. Hell I should, some of those picture cost me big $$$$$

I dunno man. So far I've seen evidence of Greer rubbing elbows with people like Admiral Wilson, Jim Woolsey, Edgar Mitchell, Paul Hellyer. I've seen evidence of you.... doing nothing much but insulting lots of people.

So far, Greer seems like a way more important person than you

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posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 01:20 AM
Dear colleagues.

Credits goes to Dave Haith for this excellent report. In the text below:


From: visions [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 2:38 AM
To: Giuliano Marinkovic
Cc: Richard Dolan; Billy Cox
Subject: Mitchell speaks out about Wilson's denial

Hi Giuliano, Billy and Richard

The below info was put together from emails between myself
and Mitchell.

Hope you can make use of it and spread it around the web
Many thanks
Dave Haith (UK)

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell has revealed to me what he believes
is the reason that Admiral Wilson is now denying what he
previously said.

He refers me to an article in Jane's Defence Weekly entitled
"Pentagon's Hidden Budget" by defense analyst Bill Sweetman
in which he discusses Special Access Programs in great

Dr Mitchell points to a quote from that article:

"An unacknowledged SAP - a black program - is a program
which is considered so sensitive that the fact of its existence is a
'core secret', defined in USAF regulations as 'any item, progress,
strategy or element of information, the compromise of which
would result in unrecoverable failure'. In other words, revealing
the existence of a black program would undermine its military

Dr Mitchell told me: "The UFO program that the admiral
sought would be in this category. Thus by law he would be required to
deny the existence of such a program. For a core secret SAP, even a
"no comment" would be a breach of security."

Dr Mitchell believes that the Billy Cox blog above, together
with the Jane's article "tells it all".

He writes: "They somewhat go together and validate the
entire episode."

He adds: "This SAP designation is the reason it is so
difficult to get any truthful information to the public.

NO INFORMATION is exempt from containment"

I understand Dr Mitchell has no wish to fan any flames of
conflict between he and Admiral Wilson who is, as he put it, "caught
in the political security rules dilemma as is anyone with inside
knowledge whether they like it or not."

Dr Mitchell has given full permission for me to post his
comments. "The more people and media get to see this, the sooner we
can break open the alien visitation issue."

Dave Haith

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