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Ever see an UFO from your appartement???

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 04:35 AM
Last week I was with a frend of mine who has a appartment on the 11th floor. Even it's not the highest building in the area, he had terriffic view over the city and local skies.

So then I started thinking. Isn't it strange that we have so little concrete and clear pictures or video fragments of UFO's. Just think of it: how many people live in a tall building? Mostly with more than 2 inhabitants! It's likely to have a camera at direct access.

Yet we only see blurry pictures and poor reflections of lights/lamps within the room the pictures were taken from.

So the BIG question is: what are the odds that a great number (!) of UFO's exist and we still have no conclusive (disclosure-worthy) evidence of UFO existence.

According to ATS threads, the number of UFO-sightings is rising; so did YOU ever see an UFO from YOUR appartement?And if you did, did you capture it?

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