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Stop standing back...

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 05:02 PM
My Argument:
"Education and media trains you to become simple minded observers and commentaries."

We are human, and we have tools. Stop sitting and standing around and do something. I don't care what it is, change something in your community that is making you mad.

Be creative and start a movement.
Gain followers.
Don't do it for profit but accept donations.

Rise and make some changes. This #&8t is happening now. No more talking about it. If you are just an ATS observer I want you to to sign up and reply, because I know you have some good ideas.

Who wants to brainstorm with me?

"As testament to my statement, I will make this my last thread..."

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 04:08 PM
I, for one, agree with you. As for the brainstorming, methinks we should first decide what exactly it is we want to do. Not what we want to achieve (though this is also an important thing to come up with), but also how we want to achieve it.

I suggest coming up with a goal (for example, reforming modern psychiatry), split that into the steps necessary to achieve the goal, split it further into steps necessary to achieve the steps needed to achieve the goal, and so forth. In order to reform modern psychiatry, one would probably have to be somewhat influential before they speak out about whatever (because otherwise, nobody listens), and to be influential, you'd probably need lots of credentials, and to get credentials, you need to get into college, etc. This is really just to plot out what it is we need to do to achieve that goal (and it might also give us an idea on how long it will take and how hard it is to achieve said goal.)

SO, what do we want to achieve?

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 12:47 AM
I finished college with a particular business degree... And I'm getting credentials...

But lets go back to my statement, what can common people do at this moment to make a better America?

And what do I want to achieve? A better way of life, so that:

A. We are not afraid of our food.
B. We are not afraid of our worldly neighbors.
C. We don't exploit the and trash world communities.
D. We trust our school system.
F. We watch our government (But not impeaching for sex).
The list goes on, and on, and on

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:25 PM
Currently, I suppose that common people are going to have to start small. Starting out local, and all that.

Just as a bit of braintorming, I suppose we could try shopping for food from only local farms and such, and prepare our food ourselves, though there is the problem with those who don't have time to. Maybe they can buy food from places like Harris Teeter or Whole Foods (no idea just how healthy this really is), but what of the price? Some people can't survive on that. I would suggest growing food, but if they don't have the time or knowledge, then what's the point? (What's healthier, though: Lots of fresh carrots, or lots of Kraft brand mac n' cheese? ) Or maybe we can, sans the "it's hopeless there is no point in trying" sentiment that hinders so many people from helping, get as many people that can afford it to buy from healthier sources, as to increase the demand for such things? (But is supply and demand REALLY how things work? I don't know.) Regardless, protests aren't going to do much but waste our effort and boost our egos.

As for school system (which I have the misfortune of experiencing), whilst I'm tempted to say that it's hopeless and we should arm ourselves with knowledge as much as we can (in a sort of "every man for himself" way), I can't give up on the people just yet. After I get the credentials to have people listen to my opinion, I could try appealing to the school board. However, perhaps I could become a teacher. Do you know those teachers who really made learning fun? The ones who taught by example and experience rather than textbooks, the ones who let the class think and have opinions, and the ones who it's fun to talk with simply because they listen to your opinions on things. There's nowhere near enough of those, and if I can't change the system, then I could try to give kids the gift of at least one really great teacher. And then maybe I can take a shot at influencing the board - or perhaps it would require joining the school board. Well, regardless. (My language arts teacher suggested becoming a language arts teacher - for high school, though, because in middle school, pretty much everything is censored. It's sad, really. Despite that, I might become one anyways just to help out the kids stuck there.)

As for the fear of anything outside of America, most people are a bit too stubborn to change their opinions about things, so I suppose that the education of us young 'uns could help forward a less violently biased future. Hey, the children ARE the future, ha ha!

Though, I suppose that there must be ways OTHER than relying on the children to help the situation as it is.

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