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My theory on life, death, god, and aliens.

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:35 AM
A little over a year ago I had a mental breakdown. A quarter life crisis one might say. The eventuality of my demise had finally caught up to me. When I was kid, and a teenager I always felt invincible. I knew I was going to die one day, but being so young I had my whole life ahead of me. Death didn't bother me, I knew it was coming but whatever. At 25 I realized I no longer had my whole life ahead of me. I was still young, I still had the majority of my life ahead of me. I became terrified. Stricken with anxiety and panic every so often whenever dying and the possibility of an eternity of nothing crossed my mind. I've always been agnositic, but I never bought into the heaven or hell scam. I've just always been open minded about God.

I spent months reading on different religions. I read them with open mind, thinking that perhaps my lack of faith is what is causing my worry. I spent months reading theorys on life, where we came from. The Big Bang is garbage. Even if the Big Bang happended, what happened before the Big Bang? Are we floating around on a brane that casually crashed into another brane which expanded the observable universe? If we are, what happens if another brane hits us right now? Do we poof out of exsistance?
If there is a God did he/she create all of this? Is God just a force of nature?

If I had to guess what God is, I'd guess infinity. Either infinity in space, or time. It doesn't matter. As long as we have infinity then we don't need anything else. Unfortunately we won't get to keep our current mind and body. We will die out long before infinity.

Then what?

I'm guessing after we die we will experience another life. Kind of like reincarnation, but not really. I don't feel that any part of us will carry on. There is no sole. There is no unique energy that defines who we are. Our body and our mind is who we are. We are just a small part of the mass energy. Energy is subdivided when we become conscience. This divide is what gives us our unique experience in life. Once the divide is gone, once our mind dies, the energy has to go somewhere. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. I think the energy will pop into a new bieng. Be it a dog, cat, human, alien.

We popped into Existence once? Why wouldn't we pop into Existence again? It might take a long time, a long long time. Good thing we have infinity on our side.

Aliens. I think aliens may hold the key to keeping us as unique beings. I'd hope that given enough time, a society would find ways to get around death. Once death is conquered then that species is free to keep all of it's mind and body, and hold the energy in their conscience until they get bored and kill themselves, or design virtual realitys so they don't have to kill themselves entierly. These VR's would be based off the principles of isolating energy to make a unique conscience, thus when in the VR world they would know nothing of who they really are in the real world. Or perhaps the real world is also VR?

TLDR Version:

-I popped into existence atleast once, that I know because I am here.
-Assuming time or space is infinate in nature.
-I should pop into existence, perhaps as a duck, eventually again as myself. It wll take a really long time, or perhaps time doesn't exsist and it will take a really huge amount of space, but due to infinity I'll be here again. I'll live your life again. You will life my life. I will live my life again. This thread I'm writing? I will write this thread an infinite amount of times.
-We can break this cycle by avoiding death, this lets us keep our mind, body, information, etc....however infinity is a very long time so there is a good chance we will either kill ourselves and return to the cycle, or create a VR cycle to take our mind off the boredem of being eternal.

I know I missed some things I wanted to say, and I'm sure some of this seems like incoherent babble of a mad man. I am sorry, but I only have 32 characters left, damn now 2.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:39 AM
There was one part of your post that really struck my mind, since I find it to be true. The rest, I think, points out that you are worried that once you are dead your individual ego and self will vanish. That is not the case, not entirely at least.

Individual consciousness is what makes us have different unique experiences, as you said. Thing is that before this division, there was just one consciousness, that of the infinite or God if you will. When your individual consciousness will merge with the other ones (merge in energies) then we will all get back to that one infinite consciousness. Everything is a cycle and this repeats itself accordingly.

What you suggest is to escape this cycle by not dieing. Actually that would delay your personal progress towards oneness. What you are now, will not die, it will be remembered and can be experienced at any time by anyone with enough awareness, even your future self. So you don't really die per say, you just change. You won't change into a cat or dog since that would not make sense in the progression level. You can't be in one life a cat and in the other a human, there is a slow gradual progress and evolution. So don't worry about turning into a warm next time you come to Earth.

I do not know what you think about souls or spirits. I for one think they exist in every living thing at different levels of progress and awareness. Animals such as insects, cats, dogs, have a community (group) consciousness, we humans are a step higher in the individual consciousness. Thing is that if we advance enough we will get back to a group consciousness which will actually become just one consciousness, aka God.

You should not try to escape death since that is an important part of you progress and life, when you will advance far enough as a soul your time on Earth and on different realms of experience will increase, you might start living hundreds if not thousands of years on Earth, because your level of awareness will permit you to do that. Right now we are very low in that level.

