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Pakistan the stone unturned

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 08:46 AM
Please consider that while Oil was a great distraction and economic incentive there may have been another that triggered this disaster. That of the money trail leading to Afghanistan opiate trade lead through Pakistan and via a US military supply line into the US and other nations.

This line became visible after the Taliban destroyed the crops just prior to 911. The “laundry” for this and a child abduction ring ran through both world trade centers and a document trail existed in building 7. The child abduction ring supplied princes of Saudi with their “habit” so there was plenty of reasons and money supply that wanted these buildings down. This is the why now as to the how:

Of course there was a small group of Jews they brought in and guided to be used for a cover story. Not the least was by appealing to the greed of the person that perchased the lease seven weeks before:

After the US invasion of Afghanistan the poppies and the resulting money line returned only at a far higher rate of return in cash once again through the Pakistan ISI.

the above information is provided for information only. But lets not forget why we continue to unviel the truth:

The continuing waste.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 08:54 AM
The simple fact is America cannot have a war in the Middle East without being able to control the drug trade. This began a long time ago. Have you ever seen a film called "Air America?"
TPTB make billions every day by supplying drugs to Americans. We are the biggest consumers of drugs in the world, and what America wants, America gets. Why do you think they are dragging their feet on closing the Southern border? There is an agenda here. Keep Americans stoned, and they may not be prepared to fight. Mind control them and they won't even think of revolting. There is a drug war going on right now on the border with Mexico...are we winning it? NO!

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 02:29 PM
Many years ago I assisted on an operation that was involved in taking down a Mafia figure involved in sending out coc aine laced with poison. Twenty seven dead that was confirmed. He made it look like his competition.
The affair had a feel of something that could be a test program to be repeated at a later date on a far larger scale.
Every now and then the US government needs a diversion to change the headlines.
Drugs is the only operation that demands more money than human trafficking.
Both wars are a scam. Drugs should be legalized and regulated. Too much money creates corrupt law enforcement systems. The US needs to focus law enforcement into a few concentrated fine points. Streamlining is the answer but it can not even begin without a cleanup first. What agency could possibly achieve such a task? US Marshall?
I'm not good at giving up, not when it comes to kids.

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