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Could you believe that drugs = truth?

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 05:16 AM
Hi ATS Members,

Now first off before i even start discussing what i want to say, i would just like to state that i am in no way advocating the use of illegal or recreational drugs / amphetamens.

Have you ever thought about frequencies? yes, you know those little vibrations that exist around us but are of the unseen?
could we be on a certain frequency that only allows us to percieve what we see and think is real? very much similar to the multi-dimensional universe theory.........

think of it in this way, when you listen to a certain radio station 'A' on frequency 'X' it does not mean thar Radio station 'B' on frequency 'Y' does not exist, it is there right around your being, but you are just purley not tuned into it, right? right!

the same type of frequency theorum applies to light, there are, of course, certain types of light that are beyond our spectrum of vision, ie: Gamma rays, x-rays, UV, certain Class IV laser light, right? right!

Now, we as humans also have brainwave fequecies which are a lot more complicated on a spectrum analyser because it combines all the other types of frequncies into one which makes us conciously aware of our dimesion known as the third. But just like a radio tuner, unless you know exactly what band the stations is on, you will never find it, unless by accident or by having an automatic tuner.

Now what if we could attenuate our brainwave frequency, to "scan" other dimensional frequencies? what would we find? and how the hell could we do this? there is one way which i am in the process of trying to investigate and build, and it is a very simple electromagnetic headset device able to manipulate electromagnetic frequncies throughout all the waveforms, it can be very dangerouse though because if the human body is exposed to too severe elctro-magnetis fields of force the Hemoglobin / iron in the blood will essentially freeze and not allow oxygen to pass, therby basically creating a suffocation effect, but enough of this and back to my Title of this thread.......

There is infact, well in my belief anyway, a device of sorts that can and has been doing this for years, it's called drugs.....
think about it, why are your major drugs banned but not cigarettes and alcholhole? because cigarettes and alchohole cannot attenuate your brainwave frequency, but the 'other' types can. why do they call it a trip? a trip to where? and why do so many people who have 'bad' trip always talk about seeing reptilian types or lizard people?

But yea, lets start from here and discuss this further people......

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 05:31 AM
I think you're pretty much right. I've seen documentaries about mushrooms, and the belief was that after they were ingested, it raised the person's frequency, which allowed "hallucinations".
The main reason I believe this is true, is that the Governments ban these type of natural substances, stating that their bad for your health.

The idea that they would care for our health I do not buy, so I am of the opinion that they may just not want people to discover the truth in order to keep them controlled.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 05:43 AM
From a few topics I've read to a few research documents compiled with theories it's hard to really know which is right and well, which isn't right. For one example in one thread here it talked of Moses ingesting something which caused him to hallucinate on Mt. Sinai, now whether that is true or not I don't know, but apparently it gave him the effects of talking to God.

Yet at the same time, some records and beliefs indicate that aliens were the ones playing God and Jesus back in those days, so really which are we to go with on this one? There are so many sides to look at and it makes you wonder if both are right, both are wrong, or one is right and one is wrong.

I will say though that drugs do cause that big shift that changes everything, even my A.D.D medication did it to me the first few times I tried it. Not only that but it caused a loss of time to (not like abduction cases) but, really just losing track of time. It put you on a whole 'nother level, but the crash afterwords is horrible. It may not be the same as ingesting mushrooms, but it sure gave you a feeling of high. So I just quit taking it and started doing meditation and stuff on my own.

I don't know whether people should be afraid of drugs or embrace them as I've never touched, seen or experienced any of them. All I can say is they give you some pretty strange effects that really make you question reality.

PS. One question that I dared question on the A.D.D medication was, is it possible to poke a whole through the space that we live in? and I think I tried for about 20 minutes to see if it was possible looking all around to find a rip or tear. :p. It certainly makes one think outside of the norm that's for sure.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 07:05 AM
I understand what you are getting at with the thread OP.
I think there are many drugs that could be detrimental to one's psyche.

However, I have a firm belief, that the Natural drugs might be beneficial to spirital journies.

I believe that only the ones found naturally, and not needing chemical processing or refining, are the ones that might be beneficial.

I am starting a study (on my own body), attempting different abilities while I have a clouded mind, and then in two weeks I am completely stopping every harmful influence into my body, and I will continue to attempt to use abilities. I won't even drink a beer. I'm curious if we are depriving ourselves of our abilities.

Guess I'll find out in a few weeks....

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 07:55 AM
hey ThreeDeuce,

Just wondering what you mean by abilities?

It would be great if you could keep us posted on your findings !

Peace and love, K.W!

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 07:56 AM
sorry I shouldv'e been more specific on my last post, what type dof abilities!

Peace and love, Kyron Weetra!

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 08:01 AM
Well, I am interesting in many abilities, that we are reputed to have, but which I have no experience.

1) OBE
2) remote viewing
3) lucid dreaming
4) any precognitive abilities
5) telepathy

One of Wilcox's videos said that as 2012 gets closer, that our psychic abilites will increase. I would view it as a successful test, if I was able to accomplish any of the 5 abilities listed in any form.

I am also going to be practicing Chakra meditation.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 09:18 AM
Hey ThreeDeuce,

yes please keep us informed, maybe i could even take your project one step further with my 'headset' idea,
on the abilities you have mention, have you ever tried Psychkenisis?
i have and it works, here are some pics of what i have bent so far, ha ha that sounds bad doesn't it.............??

oh and another thing, talking about all natural drugs, like mushrooms and soforth, they are still banned by most governments.........

sorry......... will have the Pk pics up on monday for you peeps, can log into myspace profile to get them, if any of you can view my profile there, you might be able to, otherwise i will put them up on monday!!!

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 10:26 AM
I did a lot of shrooms when I was younger and don't recall myself or any of my friends ever seeing reptiles or anything else. Even when I had my two bad trips, I never encountered anything like that, I just thought I was gonna die, though I do have a weird story from my second bad trip...

I do see where you're going with this tho, and do somewhat agree with you, not really sure how to explain it, but it did feel like I was more intune with myself and my surrounding every time I was on them. Unfortunately this was during my teen years and I wasn't at all thinking of anything like reptiles and what not, it was all just for recreation.

Seeing how every thing seems to have a purpose, I can imagine maybe this is what their purpose is, assuming you take them in small doses and don't abuse them, plus I should mention, I found everytime I did them, they seem to enhance the mood I had while taking them, I would suggest being in a very happy and comfortable state....Saying that, I also assume your mindstate has a lot to do with what you experience, the mind has a tendency
to play with on you in a normal state, so I can imagine if you really want to see something when you're on said drugs, then you might just experience it.

Anyways my odd story, my very last time doing shrooms was during a camping trip, I was also pretty drunk when I took them, but went into a bad trip, thinking I'm gonna die and all, anyways, when I get home my mom started telling me how my cat started acting all weird one night, turned out it was at the same time I was having my bad trip, always kind of been baffled by that, kind of unrelated, but interesting.

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