Actually when you will advance far enough, you will no longer need to incarnate and you will live a constant never-ending life, but still you will change and progress.

I can understand your fear of losing your own self or ego. I sometimes felt the same. But you see life is not meant to keep things the same, life will change you, you are not the same as 10 years ago. The same applies when talking about souls and different incarnations, these are layers in your progress and continuous change. If your soul lived lets say 100 different lives, these together create your soul character, but you still have the 100 personalities you once lived. Nothing is lost actually. Every memory, thought, action you ever did is stored in the universal consciousness.

It is normal then to see why towards the end of our evolution we will merge and create just one consciousness. When you grow big enough you will gain enough experience and awareness to fell connected with all that is and all that was experienced. This connection unites us and in the end creates just one total and infinite being. But since it is infinite, there is space for more, hence a new division and a new cycle of lives.

You should not try to avoid death or be scare of it. At our level of awareness this is a necessary event, but this is debatable. Since your progress would increase dramatically if life was not cut in pieces of ~70 years. A life of lets say 700 years is much more desirable than 10 lives of 70. But as you can imagine, people living for 700 years on Earth would result in dramatical changes in our society and way of living, which is not desirable by the forces which control Earth and us.

Aliens do exist, God does exist, we are just one tiny part of the whole. Some say we ourselves are aliens for this Earth. You should not be scared of change, people on Earth search for security and stability, but those two things will slow your progress and learning experience greatly. So this is why life has always found a way to complicate things and make all your "stability" and "security" vanish. Here is a quotation for this: "When you start to understand life (feel secure and have stability in life) then life changes (new opportunities, experiences)." When I talk about new experiences, these can be both good and bad. But at a high level of awareness we will understand that good and bad are just different visions/understandings/layers of the same thing.

God is not good or bad, that is a misunderstanding. God is both and by uniting them he is above them. So you see there is purpose in every evil or good act that happens which together help create a higher purpose.

You should not fear death or any event in your life, welcome them all as a new experience towards your own progress and evolution. But I must admit that it is rather hard while living on Earth since you feel so disconnected from everything. But you are never alone no matter what, even when dieing.

Feel free to ask anything that might puzzle you. I hope I can help.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 02:34 PM
Thanks for the responce, I always enjoy reading peoples views on the big questions. What is life? where did we come from? where are we going? Very interesting.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 12:07 PM
There's about 11 states of consciousness:

Mineral (rocks, water etc.) - purely material, no true individual existence
Chemical (stars, nuclear bombs, etc.) - has a basic system, but still only a little more complex than a rock
Fungal (mushrooms, etc.) - least complex form of life, draws nutrients directly from a living or nonliving source
Vegetative (plants, sponges, totally comatose humans) - The lowest state of consciousness a human can experience. Exists in plants and in simple and highly incapacitated animals
Mobile (simple animals, ie bugs, fish, etc) - An important step in the evolution of consciousness on Earth; most mobile animals have nervous systems
Limbic (reptiles, frogs, etc) - The first emotional consciousness level. Fear, rage, and contentment exist in limbic beings, but not more complex emotions.
Melancholic (mammals, birds) - Common to more complex animals, including humans.
Intellectual (humans, primates, whales, dolphins, elephants) - Conscious enough to reflect on why they exist.
Spiritual (humans, perhaps a few other species) - Has some sort of belief we are all one. I feel most humans are more Melancholic than truly Spiritual or Intellectual, but most of us are a bit of all three.
Buddhal (Buddha, Jesus, prophets etc.) - Has "seen the light", gets what the Universe is about. Few of us have ever reached this level.
God - Interconnectedness.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by Pericle

Interesting with the animals and the 'group soul'. What do whales and dolphins have, since they're animals, but maybe (some think) are smarter and more evolved than we are?

Maybe they have a superior form of ascending and we're second?

Just a thought.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 12:46 PM
Group soul? I think melancholic consciousnesses are individual, just not "advanced" enough to ask WHY they're individual.

Whales and dolphins are an alternate consciousness, they're probably about equal with us you might say, but it's an apples to oranges comparison.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 01:25 PM
This was an interesting post, an agnostic approach at trying to make sense of everything. I agree the view of nothingness after death is terrifying, its a hard concept to accept. I've always felt that I know nothing of life after death because I am meant to know nothing. It's a pretty bland agnostic view but it's the simple truth to me. I have hope that I will live on in some form or another but nothing so far has assured me of that. I know that when I was still little and free of religion, reincarnation was something I almost knew to be true. Maybe at the young age I still remembered something about life before birth?

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