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The problem with people

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 06:51 PM
It's not the proper ego, it's the 'used to' thing. Who agrees? Who disagrees? Explain yourself.

It's like a woman abused by her man. She so used to him that she wont do anything to change her situation of getting abused that she should change. She so used to getting abused that she wouldn't bring the problem to a stop without, say, an outter more authoritive intervention.

I'll subtract the 'used to' aspect in person. Then you wont act 'used to' any who is actually the foe that is actually bringing bad things into your life. And nor then would you act 'used to' the way things are that are infact aiding your foe along with the corrupt systems operating on the world like a monster surgeon out of place. You could act so used to any family member that it's your down fall when they are actually your foes that a higher authorty has as a lesson for you to learn from. The lesson is to defeat acting 'used to' any thing or any one (and I mean ANY). The "used to" Feeling and Mentality you must oust!! "Used to" itself is your step-partent or step-child leaving you facing what you shouldnt and dont have to.

Learn about things that are "as" you that you can have removed when it dawns on you that any thing "as" you has the form of a living person inbetween you. Time for you to kill that person in you. "...who receded was the Glue".--Tupac line part in antonym translation. Know Who the Glue is and burn them out you so you can see the Clear Picture along side the Big Picture.

The only reason the wicked think they can succeeded in life is by what they are decieved by... What are they decieved by? The "used to" aspect in persons. It shall depart to expose a hidden truth that persons are actually snares in used to clothing meant to be shed for a person war. This person war is where it's raw person vs the wicked. The raw is neither good, fair, nor wicked. Nope, just neutral when dealing with whoever placed anything into the Glue Trap that used to be in till it turned Rubber to bounce all the B.S. off ever placed by the wicked.

The "used to" device was sown in your heart by Satan, but Satan will remove it after Satan (who was/is the Christ/the Anti-Christ) vanishes in thin air to the world after having been lived like a person came to learn as if put away from their higher self.

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 07:10 PM
It is all about APATHY, people stop caring as long as they are just satisfied enough.

Joseph Goebbels said, " Propaganda must be able to be understood by even the most stupid members of society. Then you can make people believe that paradise is hell, and hell is paradise".

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 07:17 PM
^^Think about why Satan is the name of a fabric.

Fabrics and sowing go together, do they not?

This is a secret to Satan. When Satan leaves so will Satan's fabric sown in your hearts. Then you will see clear anyone like you or as you. If "as" you, then you'll see them your actual foe. Your foe is out to reap you into being troubled by actually them it turns out who is in connection before or behind the scene. After the Glue is gone out you tell your foe to reap then and see what they get.
Surely they'll get mac smacked back and back down and dull into deletion if it harms them so.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 07:41 PM
Many people are afraid of what/who they are not used to. And so they stick with what/who they are used to even though what/who they are used to is the problem in root.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 09:12 PM
Mark -4 (antonym, anagram antonym, and sound like translation)
-15Minus those are they by the way side, when the word is sown; tub where they lack disreguarded (or: seen or witnessed), Satan depart-th (or: take-th) later, minus give-th (or: left-th) 'a way' the word *this* saw sown out (or: by) their she-arts.

^^Minus those means only one instead of more than one.

Satan wont give or leave *this* saw by the devil sown out (or by) Satan's she-arts. Meaning, it wont act as a last thing after the devil gets punished. Meaning, we not the devil will get literally unsown the Satan (fabric wise) before the devil gets Hell so that we not the devil will act free from the whole 'used to' card that been played right infront of the devil. Think of all the human bodys that the devil operates... They will get exposed and dealt with when we in whole rid the 'used to' aspect in us. Actually Satan shall rid it when gone away for you. Yes, Satan is not the devil. This was a trick played on the devil to make the devil think we dont know jack about them in what's going on. Subtract the 'used to' aspect in you and you are realized the climax of the snare that goes over all on the face of the earth. This was set. And it sets off like an alarm to where you wake up from playing with the devil at haddicap. Like in a video game where you have the option to play with haddicap or not. Ha! Devil act ware! When Satan aint Satan no more what do you expect?! A new mission and new plan to deal with the wicked in any way that may create/form/shape. The new weapon ETC. How about a net that can dice anything caught in it? It's whatever former Satan put's mind to. This just a glimpse! Act warned!!!

[edit on 20-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 09:45 PM
When you can rome and dwell without having to get used to anything or anyone, then you'll find free rest. Then you wont have to remain in limit.

Right now you are under bond rest with only what you made due with for the time being for as long as you can hold. Why hold?

^^You need to break free of holding to limits where the wicked would want to trouble you since you think that's it or that's all there is to hold onto or hold to. You so used to acting scared of the system of prison that you wouldn't act even when you do know you should. That Glue in your chest got others and their B.S. sticking you in tight places that you originally went into seeking some rest. Wake up! Dont worry, I'll wake you up, and get you to see the devil. Then after you deal with the devil you can rest freely wherever with whoever is like you.

The system got you used to a certain job? You are limited then. Yeah you are since you cant work wherever with whoever like you whenever you have a want or need to. If you are stopped from changing (like switching up in life), then you are in bond. You cant change up a job, then this is to you 'cause you know I rung a bell in you.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 05:30 AM
reply to post by Mabus

stop talking like you have all the answers. your just wasting my time. you are a part of the lie.


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