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Are OBEs Fake?

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:54 AM
Ive been thinking. OBEs are supposed to occur near to sleep. I read that your senses are much the same as they are in dreams, and that the experience itself usually feels dreamlike. I have found from my own experience that if you go to sleep thinking about something, you can end up dreaming about it. So to me, it seems that OBEs are nothing more that dreams. People spend countless nights trying to achieve one so it is definately on thier mind, so surely the experiences everyone talk of are just very lucid dreams. Or maybe im just doubtfull becuase i havnt had one. If you did have one, how would you know it isnt a dream.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 07:41 AM
I'm not exactly an expert on the subject, as I've never had one, but usually someone experiencing an OBE will "see" an event occurring somewhere away from his or her corporeal form, an event which is then confirmed by whoever was physically there. If there's no confirmation, it was probably just a dream.

Does that make sense? I'm a little tired.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 08:48 AM
I don't know, I've been working on Astral Projection. At first I thought they were just dreams, but I'm on the fence. There are some pretty strange sensations, plus the fact that your conscious during the ordeal. It's just really weird especially since you're awake, but your body is still asleep and paralyzed. Something just doesn't add up.

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 09:42 AM
It is one of those things that you have to experience for yourself
I've experienced "normal" dreaming, lucid dreaming, and OBE. There are huge differences between the three but I find it difficult to explain adequately.

But I'll try...

An OBE is close to being awake inside your body, though sometimes you can fly, float, or simply appear in places. When I pass through solid objects, I get the sensation of static electricity. Not painful, but not subtle either. Also, I get the sense of duality: I can feel the bed and blankets around my physical body, even if I am far away, and I still feel part of my physical body.

Well, I hope that at least some of that makes sense

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 10:15 AM
The world you see when you AP, in my oppinion is but a replicated image. You expect to see, say..your bedroom, and you do. I've talked to numerous people who have had sleep paralysis and they noticed their room looked a little different.

I have this book called "Leaving the Body", and this guy had an OBE, and attempted to blow out a candle in his room and see if when he woke up the candle was out. The candle was still lit.

But hold on before you start calling BS.. there has been some research done showing that when OBE, you can can observe far away objects and such. I think in the book they talked about an experiment where some guy went OBE and told them what was in some box in another room.

Ok though, so this raises more questions.. and i think it comes down to having to define what you consider "REAL".. To me.. dreams ARE real... very real.. and this phyiscal world is just another type of dream, another frequency.

I had this theory lately that why ghosts aren't always seen and when they are they are sometimes translucent and seem to fade in and out. My theory on that is that they are phasing between frequencies, just because we can't see them doesn't mean they aren't always there.. They are phasing into our visual range. I find it also interesting how people say ghosts are confused, not really knowing they are dead.. How often do you dream and not know that you are dreaming? Always unless your a lucid dreamer.

It is my belief that we lead different lives, in different scenarios, all for the purpose of learning. (and I'm hesistant to use the word believe, for that is to allow oneself to be blinded... so i have to say EXPERIENCE things.. and thats what i've been doing.)

When I was younger I was told of my future by a "psychic" (i don't like that word, :person with heightened awareness).. I was told of my future and I started having dreams of my future following that for many years, in quite some detail. When I turned 20, i went through like a solid year of DeJa Vu, and it totally forced me to change my perspective of reality. There was a lesson to be learned and since then I've branched out trying to experience all sorts of different things and it's a very satisfying experience. The realisation of one's nature, which the definition of keeps changing.

But yeah.. so I had a couple OBE's.. once in my house, I went to tell my room-mate (when OBE).. i kinda teleported to his room, tried to wake him up but I had no voice, it felt like it was energy draining just to make a sound, wierd.) But yeah I saw him there sleeping but fear got a hold of me and it somehow transformed him into this scary image that sent me back to my body immediately..

Ok... so if you follow the power of attraction thread, this comes down to manifestation.. and I've practised manifestation for a while now (and if my precognitive dreams are accurate i'll get pretty damn good at it).. in the "dream world"... or OBE... which is believed to be a form of lucid dreaming by some, in that takes place in the astral vibrational level... in this world anyway, there is less restrictions, or less energy is burned so to speak, thats how I see it. That is how such amazing feats are possible there, and they are possible here too.. its just that its so energy consuming. (looking into qi-gong, or any neat "tricks" the monks can do.) Or hell, even someone like Uri Geller for instance.

Also in these OBE's, your body is paralyzed but its not like normal sleep paralysis... there is this INTENSE...high pitch, almost cyclic ringing in your head, like it feels like your head is a big crystal being chimed or something, its almost unpleasant, but its cool.. it feels like its in one of those paint shakers. I then saw like a ghost image of my body float out, and back down to this frequency phasing i was talking about... i saw these images...manifestations of fear perhaps... they got more clear the more out of body i got, and they faded the closer I got to my body, so thats something to think about. I actually woke up, but fell back asleep back into the head ringing/paralysis again. I got out of my "body" (matter being energy and energy being binary patterns to me...).. so I got out, i was in my room at my parents place, i opened the door, with my hand.. i was acutally a little uncertain whether I was obe... i heard people talking and I felt physical but my thinking was different, which I will describe in a second.. i also felt more like i was floating through the world, less force of gravity... I went into the bathroom and there were objects that weren't supposed to be there, i proceeded to make them move with my mind, as I had been practising this. I then looked in the mirror, i was wearing exactly what I was wearing in bed, my hair was even messed up, but I noticed the iris of my eye, was a very pale blue, almost white.. kinda freaked me out a little, i looked like something out of a horror movie.. i just kind of smiled at myself and said "hi" in a very quiet whispery voice (no voice remember?).. I then floated to the ceiling and decided I wanted to go fly outside, so i went to my room to try and go out the window but it must have sucked me back in my body.. i'm told often when you see your body or get close to it, you go back to it.

Anyways, I've also been able to have lucid dreams where I would simulate the feeling of going OBE... honestly I think lucid dreaming is just the same, but we have this need to define laws for our being. I also noticed it took me to some strange places, talked to some interesting people and tried going through wormholes and viewing other planets.

I should get my buddy in here, he lucid dreams every night pretty much.

But yeah.. I'll tell you this, when I woke up from an OBE... I remember the feeling I had... and it was imense, the difference between realities.. I remember thinking... the physical world felt even more strange, and inhibiting.. I felt stupid or unfocused, my mind felt hollow, i cant describe much more. It was memorable.. I had noticed in the OBE, its like they say.. ego seems to take the backseat, i didn't really think too much about my individual indentity, rather I just floated with my reality.

I don't really know what else to say on the matter, I've droned on enough. At the end of the day you must draw your own conclusions, and i'm hesistant to even say that.. when you accept absolute answers, you close yourself off for growth.. you have to keep questioning things, and on that note.. forget everything you read or that i just told to you, think of it as an interesting thought to ponder in your head, and nothing more.. not the truth, for your truth is your own, it is personal. You will find the "temporary answers" to your every question.

If you had the focus and energy to read all that, i hope it helped in some way.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by sc2300

While you have an OBE, it has been documented that you do not have Rapid Eye Movemet (REM) as in dream states.

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