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The power of the people, No to NAFTA

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 06:06 PM
Road Closed For The NAFTA Superhighway In Texas

It seems that the people still have power in this nation when they unite for a common cause.

The Texas Department of Transportation – urged by the protest of tens-of-thousands of Texans – announced it will forgo plans to erect the new Trans-Texas Corridor, which would have connected all of North America through a massive foreign owned toll road running through the middle of the U.S. The outpouring of support by the people of Texas is an initial victory against the much larger NAU.

I hope that more and more people in the border states keep using their power of the masses to oppose this monstrosity called NAFTA.

That the only thing is going to do is to kill America as we know it.

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