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sleep parala

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 03:03 AM
I have read many accounts of people experiencing sleep paralysis. However, none have seemed authentic to me, nor do they tell it is a way that doesn't feel like a story. I believe what we all want are facts, and genuine honesty. In fact, I have no means of proving my experience and I believe that is because these sort of encounters don't happen during a time when any form of authentication is possible, let alone probable.

Sleep paralysis. What is it really? If you are a scientist you will pawn it off as a medical anomaly, and if you are anyone who has had a serious illness, you will understand why doctors can suck a ****! Educated guessers at best. I experienced something that lasted for months on end. It was something that made no sense at the time, but perfect sense years after.

I will keep it vague and simple in the hopes that my point is conveyed in a manner that leaves room for speculation rather than a tell all...simply because I still don't understand it.

In early 2k I was living alone and working nights in good'ol Ca. I had been experiencing a sort of cold-sweat almost every night during the hours of 12am and 4am.
What I was finding odd was that my sheets wouldn't be covering me and the room was always in a comfortable climate.
On top of the sweats I would experience what I can only describe as seizures. I would wake up in an instant covered in seat, and gritting my teeth as every muscle in my body tightened and convulsed. Then, even though I knew it had happened, I would fall calmly back to sleep.

This happened on a consistent basis for about 3 months. I didn't know who to tell or ask about it, so I wrote it off as nothing. Well, eventually I started having problems. My heart would almost feel like there was a bubble in it. Like a gas was building up in my heart, and then, all of a sudden it would 'pop', and the pain would subside. I was convinced I was experiencing heart failure or had a heart murmur.

On top of the heart pain, my left shoulder and lower back constantly caused me pain. My dreams seemed to fade into a blackness and my hunger became almost non-existent. My first thought was that I was sick, then I had the notion that maybe somebody had died in my place and was trying to contact me or f**k with me.

The night I learned the truth is the exact reason I am writing on this forum rather than some BS forum where nobody is credible. I care not rather my testimony feels real, is real or is any of ATS's readers give a s**t, because if this has happened to you, now you know it was real!

The last time I can recall experiencing anything was the night I awoke in the middle of it. I am a firm believer that if indeed it is someone or something that was involved, it had the power to keep me oblivious or to let me in on it's little secret, and so it did.

I awoke to the sound of numerous voices, all talking rapidly and saying nothing. My heart must have been beating much faster than normal because I could feel the pulse trough my chest; like I had been holding my breathe and could hear/feel my hearts beat.
I was panting, probably from shock of the situation and I was in a state of paralysis.
I was lying on my side and unable to move, but I could feel a presence standing behind me. My covers were at my feet exposing my entire naked, sweating body and I was stuck!
I NEVER saw anything and would never claim to have, but I can tell you this, the feeling you get when you know somebody is behind you...well that is what I SAW! The energy in the room was so intense I could see 'it' even though I never saw it!?!?!
It left my room, and as it did so, the voices faded. I had a second to compose myself as the voices faded and the parlalysis subsided. That's when I told myself, "either I'm crazy, or i will here my blinds rattle or the door open/close". Then, the blinds rattled and I was convinced...I was being visited.

I don't know the situations relevance to my life, nor do I care, but I know others have experienced thi

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 04:06 AM
Ive experienced it to.But I didn't think it was anything visiting me.It can be very scary.And it can get very intense.Id like to know for sure what it is.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 04:30 AM
Okay, first let me say this: please be sure you don't have a medical condition. Apnea can be related to heart problems, such as MVP. And yes, I know the medical profession in general can be considered as 'quacks' with its own agenda, but that shouldn't stop one from seeking a rational medical explanation.

Now, to confirm: I have also experienced the perception of 'many muttering voices', but not on awakening, as you describe, but rather immediately before falling asleep, 'catching myself' and waking up before drifting off.

Also, I've had sleep paralysis experiences such as you describe -- waking up in cold sweats, and occasionally not actually waking up in body, but only in mind. Quite disturbing really -- I realized I was dreaming, and tried to decide to wake up. Then, I experienced a dream-state 'shift', as though waking up, but I still couldn't move my body or eyes. This repeated several times -- quite horrifying When I finally woke up, my body still felt tingly all over.

I know the body, when entering into sleep, 'disables' the connection between perception of motor control and sensation, and the mental activation thereof. This is, of course, what makes dreams involving physical activity possible. The subjective sensation of this, when it's not synchronized correctly, is quite odd.

I haven't, myself, experienced the combined 'muttering voices' (which I've really only noticed very rarely, and I consider could be explained by the same mechanisms as described for physical motion, applied to auditory perception) with sleep paralysis. But I imagine the combination would be quite rattling.

Of course, to take an ATS slant -- if you're going to abduct or experiment on someone, cloaking the experience as 'sleep paralysis' or otherwise explainable side-effects of natural phenomena would be an appropriate 'cover'.

So, no direct objective evidence here to back up your speculation, but hopefully you don't feel alone in your experiences...

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