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Scandal at Texas university ending quietly

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posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 02:17 PM
While most college kids are just getting by today, we have professors and administrators living high on the hog at the University's expense. Amazingly this woman received no jail time, and only had to make partial restitutionon the more than $500,000 she misspent (Nice word for misappropriated).

HOUSTON — While most students at Texas Southern University are in need of financial aid, their former president dressed in Gucci, had a $17,800 couch and used a 25-place dinner set that cost $40,000.
Priscilla Slade, a former accounting professor at the historically black, open-enrollment university, was using university money to dress, decorate and landscape her house, take spa treatments and exercise classes.

The scandal outraged the city and Slade, with her coiffed hair and dazzling smile, became a symbol of excess. Prosecutors charged her and two associates with crimes that could have put them behind bars for life.

But that didn't happen. After two high profile trials, including a mistrial, the cases are ending with little fanfare.

After a mistrial, Slade agreed to pay back $127,000 of the more than $500,000 she misspent from the university. Former TSU vice president Bruce Wilson agreed to pay back $12,000. Charges were dropped against another defendant.

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