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Unusual Objects That You Own (or Own You)

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 01:15 AM
1940's Stetson Fedora W/Box

It's too bad it's too small for my head

The Label

The pic isn't the greatest

Authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl

I got this at the coolest store. The dude was so nice, and I purchased it for a really good price. He told me that he would take trips to Tibet and buy them from the bars there. He said they were poor there, so that is what they drank out of. It makes the neatest sound when played. Mallet not shown.

Fossil Plate

I got this from a silent auction that I helped put on to support a Charter School for Kids with ADD. It was made by a Minneapolis artist.

Mastodon Ivory Carvings

I got these in Alaska when I was there from an Eskimo.

Thuya Wood Bowl

This is made from a burl. Beautiful Stuff!

Lets see your unusual objects.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 01:22 AM
I've got a meteorite about the size of a walnut..

a Japanese import of the sex pistols single, god save the queen.

numbers 1 to 150 of the British edition of MAD comics.

A real genuine "piece of 8"

A 50/60 year old Webley senior .177 air pistol.

oh...and i got a brain knocking about somewhere too..and a life as well i think

(sorry can't provide pics, although I'd love to)

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 06:34 AM
The only objects I have that I think have really been said to be unusual is some of my paintings.
I have one that depicts a Lehan Shea, which is suppose to be the Irish vershen of the Succubus, embracing an angel. The Succubus has bat wings animal legs with hooves and a tail. The angle has feathered wings. Ive tried to take a pic of it before but it does not turn out to good.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 07:19 AM
The fact is Iam an unusual person, so most things I have are strange.
But the oldest and most interesting, would be the antiques I have that Iam the fourth generation to own.

I have a silver cigar box, from 1890's County Cork Ireland. It was a prize won by an ancestor for one of those Bicycle races with the big front wheel.

I have a music box, one of the very old ones that you wind up to work and tiny little tines run along the bumps on the cylinder inside. It came with my great great grandfather from England, and it has French writing inside, so I assume it was bought in Paris before 1900.

Lastly I have this print by Lady Butler, called Balaclava. It is an original black and white produced in 1902. At present it is valued at just over $1800.00.
The frame was made by my great great grandfather.

EDIT to add pictures..

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 07:30 AM
Uh... jeeze. Let's see here.
Got my grandfather's old stingray fedora. a pair of Sais, I have a few books from the turn of last century (1900), a skull that belonged to one of my grandfather's cattle, that my dad and uncle put tennis balls in when they were younger. Turns out the "eyes' glow in the dark, it takes residence in my closet. I'v egot a turtle shaped lamp, that i've replaced the lamp fixture in and have not used in over five years.
Oh, and accordgin to my old coach, a bike helmet. She didn't believe I had one.
Also, those are some awsome polar bears.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 08:01 AM
Unfortunately I have no pics of these on this computer but I own 2 unusual things (Amidst a collection of odd things). The first is a pickled baby shark in a jar. The second is an electric hair grower. The second will need a little explanation it was made in the 20's - 30's maybe 40's I'm not sure. It's got a bakelite plastic handle and a pair of glass parts that plug into the handle. They are filled with Neon gas and one is shaped like a comb. You plug it in and touch it to yourself and electricity flows through the gas casuing it to light up like a neon light and there's a electrical discharge through the skin. It make the coolest BRRRRZAAAPPP!!! sound as it does this. I'll see about getting a pic of it or finding it on the net.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 03:12 PM
Hey, I collect so many things... and they are all weird and unusual, it is one of my business's.
So I am not loading photo right at this moment, but will later today. I have to take many photos. One of the odd things I collect, and maybe I will take a couple photos of them is odd ads from magazines. I actually have three file drawers of them. You would be surprized at what is out there in the world.
I don't know why I collect the things I do, but I enjoy it. But I have to say here too that I think it has run its toll in my life as I am now in an attempt to clear out my home of stuff. Too much clutter, to much stuff.
So I will post photo's later...

I really like your collection eye, very nice esp. the bowl, beautiful. This thread is a great idea, I am impressed.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by Extralien

A piece of 8... that is awesome. Spanish currency, correct?

An actual brain? I have touched one before at a state fare. Maybe, you were being funny?

reply to post by RedGolem

The Leanan Sidhe is some very interesting Celtic folklore. I would I very much like to see a pic or your art work.

reply to post by AccessDenied

Strange things are fun aren't they? Strange people are the best, character surpasses normality in my book.

I like parlor items, unfortunately I do not own any. 1890's silver cigar box is awesome lady. Good story behind it too. Do you watch the Antique Road Show perhaps?

That print is stunning! just the frame alone even. I like wood stuff a lot.

reply to post by RuneSpider

A Stingray Fedora... that is wicked, I wish you had a pic. My brother has an antique Baby Seal hat, it's grayish blue and fun to wear. I must get a Fedora that fits my noggin.

Old books are awesome.

That skull you have sounds cool. I have a casted human skull someone brought back for me from Mexico. It's small though, but looks real.

reply to post by Deson

Where in the world did you get the pickled baby shark? Weirdness man... I love it.

The hair grower is great. I know what you are talking about. Please do get pictures. Did you get that at a garage sale or something? It's got Bakelite handles too.

I have several masks from around the world. I do not physically have the right now though.

My favorites are:

A Peruvian mask made from a gourd. The designs are burned and carved, which makes it the most unique in my collection.

A Balinese fertility mask, that well is very phallic looking. It's dark brown, and looks a little scary.

A Mexican mask made for the character named Hombre Murcialigo, which translate literally into Bat man.

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