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Navy Develops Dual Use Drinking Water Monitoring System

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 11:34 PM

PORT HUENEME, CALIF. (NNS) -- The Navy is testing a new drinking water quality monitoring system that would provide safe water for military personnel worldwide while warning of attempts to intentionally contaminate water supplies.

The system is part of a study completed by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command's Engineering Service Center (NAVFAC ESC) to assess drinking water security technologies and is being demonstrated at Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC), Port Hueneme. The study was funded by the Navy Environmental Sustainability Development to Integration program.

"Water is an essential element for human survival, and securing fresh water supplies for our warfighters is a vital part of the Global War on Terror," said NAVFAC ESC Commanding Officer, Capt. Gregory J. Zielinski.

"Disruption of those supplies by enemy forces would be catastrophic. The Navy is making every effort to ensure that our water supplies remain pristine and untouched. The water monitoring system we have developed will help us achieve that goal."

The demonstration will be performed with NBVC Public Works Department staff and a contractor.

I should know bwtter than post a late night thread to be lost into the depths but I feeding my insomnia.

I just thought it was time to present a side of the "War on Terror" that seems to be lacking in a majority of the posts.

This development has a plethora of civilian applications as well and is intended to be left in place with trained native folks operating it.

IMHO we could use a few of these in North America as well. To monitor our own municipal operations.

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