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Everyone talks about changing government, but Sean Tevis is...

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 04:19 PM
...or at least he's trying.

We all talk about how we hate the system, how we hate what 'they' are doing, but how many of us actually act on it? If you dislike what's being done by your represenatives, why not become one yourself?

That's what Sean Tevis is trying to do.

Sean was, like we all are, revolted by the views of his representative. he registered to run and drew an xkcd comic...

He had the wild idea that he would use the Internet to raise funds, and he would look to get $8.34 from 3,000 people. Unheard of! No Kansas State Representative had ever gotten more than 644 donations!

In 37.25 hours he got 3,000.

In about 48 hours, he is up to 4,662.


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