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Warhammer Vault Preview

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 09:32 AM

In light of the recent announcements that Mythic would be cutting four classes and four cities, we really didn't know what to expect as we sat down to have a chat with the team from Mythic Entertainment. Going in with an open mind, we were taken on a guided tour of all the new features in WAR by Adam Gershowitz. First stop on the tour was The Inevitable City where Adam showed us several high profile characters from the Warhammer IP who will make an appearance in the game once cities reache a certain status rank. Next we were shown the King's throne room and given a brief explanation of the fight. Players can look forward to more than a simple encounter. While fighting the Chaos king portals to other dimensions will open sucking players into the void while chaos explodes all around them and the pillars holding up the room will begin to fall all around them. These things are just a taste of what players can expect from the more prestige PvE encounters in the game.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 09:33 AM
link release, i can feel it D:

Graphical Improvements
• Adding lighting by hand and polishing the graphics
• Finishing the entire world before going back and touching up

Macro Customization
• They're taking a page out of the FPS book by having silhouettes be the main identifier. (Think back to DAoC when you knew who someone was just by looking at them from a distance)
• Over 400 armor sets in the game
• "We want you to feel like you can look like your class right from the beginning" was said in reference to armor sets and various outfits your characters can wear.
• Metallic dyes will be in the game using full spectrum of color
• I asked and Adam confirmed: WHITE DYE will be in the game! They have finally figured out how to get this working properly.
• Over 114 different dye colors based on Games Workshops paints for the miniatures.

Inevitable City and general city notes
• Special NPCs will appear from the Warhammer lore as capital cities increase in status rank. We got to see a few of them and they look absolutely amazing.
• The King encounter (he looks cool by the way) will be more than simply a "tank and spank" encounter. While fighting the Chaos king you'll see voids opening around you and the floor breaking apart with chaos swirling all around and the pillars in the room falling. Adam sounded really excited.
• Cities have level 20 and level 40 dungeons

• There are no instanced raid dungeons.
• Most dungeons are public where anyone can enter and fight but the bosses are instanced. (Adam made mention of Darkness Falls here though the details evade me)
• Most group content is designed for 6-12 people. King encounters are "one of the only" encounters that require a larger group of people. Adam expressed Mythic's sentiment again that raiding isn't the direction they're going.

• Players can get a mount of their own at level 20.
• We were shown the Chaos horse (Looked freaking amazing)
• Summoned just like mounts in WoW. Open bags, clicky, poof you're on the mount.
• Mounts can be customized with armor, colors, and that sort of thing. Think macro customization like I talked about earlier.
• Mounted Combat and Flying Mounts are not completely ruled out but they're not something Mythic is thinking about doing right now. Definitely not at launch (duh).

RvR Notes
• NEW ADDITION TO THE GAME: RvR Fortresses. These "uber keeps" (quote from Adam) of "RvR Goodness" (quote from Mark Jacobs) act as an additional barrier between players and capital cities. They have also replaced the Capital cities in the battlefronts that had theirs taken away. These will offer very interesting RvR encounters.
• A realm must capture 2/3 Fortresses to make the enemy Capital vulnerable.
• Sets of gear will be spread throughout these fortresses so players will have yet again additional sets of armor to strive for from various locations in the WAR world.

• We were shown Nordwatch and got to see the game in action as Adam played with real beta testers.
• The combat looked fluid, polished, and extremely fun.
• In this particular scenario Adam played a Zealot and we got to see the role of a healer in action as he healed and cast offensive magic at the enemy players.
• Adam's Zealot was only level 2 yet he was able to hold his ground against level 7 players because of how scenario's work - they boost player's abilities so that everyone feels on equal footing. It was working quite well.

The Open Group System
• A new feature just introduced that will allow players to open a window and see who in their region wants more players in their group.
• Joining a "open group" is as simple as clicking the "join button".
• The Open group window shows how far you are from the prospective group in real-time travel time.
• Can see who is in the group
• Currently no filter for groups to use (IE: Only want healers) but that is more of something you would see in the regular LFG window. Open groups truly are "open".

• Completely modable with LUA still
• Default layout editor comes with the game so that players can adjust the layout of their UI to their liking. This will never break with patches. (Hotbars are currently being worked into this system)
• UI Mods are all local to your computer
• I pushed for more information on whether or not UI mods could change the functionality of the default game and Adam went into details:

- Certian "Hooks" (modding lingo) will not be allowed
- It is inevitable that some people will get around these hooks but they'll be taken care of.
- Nothing like WoW's "Click to cure this automatically" or "cast this based on that".
- "Nothing that automates gameplay at all" will be allowed.
- There will be basic macros allowed in-game.

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 09:42 AM
I heard they were cutting a bunch of stuff out. Is this true?

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 09:56 AM
From what I read, 4 classes and 4 cities...

Saving them for expansion? I dunno man.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 10:37 AM
Perhaps they are scaling it back in anticipation of WoW's next expansion and just want to get a viable product out the door and establish a foothold. I don't see anyone beating Blizz until Blizz decides to stop making expansions for WoW. Stoopid mistake IMO. Did wow come out stripped down? Lol. If you're gonna create a WoW killer.... you gotta go that extra mile just like Blizz does... This smells like a big publishers decision.

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