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Mercy (beg for mercy or beg against mercy)

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 03:21 PM
I want to see your type of thinking and your type of decision making in this thread based on you personally.

Part 1:

Which of the following do you think is a showing of mercy:

A) Put an ever living person who regenerates in everlasting fire for ever. (The person gets to keep their life.)

B) Delete a person to where they can never come back. (The person does not get to keep their life.)

Part 2: (to whom it may concern: )

Where are you one kinds who, say, after someone, except yourself, becomes badly handicapped or badly disfigured say or would say to the person who has to live under something horrible: "At least you got to walk away with your life"???

I want to know is your life worth living/keeping no matter what period? Is your life so important to you that you want to live even if badly haddicapped or badly disfigured?

Part 3:

If you had to face B, would you beg for mercy, if all it would get you, if it's granted to you, is everlasting torment in burning fire?

^^If you say no, then you are a suicidal type. Hell, I'd say you are more so in your correct mind if you are a suicidal type who would beg against mercy under having to under go "the" horrible.

If you say yes, then you value life in pain to where I'd conclude you should never be in a position to force someone else to live life in torment since you would try to override another's decision to where you'd prolly inflict more hurt upon another who would beg against mercy. I'd also conclude that you have some sort of irregular mental pleasure for pain itself. If I were religious I'd conclude that you are infact a demon that loves to torment and be tormented.

^^Anyone else agree with me to that?

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