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Obama the fall guy?

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 01:34 AM
We are a country Un-United. We are at war in two different countries and while many would say "for the right reasons", many others would say "the wrong ones". Our economy looks to many to be in a bad slump. Oil and food prices rise everday it seems. It's hard on many right now.

Meanwhile Iran is in it's final stage of nuclear destiny and, is threatening to wipe our allies, and it's neighbors "off the face of the map" and the Clock is Ticking.

Some people might say "We need to go to war to prevent this.", or others may say "It's not our problem, just let the Israelis take care of them.", then others may not even know about it, or even care.

Either way, those "in the know" who see the need to act, might need a blessing from GOD inorder to get a majority of Americans to even consider support for another war in Iran.

It is an election year this year, and an extra ordinary one at that, with our first ever Media driven, African American Presidential Nominee that just so happens to have absolutley no skills, but is sweeping the nation by storm for the Demacratic Party.

Who's loved and thought of as a "Messiah of Hope" by millions of people, and of course to just as many others, is suspected of being a "wolf in sheeps clothing".

And then we have the Republican Nominee, who, just so happens to be a Decorated War Hero that doesn't really seem to bark all that much.
He too, is loved by millions while many others consider him to be their hated Presidents predecessor.

The beloved Messiah just so happens to be in The Holy Land this very day, making his rounds. That's a strange thought.

Anyway, I don't believe Obama is the Messiah, atleast not in the literal sense, or any sense at all actually. What would surprise me is if he was hit by lightning on a clear and beautiful day standing next to the Temple Mount. I pray to GOD, this doesn't happen but it certainly would change things.

No instead, I believe we could soon find out that Obama just might be the perfect "Fall Guy" that will Re-Unite our country, and set the stage for WorldWar III, begining with the bombing of Iran.

How so?
If Obama is assasinated and it's quickly proven that Iranian state sponsored terrorists were involved, then millions of Obama worshipers will seek blood, and those "in the know" will have all the support they need to declare war.

Of course for this to happen it must be before the elections, and the finger has to point to a muslim country, in this case I'm guessing Iran, if the finger points any where else, say "Israel" or an "angry white man", then you might want to grab your shot guns and barracade the doors.

So let me just hope, for my sake, yours, and Obama's, he simply loses this race, goes off to cry on Hillary's shoulder, comes back in another four years with some experience behind his belt and fails again.

I made my first ever call to a radio show host today and talked to Michael Medved on the Michael Medved show while he is in Israel. I was very nervous but managed to ask him what he thought about this and he made a few good points about how all the terrorist nations love Obama and he seemed to think it was highly unlikely they would do anything like that, and maybe he is right, but that doesn't mean our own government couldn't be responsible for it, with a finger pointing to Iran, aswell, it could play out in some other way too, but I never got that far with him before he had to let me go.

I am not a 911 conspiracy idiot either. We are at war with terrible enemies, we must all wake up and recognize that we are their target, and our President is doing everything in his power to see that we are safe. Still, get ready to "Be all you can be" as they say, in the Army my friends.

This is my first Conspiracy posting, and I am interested in hearing other peoples thoughts on this subject.

thx for reading

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 08:01 PM
Obama's candicacy must be some kind of intelligence test for US voters, and I think 50% of them are flunking.
When you read the political news (especially ABC) you should be able to "read between the lines".

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 08:49 PM
There is only one problem with your theory. Most Muslims, especially terrorists love Obama and are praying to their demonic god allah for an obama victory. Iran would never consider assassinating Obama, they know he is a stealth Muslim born and raised in part in Muslim lands.

And yes I believe Obama's birth certificate is a fake, so that he really isn't even eligible for the oval office.

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