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My alma mater thinks I’m a terrorist?

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:50 AM
This is just ridiculous! This summer, I decided to pick up 10 hours a week as a tutor at my alma mater. This is a small, liberal arts college. Since I graduated with my BA, I’ve gone on to get my Masters. I have continued as a tutor on and off, and I have taught a few classes for this college. I even taught a few classes last fall. Here’s my point. Since I haven’t gotten a paycheck since the fall, I was “terminated” in the computer system. So, I have to reapply as an employee, which is just paperwork…no big deal. These people have known me for years…I’m not worried. But now I find out that they have to run a background check on me. I have a few problems with this.
1. They know me! They are my background.
2. I just worked there a few months ago
3. I will be working a part-time job, low wage, for one month

So, this background check might clear just as I’m supposed to get my last paycheck….which will be my first paycheck being that I have to wait for this clearance.

I understand the mindset that it’s better to be overly cautions, and parents will feel better sending their students to a college with this policy, but where is the common sense? I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a criminal. They’ve known me for years. This process is a total waste of money and time. I know, before someone says it, why do I think I’m special and don’t have to follow the rules? Did I say, they know me! These people are my references on my resume! Also on my resume is the job of substitute teacher….which requires an extensive background check including being fingerprinted by the FBI (I’m not debating that—I agree subs in the public school system should be checked out). But, when is enough enough? And people wonder why the cost of tuition keeps going up. . ._javascript:icon('
') Anyone have to deal with this overly cautious attitude? What do we do? Smile and take it. . .cause I need my gas money!

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 10:17 AM
Hey. I work for a system of colleges that take online courses and such, and I can tell you, I feel you on this. First off, I agree with you - since youve been there so long and such, its basically unnecesary to go through all the checks and such. But, being as I have been on the other side, its usually strictly procedure. Since you no longer were employed, you were removed from the system. That being said, I blame the system/procedure. At my job, I have to tell people similar things fairly often. It ends up putting them through a run-around, but that is the regulation and procedure that is to be followed. If not, the employee (in your case, i guess it would be your hiring manager?) could get fired. Again, I agree with you in that it is unnecesary. it just seems that schools and companies have crappy procedures. I mean, if you worked there last fall, you should still be in their system. Especially since you said its a small college, theres no reason in clearing you out of their database so fast. Its not like they would have run out of room. I also think its more for the security and comfort of the parents/students. The fact that a college checks their tutors/instructors so extensively would reassure a parent that the school is safe for their kid.

I'm jus trying to look at it from the other side here, though. I guess you just got an unlucky draw on this one...

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