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Strange voice last night..

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 09:37 AM
First off..i am not crazy lol or have ever heard voice's

My wife wanted me in the living room..i said 1 sec
I was talking to my sister via yahoo typing.
she live's 30 mile's or so away.

Well i told my sister BRB the ole lady wanting something .
she said ok

well i was walking down the hall that lead's to the living room where my wife was at with my son.
i Heard a man's voice way was to describe that godlike sound effect we all here in the movie's when god speak's..

The voice said Hey come here echoechoehco u get the point.
i Turn around thinking wtf was that i didn't say anything...
My wife like on cue said hey what is that weird black shadow behind you.
i went OMG....i just heard a voice say HEY come here ...then you said that.
i was like heck you say that's just weird as heck.

Well now for my sister 30 mile's away on yahoo messenger.
i come back in typed back
She said did you read what i said!!!!!
i said no let me scroll up lol

She heard a guy's voice tell here Hey come here!!! echoing.

she was freaked cause she a candybutt lol
even woke her husband up.

then i called her told her i heard exact same thing here.
she thought i was lying.
so she asked my wife told her she saw a black shadow behind me..and i told her that i said i heard Hey come here!!after she told me about he shadow.

then my sister was flat out freaking out.

Now what are the odd's me and my sister hear the exact same voice say the exact same thing...30 mile's apart.....
and what could it have been?

Btw no tv or radio was on...i can rule that out on my end of this .

but my wife didn't hear it she just saw a shadow or something she said.

so any idea's please tell me.. i want to research this more.
because i know the odd's of us both hearing same thing 30 mile's apart.
would be real high to say the least..

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 10:09 AM
Heh, pretty cool. I don't have an explanation for ya, but the fact that you all experienced the same anomaly means there's definitely something real to it. It'll probably make sense later on when you connect it to something else.

Either oddities like this are increasing, or it's just the reports that are. Seems there's just enough strangeness in our world to remind us that there's something more going on here.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by beforetime

did you and your sister maybe have a member of your family recently pass away , maybe trying to contact you both to let you know that they are still around

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 10:29 AM
It could be something on the internet. Weird stuff likes to freak out often 'specially on IM clients. Frieky noises and what not. My compter sometimes would start making really frieky noises (from some kinda movie trailer) late at night when nothing was touched and would continue after I closed all programs via cntrl-alt-del. Shadow's still a mystery.

Alternatively I would say family member. I've never experienced it, but my mom swears when her grandmother passed away, she woke at night and saw a light and had an emotional experience, looked at the clock, and next morning got the call that she had died at that same time.

I would go with IM client had a scheduled ad that frieked you both out. The shadow was probably yours.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:06 AM
yeah don't get me wrong.

my wife said something about he shadow before i said anything about the voice.
it probably was my shadow idk lol

Just weird timing on her part...

and my pc doesn't has any speaker's on it atm...cause my kid's would turn it up full blast on me when i was sleeping lol
so it couldn't have been the yahoo messenger.

to be honest about a dead relative....
my sister live's with my dad... he is in his 60's now and look's out for them.
i heard them story's where it was a dead loved one.

so i made her go make sure he didn't kill over on us.

but i don't know anyone else at this moment..unless i aitn been told yet
that they died.

still odd as heck to me. perplexing ..

i even got to thinking maybe it's some kind of radio wave.. .somehow we both picked up on the same time.
heck anything possible at this point.

maybe if i knew what HEY come here!!! was suppose to mien.
to both me and my sister.
but really it's a ordinary phrase..

but this time it's either a freak accident we both heard same thing.
or we both heard it for a reason.

i still don't know really lol

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