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Virtual Clones

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 10:02 PM

We all know somwhat of an idea that we could be recreated in a virtual realm.
Imagine being able to call yourself up on the phone, and talking with yourself like you would with another person. If we had super computers to anylize DNA wouldnt it be possible that they could piece together a persons characteristics?
Just by looking at the DNA it would know how your voice would sound, brain patterns, and thought processes. What sort of paradox would we see if you could call anyone you wanted on a telephone, a past or present leader..a person you have a crush on, or maybe being able to talk to someone who is deceased on a daily basis.
With the rise of cell phones and less face to face communication. You have families that dont see eatchother all day but talk to a voice on a phone. People becoming busier, who's to say that people dont become so busy in life, that they can just say "call my virtual clone". One could have a normal conversation with a computerized replica, while the real person is free to do somthing else.

Could somthing like this be in our future? Anyone want to start programming...we could make billions.

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