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posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 01:50 PM
It was thought that the top quark has a mass of above 90Gev/c^2.It has been confirmed with several experiments that its mass is an outstanding (176-180)Gev/c^2.Even if you say 180Gev it is the same assuming c to be constant and equal to one.Now this might have dramatic effects to our effort in understanding of the universe and how it was created !!!Recall that the proton has a mass of 938Mev or you can say 1Gev ,so we can understand that is 180 times more massive than the proton !!!The proton is the lightest baryon therefore it cannot decay .Another thing of great importance is that its mass is much more than of an atom .For example is more massive than the carbon ,iron (iron has a nucleon number of 56 ),otherwise 56Gev!!!Therefore has a mass almost equal to that of a gold atom ,which is a very heavy element!!!
I can guess that the top quark was there at the beggining of the universe !!!Important information may be revealed from its study in the near future....
The top quark has an electric charge of +2/3 and this is one of my thoughts :It is not scientific proved ,just a thought of a weak physicist...What will happen if we add up three top quarks ttt.Recall that baryons like the delta+ =uuu ,otherwise 3 up quarks,what about 3 top quarks 3times 180 makes 540....Is there any particle with half energy of Tev ?????? What about the Higgs particle ,it is aaumed to have a mass of 1Tev !!!May be is less than that ,but maybe is more than that...
Any thoughts about this ??It is very interesting!!!
Since all the scientific community is looking to discover this particle !!!!!!!!

posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 10:14 PM
If you'd help explain all the Tev's and Gev's I think we could start more of a discussion on this

The idea of a top quark weighing more than a proton is intruiging, but then that means that a down quark for instance weighs something like 1/3rd of 1Gev?

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posted on Jan, 7 2003 @ 11:11 PM
TN, do you have any links to this topic?

I'm curious why you would take c (which I assume is referring to the speed of light) to be 1?

Althought I'm most likely missing something completely, I can't say I'm up to speed on current sub-atomic theory.


posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 07:34 AM
Ok let's explain first some things :The international unit for the mass is the Kgr not the gram.In the field of nuclear and particle physics we are using the eguation
E=mc^2 for the rest mass energy of a particle (rest mass means no momentum).If we solve this equation for m=E/c^2 ,therefore is Joules per speed of light squared ,but we can use instead of Joules the eV or electron-volt ,this is again a unit of energy.When i said that we are using c=1 is just to simplify things ,because the speed pf light is a constant .Therefore if you say that the mass of the proton is 938Mev(Mega=10^6) it is the same like 938Mev/c^2 and if you replace this mass in the famous equation you have
E=938Mev/c^2*c^2 , the speed of light cancels out itself and you left with 938Mev.So this is a clever assumption that is helping the particle physicists to make things and calculations easier!!
Now for the FM ,the mass of the top quark is enormous is not just more than a proton but more than many atoms (like carbon ,oxygen ,iron etc..)Simply the carbon for example consisits from 6 protons and 6 neutrons (well one of its isotopes),therefore 12 particles in the nucleus with a mass of 12Gev almost the same is happening for the iron 56 particles 56Gev almost..The mass of the top quark is 180Gev more than 3 times the mass of the iron atom ...
Something else ,i think i have found the way of calculating masses especially for sub-atomic particles using a modified schrodingers equation ..It also predicts the dimension of the particle that the top quark is in....The mathematics are not simple but the simplification of the formula is for high-school level maths!!!!!!!
There are lot of things about quarks in the web ...So feel free to search in any search engine ,just put the word 'quarks' and you will see lots of material...Anyone else like to share thoughts in this subject???People from the science and maths
o you know any formula that predicts masses in the sub-atomic field of course...


posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 07:44 AM
Again some definition :
Mev=10^6ev or the mega-electron-volt
Gev=10^9ev or the giga-electron-volt
Tev=10^12ev or thr tera-electron-volt

As for the question of FM the top quark weights more than lots of atoms !!!
The masses of the other quarks are relatively small to this one!!
I don't remember all of them but the bottom=4.7Gev/C^2,the charm =1.5Gev/c^2 the strange=0.2Gev/c^2 and the up&down with smaller masses...
But in the sub-atomic theory there is something missing....I don't know what is that yet but we are trying to find it out...The conservation laws are breaking some times ......... ... ....

posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 10:34 AM
Yeah I thought mev - gev and such were dealing with electron volts, but I wasn't sure

Yes yes I understand the horrifically larger amount of mass in the Top Quark

But so where are top quarks? Do they float between atoms in the air, or are they only existant after say splitting an atom or such? Where do they find them in the first place?

Hmm and you hint to the "conservation laws breaking" give some examples if you can please
I may be a quack but I can theorize with the best

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posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 10:54 AM
The quarks are the fundamental particles of structure.
Therefore all particles are made up by quarks,well allheavy particles,except the leptons :electrons,muons taous and their correspondent neutrinos.All other particles like mesons and baryons consist of quarks ,for examle a proton consist of 2up and 1down quark....The quarks are not flowing in space are just inside a heavy particle are its consistuents!!!

posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 10:58 AM
Yes yes yes...but where is the Top Quark? It doesn't make up any particles in the where is it?

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posted on Jan, 8 2003 @ 02:30 PM
Ah of course, for some reason I thought the proton mass was already incorporating the /c^2, but its just chopped out for comparison.

Interesting stuff TN1

A little background on the discovery and effects of the top quark:

[Edited on 1-8-2003 by Kano]


posted on Jan, 9 2003 @ 09:18 AM
I have been solving Schrodingers equation ,it is a moderate form of equation to find out where the top quark it is confined and amazingly i saw the links of kano and my calculations agree with what the expectation vlaue .Well i found that the dimensions of the top quark are about 4*10^-18m or the top quark is structureless!!!So much energy confined in a small ,very small region of space!!What appplications this might have ,since the top quark was there at the begginning of the universe !
As you can understand when the top quark decays it produces a bottom and a W particle ,recall that bottom is a quark where W=80Gev/c^2 IS NOT!!!!!!! The W is the mediator of the weak force .I am still searching !!!
This would be probably part of my PhD that i will start the following September
Free mason asked where is the top quark?
Well where is the lamda ,the sigma ,the omega particles called hyperons because they actually have large masses?They are produced by excitations of the protons inside the nucleus and when they decay they give particles like:L=p+pion or a lamda gives a proton and a negative pion ......
The quarks can be found in all mesons and baryons like protons,neutrons ,hyperons,pions,K mesons,etc...
But the top quark has not yet found in any of those particles simply because it is too big in energy to fit there a proton =1Gev/c^2 and this quark is more massive 180 times than the proton ,which is not a quark and more massive than a lot of atoms like carbon ,iron nitrogen ,hydrogen etc...

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