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Mass confusion for the masses

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 01:36 PM
I am a bit perplexed over the events of the last few days. Though Gold has stayed rather steady (at least above 950) as has silver. What I do not get is the fact the Markets are on the rise!! I can not figure it out, except for one theory, I'll hit a bit later. A previous post woke me up stating the obvious, if we are hated so much and the "enemy" is so powerful why haven't there been many small attacks in the US? Granted I'm new here and very intrigued by what I've read. As an educated man I have to question the sheer logic of most "analysis" made here on many topics. Forget the whole alien thing, lets talk outside of the hollywood entertainment, pixar pictures mindset. I'm looking for a true to life adult conversation on a few things I'm pondering and searching for,well, anything at this point.

Based on the current predicament of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being hurt and a bailout about to happen (not deemed a "bailout" but about the same thing with what seems to be the same results economically) IndyMac falls, it would seem like we are worse off economically than we have been and the the publics confidence would be shaken unlike anything thus far, yet the dollar gets a slight boost and the markets have the best day, yesterday, in 16 years and going up!? Does all this happen simply because Benny B (federal guardian) and Treasury Sec states that Freddie and Fannie are fine and that IndyMac was an inside job and not a credit crisis result? And they are putting a leash on shorting stocks. Are people that blind that they'll put all their faith in these statements or am I that blind to think that we are in trouble and that maybe they HAVE figured it out, a way to make it all better? Maybe things will get better due to the genius of these men? From my slight bit of recent research Freddie and Fannie are up nearly $1.50 each as are the major banks, as I said the markets have gained all they lost the past weeks and are raising! Oil's dropped nearly $18.

My gut's telling me this is only a 'flash in the pan' things will go down again due to all the new "paper" needed to assure these monsters don't fall but that we are not going to crash and burn like once predicted. I know things are different than the late 70's and 80's and even early 90's when similar things occurred but we recovered rather well from those down turns. We will more than likely be in for another about face turn around as in those years before.

As for middle east conflicts, sure it's ripe over there, but I don't think things are going to escalate any more. It's all propaganda that whose recent implementations have seemed to work well for 7+ years. I've been studying this for a quite some time now, when going though grad school (traditional BS history), as part of my Masonic history as a 32nd degree Mason (which is different and contrary to most all that you'll learn in any school I'll tell you that) and biblical studies as a son of a baptist preacher. All that is going on is very, very typical and common throughout all recorded history. The differences being the media, we've never had insight to such goings on as we do now with so many "news" outlets full of nothing but hot air and manipulation or is it?. Are we meant to be mislead, even with the truth, we wouldn't know the truth if it hit us in the face, much less accept it as the truth. Which makes it near impossible to have an educated opinion, where do you get the facts and how do you decipher the facts, if in deed any are presented. Or are we all inundated within a paradigm of paradoxes? Believing a half truth is no better than believing a complete lie. What are we to do other than what we the people have always done, sit back and talk as if we really know something. How do we demand to see it as it is without speculation and conjecture?Or is that all we have? Have we been sheeple for to long that we have no other options than to remain in this current state of utter confusion?

What do you think


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