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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:38 PM
I have been interested in alternative history, metaphysics, aliens and UFOs, conspiracies, and... basically everything on this site for about half a decaue now. I just started to read this site maybe a year ago and only became a member a few months ago.

I have been lucky enough to have most of my friends interested in the same subjects, thus it has not alienated me from those I got love for, and we are able to engage in heated discussions and debates about issues that we feel are pertinent and necessary.

I feel blessed to have found this community. Though researching on your own and discovering new mysteries while unraveling others hold great value, we are all truly lucky for the internet and sites like this to keep us all connected. I cannot even imagine how subjects such as these were even discussed, say, 30 years ago.

We have the means, the minds, and information at our fingertips. We have direct access to the real world and not the one fabricated by the people who initially controlled our schooling, history, information, etc. I have been able to relay information to my friends who are not fortunate enough to have internet, or even a computer, to keep them up to date on the fascinations of our world.

I have even been able to speak to my parents about things I learn that are surely grating against their traditional upbringing of a world prior to the internet, and though they are very religious and from the "old school" world, I am fortunate that they listen to me, albeit skeptically, but they are willing to entertain my current musings.

I ask you, out there in the internet world, how you all are doing, as we all know the subjects discussed here are not... palettable to the more "ordinary" folks. When a strong subject is discussed here, are you able to relay it to people in the "real" world? It being 2008, and with such an amazing tool of communication and information, do you feel/see a change in the mentality of people?

I was actually amazed at how many of my friends, both old and new, were interested in these fascinating subjects and who have abandoned their trust in the media and are learning to uncondition themselves from all the untruths they had imbedded in them. The willingness... the ability to be wrong and to thirst for the truth has been prevalent, and I feel more confident that a dramatic change is at hand.

I feel some subjects are so important that I simply cannot let my loved ones go on without at least entertaining the notion of a differing perspective. It is hard to balance engaging in a neutral discussion without pushing subjects onto people, seemingly from a pedastool. But they humor me and listen. And for this I am greatful.

Perhaps it is not all doom and gloom. Perhaps we underestimate the power of connectivity and communication that was not possible a few decades back. I just hope that we are able to fully utilize this tool and combat all the things that were impossible before we could all speak to each other freely. I thank you all for your minds and insight and research and brilliance. I even thank the ridiculous threads, because I have found much humor in them

This would have been a lot harder to do communicating via pagers and "pager code"

93863 ya'll and have a good one!

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:55 PM
it's funny because it is super clear when you are pressing too hard and the words are hitting a mental wall. I laugh and understand when their eyes glaze over, because I know that I have put too much of what I think into this conversation, forgetting that there was so much build-up and background to understand and appreciate what is being said. you can babble thinking they're right there with you but their mindset is not... massaged like my own with these subjects, nor do they care nearly as much.

great thread and thanks astro!

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by oresta

I have that same problem too. I guess our own fascination is hard to supress sometimes. You get so into the conversation and the revelations that you start skipping hugely important background info that, for some reason, you assume they already know what you are thinking, and you speak a mile a minute with fire (or lunacy) in your eyes, and... have I lost you? Your eyes look plastic and you have that sly smile on your face!

But hey, even I have trouble believing a lot of things. I have to put myself into the mindset before I saw the UFOs I witnessed in my life and before I started to question 911 and remember that I have to speak clearly... cohesively and coherently if I really care for the subject and its importance and value. Though I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by people that generally respect me and know I'm not a loonytunes, they will stop me when I have gone off the deep end with not enough presentable evidence to really put solidarity in my claims (or rather, the claims I researched).

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:12 PM
My Dad and I like the same things. We listen to c2c together sometimes and discuss what they are talking about. He saw a news broadcast about the "alien formation" on tv and asked me if I could show him better pictures on the internet.(He's so clueless about computers and the internet... he has trouble finding the power button... lol.) When he saw the sites I pulled up and let him play around with the mouse, etc he was amazed at what was all out there.(I pulled up a NASA photo archive, the site that Japan put their moon pics on, and ATS but he was more intrested in the pictures cuz he couldn't read the posts very well.)

My friend and I talk about this stuff, at least we used to all the time, but now we mainly call to say hi, and we talk about our kids. LOL.

My ex-best friend and I used to be heavily into this stuff. We used the Ouija(Which I will not do again), talked about UFO's, politics, why Di was killed and by whom, etc, watched the X-files religiously and mooned over who was hotter, DD or MP. LOL.

I find that a lot of people are more open to the things we discuss on ATS, but yet I feel strangly alone out there in the RL because a lot of people are too freaked out, or whatnot to open their mouths.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by MacSen191

that is awesome that you can listen to C2C with your pops! I find that my father is a bit more open-minded than my mom, though both are very religious and I am happy that they even entertain my thoughts at all! Perhaps by your fathers age, he has seen and done many things, and thus has to be on the mindset that there are crazy things out there! We all know, the more we learn, the more we realize we don't know s***.

Do you have any kids by chance? I'm wondering when I have mine how, exactly, I am going to raise them knowing what I know. Perhaps they will be the luckiest kids ever growing up without a lot of the lies that we grew up with.

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