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Hijacking Alien & UFO threads

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:10 PM
Please pseudoskeptics, stop hijacking threads within this folder and turning them into a debate over wether these things exist.

If you want to start a debate on these matters, start up a thread and let's debate.

Obviously the OP wants to debate these issues in an intelligent way and doesn't want his or her thread bogged down in a discussion over your personal beliefs about ufology.

If you want to debate wether these things exist, start a thread don't hijack one.

It just cheapens the discussion and you look bad.

Some of the same pseudoskeptics post their beliefs in thread after thread. No matter what the thread is about, they post about wether these things exist.

Okay, we get it. You don't believe these things exists.

If you want to debate these issues, then start a thread titled :I don't think aliens exist and debate away.

Are you so insecure in your belief system that you have state your beliefs in threads that have nothing to do with the do they exist or not debate?

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:32 PM
I think it is a skeptic (or someone who is curious like me) to ask questions about the incident reported. I also believe it should not turn into a "I don't believe you at all" type of argument. Another words, be nice!

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:48 PM
Why don't we all agree to that there is no aliens and just close the whole thread?
Or we could do it the Forum way, and let everybody have their say about the topic.

I'd rather read a complain about specific non alien related post than a just pointing at everybody that is a skeptic.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:59 PM
I have doubts that this thread even exists, given that the human mind only perceives 10% of the 90% perceivable matter in the universe. Therefore I can't even prove this thread exists, or that I, or aliens exists for that matter. In fact, this thread never happened. You saw nothing.

[edit on 14-7-2008 by NightVision]

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