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Could a mass suggestion be the cause of a global shift?

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 10:42 PM
Since I have joined ATS, I have found myself digging deeper into the subject of the "end times". For thousands of years people have believed that their generation would be the last generation and the world would end. Prophets, seers, text, calendars, markings, astrology and more have always been the catalyst for peoples belief that their world was going to end. It has not happened yet. We are on the fringe of another of those times. The ghastly prediction now is 2012. Will the world end? Will life end? What change? Whats next?
These questions come up constantly and every theory is discussed and debated as if it were the last time it would happen.
So, after watching a marathon of these prediction/end of times shows on the History channel and seeing just how many times the world was supposed to have ended, I started thinking about this very subject...mass suggestion.
As a form of hypnosis on a grand scale, mass suggestion works to delude the many and often hiding the truth of the few. When you combine that power with the global conscious and a dash of fear mongering, you can see where this can lead down any path that one may choose.
So, as I know it, 2012 is predicted to be potentially one or more of many things. There is the end of the era of Pisces and the start of Aquarius. This can be said to be nothing more than the shifting of a cosmic clock from 11-12 (example only) and nothing significant will happen. Perhaps the Earth's axis is shifting and is going to gradually continue until it flops hard in 2012 to one side and the entire world is going to fall into a gravitational chaos, destroying everything with fire, flood and tectonic shift. As put by Bill Murray in Ghostbusters "Cats and dogs living together, total chaos". Perhaps the Biblical horrors will in fact show themselves and the 4 Horsemen will ride, bringing with them the worst of times ever seen by man. Perhaps the captains of industry and leaders of economics will collapse all around us and reign with an iron fist and we learn that the Anti-Christ is not one man, but an idea by which they rule us. Will aliens suddenly make contact only to find that we make better slaves than allies?

Then again, perhaps nothing will happen. Perhaps the sun will beam into every window as it has done for generations past. Perhaps birds will still sing and roosters will still crow. Perhaps people will still wake and go to work, feed their pets and send their children off to school. Perhaps January 1, 2013 will be no different than December 12, 2012.

So, here is my discussion. Is it up to us what happens? If we focus our energies on the positive scenarios of the future, can we in fact making an impact of good? Alternatively, if we continue to spread the news of doom and drastic change, will we find ourselves propogating the mass suggestion that feeds that which would do us harm? Will we, the individuals who desire peace and freedom, be the engineers of our own demise?


I would like to point out that I stare into the future with conflicting views. I know that there has to be a reason why so much prophetic history leads up to a certain and specific time, but I dont believe it to be the doom and destruction of our world. I would like to think that it would be the ushering in of a new age of thinking and the next evolution of mankind. However, I know that even though we have leapt and bounded in the advances of sciences and technology, mankind is still very primitive compared to our planet, galaxy, and universe. So, hoping is all I can do right now..that and "wait to see".

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 11:24 PM
In my personal metaphysic, the reality is instantiated by the consensus of belief of those participating. I mean this quite literally.

I have seen it in action where belief of a group or individual was sufficient to cause the impossible, or to change what was yesterday's successful working of computer syntax into today’s syntax error.

Yes I believe what you say is a possibility, however every mind on the planet would weigh into that large a scale of consensus.

That is a lot of people, with a lot of beliefs, divergent beliefs. Not philosophies, but deep down belief in what will happen next.

In my humble opinion the most dangerous weapon on the planet is mass media, it has the power to sway that belief system for good or evil, and it chooses shock, bemusement, and product marketing as the highest virtues.

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 11:48 PM
I believe that awareness of the many possible scenarios of cataclysms and conspiracies, and in the last category so very well-documented, in fact from the very words of many of the cabal's whose egos enforce a certain amount of leakage of information, is absolutely necessary in order to begin to see what needs to be addressed the most. Its not merely our beliefs that hold this paradigm. Belief has disrupted into reality to many times in history, so that appears to be a false protection. But an awakened mind, can form many positive images of a desired outcome and pray, affirm, visualize and meditate. When subjects were tested to see if remote healing caused changes in physiology, it was found that it was instant and profound, and that healing was accelerated beyond the norm and the control groups by a large amount. If our thoughts can affect such changes, then the manifestation of many thoughts could be miraculous. I really wish to see active meditative groups, visualizing and attempting to rewrite the script, the world over. But without information, this would be impossible. I read somewhere that only 3% of Americans were awake, but I think theres more like 10%. Even 3% focusing on a positive outcome could really tip the scale. For example, in my own meditations, I affirm and visualize countless political, military, journalistic and all in the know coming forth with the information to convince us of the plans a few thousand. I envision the entire planet refusing to cooperate and forming active groups that can communicate in every country to undermine the plan, with a huge number of militarized resistance, and all the conspirators being prosecuted. I also envision every religion being upgraded to the highest standards of equality and human rights and separation of religion and state so its a personal decision, and all countries being administered from the bottom up democracies, with equal numbers of women in all positions, for a world of peace and equality to emerge.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by Cyberbian

Thank you for your input. Part of what inspired my post was in fact due to media, aka the History Channel. Add to that, the only place you see a lot of what is going on is on news comedy like the Daily Show or on the net and the MSM is not allowed to cover so much of it, hoping that lack of coverage will in fact encourage people not to look or forget what they found. A measure of this is played out the world over, with the media conditioning the minds of people to think the way they want them to, maintaining confusion, bigotry, racial/religious/nationality divergence; all of which contributes to this mass suggestion. It just seems to me that the message is doom and gloom and confusion and it makes it very hard to focus on what could be.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by mystiq

Excellent reply and lifestyle. More people should focus on the positive, even if they dont understand exactly what or why. You are very focused on what you want to change and very devoted to a certain path, it seems. For the less informed, would it not also be of great aid just to focus on positive energy?
I have heard before that focusing on peace on earth in general is both an unimaginably impossible goal, but the positive energy that comes out of it can be added to the focused positive energy to strengthen the important, less lofty goals and add to the overall change.

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