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A moment of Introspection

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 07:57 AM
A week ago I was approached by a "team member" who took me into a room where we smoked cigarettes and he identified himself as being a part of Woodrow Wilsons genealogy (I'll leave it at that). He told me he and others were well aware of my efforts to inform the public and knew what I had been up to, he also said "WE" don't care. He said when the time comes you will do "instinctively" that which I have been trained to do. He told me I was a "in" and once you are in there is no "out". He said this was the right thing to do for the preservation of this country and it has come time to separate the wheat from the chaff, and of course the kicker - "You're going to make a "snip" load of money".

I thought long and hard after that conversation and I asked God for guidance and I immediately returned to "attempting" to inform the public and for my effort I got this;

From Tide88

"Show me in that article where is says the president is going to round up law abiding citizens and arrest them or put them in camps. I really dont see anything wrong with him having those powers. Say if there was a nuclear attack in Atlanta and because of this there were people looting, killing, raping, etc.. What is wrong with the president having the power to detain people immediatly. I would think you would have to move quick if one of those senarios took place. No time to go before congress and debate about what should be done. After all he is the elected leader. And where do you put all these people that are breaking the law. You put them in those so called REX-84 camps. Just because he has the power doesnt mean he is going to fake a nuclear attack just in order to round up innocent civilians, or place them in these camps because they disagree with his politics. You rather there wasnt a plan incase something of this nature happened. A nuclear attack could kill millions, police officers included. Who is going to keep order?"

Why do I continue to stick my neck out at the abject danger to myself and my family when this is how people feel. I had a conversation with one of my fellow team members which he didn't care too much for and was approached by my Lead who told me "Don't talk about it" Not "what is all this nonsense about" No - He said specifically "Don't talk about it".

All you people do lately is bicker and fight from the comfort of your armchairs while forces are being brought to bear on you that you are severely underestimating, and closing your eyes and pretending it doesn't exist is not going to make it go away. Grow up people! I know your education system has let you down but please attempt to have some sense of history. Can you not see the signs? Have you not been tipped off time and time again, are you so dense?

Goering burned the Reichstag (9/11) at the behest of Hitler. The Nazis then dressed up a guy like a Pol. and shot him outside of a radio station claiming he was a terrorist (war on terror) about to blow it up. Hitler returns to his people and claims a terrorist problem for which he must take some rights (Patriot Act I and II, MCA, DAA, NSPD51 PDD20) of the people to combat.
Hitler was elected by 98% percent of the public as a savior of the economic situation - Are we not facing an economic situation? Are we not heading into an election. Real ID (Papers please), Checkpoints, privatized prisons, Gun rights violations (Katrina) Free speech zones, the unbelievable expansion of contract security organizations, open borders... How much more do you need?

So I find myself in a period of introspection. Why should I continue to fight? DHS is paying $3000.00 a week to contract security presently in Iowa (in this economy!!!!) are you willing to pay $3000.00 a week - I doubt it. You're fat, lazy and seem to believe you wield some power from your "perceived" safety nestled behind your keyboard. Your argumentative to the point of ridiculousness and believe you have it all figured out. You are missing the forest for the trees and your about to get a very rude awakening. Keep turning out these people who are trying to warn you, who have a sense of history and a bit of common sense. They may not make it in the end, but your demise is assured. At least "They" are intrigued by those with enough sense to resist, you are just a number on a list waiting to be checked off.

I guess I'll lurk for awhile, but quite frankly I am about through with all of this. The truth will always be the truth and I won't forget it but its becoming a bit of a struggle for me to justify endangering myself and my family to attempt to inform a populace that seems to "want" what is coming to them.

Don't hate me, but whats the point?

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 09:40 AM
You might just want to take a look at this because I have worked with "a lot" of guys just like this guy. Guys that have told me "Hey man, this is what they want. What do you care?" I have literally been told that the Constitution and the Bill of rights "were not written as a suicide pact" I don't think you CAN win now, and I don't know if I'm quite this guy, but I'm not sure I'm ready to go down with the ship either. I mean there is a boatload of money to be made here. So let me weigh this out. I could submit to this whole thing and do my thing, move into your sweet home and drive your sweet car OR I could end up in a plastic coffin (Thats a tough one guys, I have to tell you). As things stand right now it has become pretty clear to me that where I am when the SHTF is largely going to determine what I am going to choose, and just between you and me, I'm in a very bad position right now as far as you are concerned. Hell everyone I have worked with over the years just happens to be deployed all over this country right now. Making loads of money in paid hotel rooms with wireless internet and eating in your best restaurants all the while building that all powerful camaraderie. Hope you enjoy the video!

