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I hope Im wrong about this...but

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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 05:33 PM
Have you ever had a "eurika" moment, a moment when find a piece of the "Big Picture" jigsaw ?, well I had one of those moments on Friday night and I so hope that Im wrong.

Im a photographer and take a professional interest in lighting levels when working indoors and colour, air and sky quality when working outside. I live in Scotland and the sky here is usually a multitude of greys !

I have posted on a few topics related to people feeling that things have changed and although the threads can become quite vague, I agree in principle that " something is not quite right".

I have noticed for a good few months now that the sky is different. It seems larger for want of a better description and I no longer need to use Polarizors on my cameras to get that deep indigo blue that every photographer wants in their landscapes. When I say the sky is larger I mean it looks as if the canopy has been raised letting me see more sky, more clouds and more deep blue.

I read a thread on Friday that mentioned " Project Bluebeam", I had never heard of it before and after reading the paragraph that mentioned governments using 3D projected images to fool us during their red flag disclosure I have come to the conclusion that their could very well be a connection between the UFO holograms and second coming and my own theory that the sky is more vivid and larger.

If you are going to show a film on a projector screen what should you do?
Clean the screen and make sure its the optimum distance away from the projector so that your audience has the best resolution and the sharpest film.

I dont know what everyone else thinks about my theory and to be perfectly honest I hope Im way off the mark with it.

For those who want information on project Bluebeam please do a search here in ATS.

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