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The Silent Treatment

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 01:28 PM
1. What person was the last person to treat you bad person to person? What was their title to you and your title to them?

2. What handle on the interent was the last handle to treated you or your post bad in what they had wrote to you? Like what was their screen name? And do you come across that same type usually that say the same things in basic?

3. Who was the last person you treated badly in any way, shape, or form, on or off the internet? What was your reason behind it?

My two cents:

Sometimes you gotta think: "Well if it aint my daily dose of bitch from the same type" and "Those ppl must hold the same exact mind with different bodies in different locations like they are actually just one alien acting like they seperate just because of the number of technically different bodies it operates."

Like Snoop Dogg said, "It's like everywhere I go I see the same hoe".

^^Think there is truth to that? That there is actually one alien among us that is being at the same time a great many number of human beings? It's like who is to say a single person that is an alien cant be like branches to seem like many persons? Many ppl judge a book by the cover, but never look inside to see if it's by the same author. Sure you know an alien wouldnt be like us as far as how person itself can be. An alien person can be in many places at once if we let these same types saying the same type things with the same type attitude speak like all the evidence we should use to conclude what's at hand and what's going on deeply.

I title this thread the silent treatment because I know certain ppl deal with this same thing that just wouldn't bring it forward to see what exactly it is or can be to even see if any others relate. It is like that same type plague going on is feared ready to label you something you're not as if to make you think you're alone and going to be looked at as crazy just because they are infact out to make it seem that way when it's allowed. Allow no more I say! Lets let that one person who it been understand we are homed in on no matter what form they come toward us. Yes, we are trained to ignore or subdue the same one now. We are trained to detect when the same one is actually agreeing with itself by no matter how many different bodies it uses for leverage.

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 01:58 PM
How to deal with the same one plaguing you...

Trading war stories/secrets:

I'll ignore a whole building if that same one is all in it in different forms.

Yes indeed, I'd do that always and take it (my detailed news or my personal business) outside that building. The motto against the same one: If it's city wide, then take it outside. If it's state wide, then take it outside. Yeah, take it from the shoulders. Wash, rinse, repeat till made points and get what should get done done with someones who arent the same one obsticle.

Record these same types and use that as evidence against 'em when you take em from the shoulders with your chosen pick. That chosen pick is your four winds ready to blow the door in on that same one in every angle.

These same types are as good as defamaters and poisons that are only left in the clear by the same type themself. Yeah, they forbid and worry not having to work with the same type that is them. They raise their hands to get put on having to deal with a loose end that ties them in something bad.


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