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Get rid of automobile class...

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posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 07:33 PM
...and change the roads into roller coaster rides where they do stop for red lights. Then no one has to worry about drunk drivers crashing into them. No one has to worry about profiling by the police. No one has worry about etc. No one has to get automobile insurance.

If not change the road then put the roller coasters above all the roads in the US.

The roller coaster has to be designed so that the spots vacant move to the front. This way near the street walk ppl looking to hop on can be in reach of getting a seat with ease. So the roller coaster should be somewhat transformer like. It should reach speeds of 60 mph in places that used to have a 35 mph speed limit. Hell, they should keep automobiles but add this rolloer coaster idea as like a top to the roads. If they make it really transforming-like they can make it so the spot you're seated in can get into a turning lane if you request it by, say, a function of some kind. Then it should take you out from the coaster you were in and then merge you into another coaster over a road that is crossing that you're intending on getting onto. It'll have to go like clock work. Think about how it is inside a clock. Things work smoothly. So basically matter of fact, you should be able to press a botton on the side of the road somewhere so that a cart(s) comes off the main coaster and comes to let you get in to bring you into the main coaster part so that you may reach wherever you want to go.

No need for gas then, huh? No need for anyone to have to get a car before landing a job. etc.

What you think? Is the coaster transformer idea a cool idea or what?

It's like having a evevator that gets you directly infront of where you're getting off...then it returns into the main coaster part if nobody holds it for the next person. Matter of fact, you should be able to program it soon as you get seated so that you wont miss your stop (this could be as an option you dont have to use in case you just want to joy ride or get off the coaster when you feel like it when you see a place you get off at). You should be able to obtain a device you can preprogram at home that can get plugged into the seat cart you get into so it wont be a hard time trying to program in a stop.

Forget a train when they would skip going to directly infront of where you would like to get off. You want to minumize having to walk and having to get a cap or having to then catch a city bus.

And guess who should pay for it? Businesses and companies and corperations. Why? It's them that want us going to them so to buy stuff and work for them. If they really want us having no problem getting to them, they should have no problem having to pay for setting it up and maintaining the roller coast transformers.

The carts should have a part to load basic stuff like you would with a back seat or a car trunk.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 07:40 PM
Sort of like an essembly plant where things move into different positions for the computerized robots to do whatever they supposed to do...Then things move back into the main line to go down.

^^Use that to show you the idea can work. Just think... automobile essembly plant makers were sitting on a golden idea all along.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 07:43 PM
i like the jump room idea better

nice try, though

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