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 11:26 AM
Oh! had to add this. I was in New Orleans, remember when Dr. Fetzer appeared o O'Reily? Well Bill was a bit more of an a-hole than usual. Anyway I overheard a few guys talking the next morning about it. After they got up to leave I approached one and asked him what he thinks about all of this 9/11 business. He looked me dead in the eyes and said "I think people who don't know what they are talking about need to shut their F-ing mouths AND "Let this thing run its course"

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posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 01:04 PM
I appreciate all of your concern and words of encouragement. It has really aided me in my decision. Now I know why they don't care what I say. Best of luck to you all - You are going to need it. Now you can return to your conversations about UFO's and bizarre dreams. You people really are that dense and dare I say "Stupid" just like they told me you were. Sleep well sheep. Make sure and share your dreams with everyone - you know all that really important stuff. Just continue to reason it all out. Just like they told me you would.

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 06:40 PM
Have a little patience, this is a particularly slow forum. It seems obvious that your heart lies with the truth and the well being of others. You will rarely go wrong following your heart.

“What does it profit a man to win the whole world, if he loses his eternal soul?”

“A man is no fool to trade that which he can not keep, for that which he can not lose”.

I would also point out that these people who think they’re so much in control are just as subject to the whims of those above them as the rest of us are. The assassin always gets taken out, as well as he who killed the assassin. As for me, I’d much rather die cold, hungry and tortured while fighting for freedom than live a well fed slave, paid to torture others. Follow your conscience is my council.

posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by resistor

I will give this much. I Give you my word as a man that I will never condone, nor be party to any form of an internment camp or the like. I am not for this crap in any way and I hope it never comes to that.

You should know that USAjobs sent out an email to friends of mine for DHS Detention Officers in Louisiana - none of them were interested by the way. Thank you for your response - My spirit needed a boost.

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 09:50 AM
Situations as this is difficult to discuss. Truth is subjective to the observer. When trying to shed light on the issues you bring up, i can't but feel how much of our society is NOT independant. Much are content to live their lives under dependency for their government. Many are easily threatened if presented with a scenario of that being taken away or even used against them. To get a really good point out that should connect with both parties (for and against), i'll use this short youtube clip to demonstrate.

The Matrix is a System

The speech during the first 40 seconds has an incredible amount of real world application. Everytime he says "System" try instead to replace it with the word "Government". Though it's hollywood, i am amused at how much is thrown in our face philosophically.

I can neither agree or disagree with what you've stated. I have read development contracts signed with George Green's construction companies to build detention centers in Nevada. I have read threads about supposed thousands of detention centers built across the entire US. I have never seen one. Though i'm open minded enough to understand that absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence. This topic is worth investigating, it is worth asking questions.

asking questions ...

That is the only trouble i have with your original post. There are a significant amount of question marks in it. The average person, the very people you intend this thread to reach, don't want to answer any of those questions. They themselves are incapable of asking the same questions. The only thing different that I would have done was to mold your original post into a story. Without encouraging the audience to answer questions or perceive a scenario. A story with no obvious conclusion will leave a dangling thought in the reader. They will want to ask YOU questions. Which will lead to a discussion. Whether it be sincere intentions or vulgar ridicule, people will attempt to bring to light what truths or falsehoods exist in your story. The people who don't care.. well.. probably don't have an account on ATS.

Now to address your original post. I personally would never allow myself to be taken to a detention facility. Even if the end result was me being shot dead in my own home, at that end I would know that I died with my free will intact. I don't believe we're at a point anymore where such a scenario can be prevented. If there is to be a paradigm shift in how people live, it will have to wait for the moment where the government ascerts its iron clad will over the people and the people fight back. Civil war?

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