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Iran, The Economy and the End of the World as We Know It?

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:43 PM
Forgive my gloomy title. It is not the intention of the thread. In fact, this is to discuss logically whether there is anything to be "gloom and doom" about.

I have read many, many threads here on ATS about the coming conflict with the US/Israel and Iran. In fact I have authored many of them. I also have read and participated in many threads about the possibility of a severe economic collapse on a global scale. Even more critically, there is a theory that the fruition of both of these points would lead to dire constitutional consequences in the US and abroad, including conjecture that there would be imposed martial law as a result of the economy collapsing in the US and, in turn, the possible introduction of a North American Union.

Don't get me wrong - this is not a typical "doom and gloom" thread, and I would greatly appreciate people not writing one line posts saying "typical doom and gloom". This is meant to be an aggressive discussion looking at two very different scenarios.

My theory is, that through the logical deduction of the current global situation, we will be able to determine if this alleged NWO agenda is true based on the opportunity presented.

What opportunity? Think about it. If you were a member of the NWO, or Illuminati or whatever and your agenda was to create a global government, wouldn't this current scenario be the ultimate opportunity?

Let's look at two scenarios about how these situations could play out.

Here is what we do know to some great certainty:

FACT: The US is in the process of seeing recession like qualities in it's economy - this is not to say there will be a depression or even a recession - but times are a little rough.

FACT: The US markets are in a fragile state due to a credit crisis, bad loan habits, inflation and the cost of oil.

FACT: Tensions are high between the US and Iran with proxy to Israel and both sided have done their fair share of sabre rattling.

Scenario One:

Hypothetically, let's say that the current US econmy continues on its current path and somehow, or some way (pick your option as to how it could start), war breaks out between US/Israel and Iran.

Not only would this completely jeopardize the safety and stability of most countries in the Middle East, but most certainly, the Strait of Hormuz would be immediately shut down.

THE INEVITABLE reaction to the bombing of Iran will be the blocking of this Strait. That should have been self-evident even without the explicit declaration by one of Iran's highest ranking generals a few days ago. Iran dominates the whole length of the Strait. They can seal it hermetically with their missiles and artillery, both land based and naval. If that happens, the price of oil will skyrocket - far beyond the 200 dollars-per-barrel that pessimists dread now. That will cause a chain reaction: a world-wide depression, the collapse of whole industries and a catastrophic rise in unemployment in America, Europe and Japan.

Therefore, as I think we can all agree that if Iran is bombed the Strait of Hormuz will be shut down, and as a result the world economy will be sent into a tail spin.

If this scenario occurs, would it not be the perfect scenario for an alleged NWO conspiracy? Would not this be the perfect chance to "reshuffle the deck" to create a global government?


But what if none of this does happen? What if the current tensions with Iran have plateaued and this situation will turn into a small level cold war where nothing happens? The US economy struggles, adjusts and climbs back out of its hole? Things move on, there is a new president in '08 and things stay "relatively" the same.

What then? Would this not justly prove that there is no such NWO agenda or that there is no Illuminati conspiracy?

I repeat what I have said before: I am not prey to this existential Angst. True, life is more pleasant without an Iranian nuclear bomb, and Ahmadinejad is not very nice either. But if the worst comes to the worst, we will have a "balance of terror" between the two nations, much like the American-Soviet balance of terror that saved mankind from World War III, or the Indian-Pakistani balance of terror that provides a framework for a rapprochement between those two countries that hate each other's guts.

Would this not settle all of this once and for all? Imagine if all that was necessary to create a new NWO of sorts, was to start a war with Iran? Would this not prove things?


posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 10:56 PM
No one interested in proving/disproving a global, NWO, Illuminati Agenda?


This is not a one line post.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 04:50 PM
I think ATS does more to promote fear mongering and terrorism than does any media outlets yet everyone on here truies to blame the gov't. Its those same people who log on here and spread all sorts of hype of doom and gloom and panice but they "say" they are just here to "discuss" it. Yeah right.

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