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Fellowship of Friends: King of clubs = what?

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:43 PM
Yeah I was just wondering if anybody on here was current or ex Fellowship Of Friends, or knew enough to tell me more about the significance of the King Of Clubs in their cosmology/symbology/demonology/whatever?
I've been looking up stuff on them online, and here and there I find a passing bit about how the King of Clubs is the one who tricks you traps you holds you back, like he's the beak of the baby bird that bites you and brings you back into the rank guano-based nest where we live and move and have our being...
I have yet to run across any formal exposition of this at any length, it may very well not exist (I know he's the fiery part of fire, if I wanted to go there, but, uh)...And I wondered if anybody on ATS could speak on this with knowledge, or had a better link than I've yet run across...
Does he correspond with one of the breaks in the octave, for example...


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