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Breaking News: Possible Bombing near Vancouver, BC, Canada

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 10:46 PM
Last night I was on ATS, directly after I got off the site something truly scary happened.

It was at midnight and I was sitting in my recliner with my laptop. Then it took place 'BOOM', the loudest boom I have heard in my life, guaranteed.
Everything went black, totally black, the computer stopped. I am on the fourth floor of our apartments. Its dark in my apartment anyways, but it was black. No light anywhere.

I stood up and looked out the window and there was a cop car outside on the road, redirecting traffic. Which, made me wonder what was happening. I was tempted to go outside for the next half and hour or so. But I didn't, to chicken I guess, I don't know. The sirens wailed and wailed for what seemed forever.

I had this odd creepy feeling. We have lost our electric in this building before, but it had never, NEVER been this dark. I went to bed figuring that I would find out what happened today, and I did, kind of, well what I could find out about it.

A building about a block and a half away from my apartment had blown up. They don't seem to know what caused it, not yet anyway. I have heard that is was possibly a bomb. I will tell you now there is nothing left of the building, and I am posting photos that I took of the area about two hours ago. The area has been flattened. Two days ago a huge new apartment building was there. The building had security on it before and there is more now.

I am not going to say what I think might have happened, cause I would get into some serious doo doo, but If you know anything about the area of Abbotsford BC, well you would do the math yourself. Its scary when you live so close. Next to the building that went down is two gas stations, that in itself is freaky. This was a little too close to home for me.

I have included photos and news links.
What is left:

This Husky gas station is directly next to where it happened. In fact the explosion took place right behind it. It took over 100 firemen to keep control of it. I am actually surprised it didn't blow too. Across the street is a Shell station.

Links to new below:

If you know anything about the population in this area it would make more sense to you, but like I said, I can't say nothin about nothin. If you have direct questions, u2u me and I will answer.

I would have put this in news, but it really does belong in the conspiracy section, trust me on this one.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:03 PM
Was anybody hurt?

Could you visibly tell that it was strong enough to blow debris into the street/sidewalk and into the adjacent buildings?

Did you notice visible marks of explosives or bombs?

Any strange government types poking around?

I greatly appreciate the pictures. I just cannot make out the answers to the questions above from them.

Thanks I will keep an eye out on this development and glad you're okay

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:06 PM
Could it have a been a natural gas leak?

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:17 PM

more there..

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:25 PM
it had to be a gas explosion why would anybody bomb an unfinished condo?
Strange very Strange

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by SLAYER69
it had to be a gas explosion why would anybody bomb an unfinished condo?
Strange very Strange

Insurance. It's not widely reported but even our housing situation (I too live in the Vancouver area), has declined. Contractors are playing it very close to their margins already that the slightest spike in prices/inflation can be serious.

Since it IS in Abbotsford, I would hazard a guess that it's NOT a terrorist plot. Like someone said earlier, natural gas, or a propane tank that wasn't turned off properly, sitting in the sun.. we won't know until they complete their investigations.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:12 AM
If you see the cts link above it shows footage of it as it was burning down last night.

A few people were hurt, none killed.

They had guards around it since they started building it. And they still have guards around it.

There is a strong possibility that it is ethnically or religously related, if you lived in Abbotsford you wouldn't even wonder about that one. Lots of animosty in those area's here.

It was not a gas line, I have heard that confirmed.

Stuff blew all over the place.

As far as explosives are concerned I probably wouldn't know it if I saw it. If it was there it would have been cleaned up last night and I wouldn't have seen it today anyways.

The place is flattened. It was a 4 story building, and it wasn't totally completed yet. There has been a number of big arsons in the last couple years out here, but never a bombing.

I don't think this is related, but I want to mention it anyway. We sit on the US/Canada border, and I do mean right on it. My house is less than 2 miles from it.

It is also about 6 blocks from the new hospital that is being opened next month. Which puts it about a block and a half from the current hospital.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:17 AM

Since it IS in Abbotsford, I would hazard a guess that it's NOT a terrorist plot. Like someone said earlier, natural gas, or a propane tank that wasn't turned off properly, sitting in the sun.. we won't know until they complete their investigations.

Now that makes much more sense I can believe that.
Good catch.

posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 12:33 AM
When buildings explode around here, Meth Labs are also often a culprit. One was torched (after being seized by police no less) on Broadway less than a month ago, and it went up in a matter of minutes. Although a four story building would require a rather large operation. One under construction makes it less likely as well.

All the news sources I read have this as a fire though. Are you sure you just didn't hear the sound of the structure collapsing as opposed to a bomb?

[edit on 17-7-2008 by WuTang]

posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 01:22 AM
Ok, the paper came out today and the whole thing was on the front page. And do you think they said a dang thing about what caused the incident, no not a single word.

Nothing about bombs, arson, what they think caused the whole thing, not a single word. Just it too over a hundred firemen to get it in contol.. blah... blah... blah...

I am still waiting for a offical word of some kind and soon as it shows up I will post it.

The article seemed odd to me cause it didn't mention what they think might have even happened. It just stuck me odd. They did say however that it is still under investigation.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 01:06 AM
I heard through non-media sources that there were traces of an accelerant (sp?) on this one. Don't know much more yet.

Zaimless: I can't U2U back to you as I have to post at least another 10 times. BTW, no water problems over here. There was that electrical fire that took out the power to the downtown core and that could have shut off some pumps for 3 days, but nothing else is going on.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 06:26 PM
Thank you Juniper... I appreciate the information. It still hasn't been clarified what happened and am still waiting for more info. I am currently in Chilliwack for a few days, so I hope they know more by the time I get back.

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