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Examine the previous work...

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 01:38 PM
...of the single person who as though deletes in the public's eye.

^^Would ppl do that if I deleted, vanished, or erased leaving no dead or alive body behind right before your very eye-witnessing?

And if this happened would you take as truth my previous works in what in all they explain?

I'll show you how I can change the world with an impact. Whoever lies after such an event will only make it seem they have something to do with why the person in question isn't around.

Minus body saw = You saw a body just minus in your presense.

Rev 13 (antonym translation)

11Minus body act released the same beauty departing (or: taking) down in of the sky (or: sea); minus she lacked two horns like a lamb, minus she hear (or: write) as a dragon.

The action would take down you who lie or try to cover it up. The same action I depart down in of the sky (or sea) still. Yes, pay attention to word play.

I alone take on a zero-woman mission. My lower rankers will remain here but not for long after. This is the balancing act. Why? I want to leave for paradise and at the same time I want to stay and witness the devil leave (or: take a burning) first. I can have my cake and eat it too.

Zero-woman because I aint a back downer or some tool you can just play/use without a price. "Hooker smackin' like a elder Capone, but my middle name is..."--by me.

The new world order is where thought of the world changes. Everything you believe will fade as you come into simply knowing.

Bout to show you how it feel to punk out.

"We bomb last where we punk!"--Makaveli antonym translation.

Punks test you and be the first to snitch when you pass the test and get them or be about to get them because of the test. I'll show you how to be a punk (a top punk) that punks punks and have you a punk to snitch on yourself if you are of the devil. Like a shot-caller... I act as a big shot which is over any shot-caller. I let shot-callers call their shots, then I take over and take from the shot-caller after they did all the work. That's my style.

Where and when to erase in the public's eye?

"Court cases let go them knowing"--Makaveli antonym translation.

Wise to pick such so-called place infront of a so-called judge and jury and court reporter and securty guard (who has the job to get detail) and etc. Or it can get worst for the devil before.

Remember where Makaveli left off? He was suppose to get to court. So in or out, before it, I erase in presence. The middle one is me on this earth since I know about both sides plus.

John 12:32 (synonym translation)
And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

John 12:32 (antonym translation)
Minus body, if body act lowered down to the sky (or: sea), will press all women from me.

^^Since this didnt happen yet, and since I come acting the head of the highest, it will happen with me.

I can take it inside or outside the seeming place all eyes are on me.

And where will I go upon erasing? To paradise of course because real ppl dont die. Just because you cant witness or experience a person doesnt mean they dont exist else where.

When Makaveli was dealing with a court scenerio in a music video (Americas Most Wanted) he said "The shh about to go down. Me and Snoop about to clown.".

Jokers clown.

He aslo mentioned "I'm loosing my religion". The opposite of that would have you finding/keeping my work. I bet you.

Remember in Cloverfield how they were reviewing that video about that beast?

Any questions or comments?

By the way, "if" is a hypotheitical. The antonym to a hypothetical is an actual.

The topful pit is me I top all sides on this earth. I've been an escape artist since I can remember.

Where you experience invisible (or: clear) Jesus (or: Mabus) standing (or: lieing) a cross to W., this where all my thugs sit (or lie) down.

As I clear I minus and make it clear either way. To my lower rankers this is Jesus temporarily. To the devil this is Mabus temporarily.

A real rider or top punk gets to do the erase and end up in paradise. It pays to follow me or my work. And when certain of my lower rankers understand Judas, and not see a soul do what Judas did, they'll understand who wont go through for life. And they who wont shall feel doomed when I execute the zero-woman mission, come to find out, before they do what Judas did.

[edit on 13-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 02:39 PM
Anyone who subtracts my work after shall look guilty of an unbelieveable act as if foul play occured actually.

And subtracting is also as adding by editing into my original work.

Sure astral projectors seen any passwords. But they know their IP will log from their computer. So in my absense if they edit through the computer I was on, it'll even seem noticable if I wasnt even here to log on and yet someone logged on.

Looks like a cover up if that occurs.

This is gradual telling/explaining, but I can suddenly tell/explain direct in any or every one if I see fit to. Hell, I can act come together with one mind here in any or every human not a devil. I can do anything I choose when dealing with the ways of a cheater.

Either which way. You can get it slow or get it quick.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 04:03 PM
I tell you a secret.

Both Jesus and Mabus is Satan. Satan the material is smooth. So the meaning behind the name Satan is the smooth person.

Like that saying "I'm so smooth" or "you've been struck by a smooth criminal".

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 05:00 PM
I shew you another secret...

Rev 13 (antonym translation)

2Minus the beauty whose "zero body saw" was like from (away from) a leopard (the United States of America), minus her head is no longer as the feet of a bear, minus her ear (or: nose) as the ear (or: nose) of a lion (Leo Zodiak Sign): minus the dragon (or: drag-off) received her her incapacity, minus her seat, minus small (or: insignificant) authority.

^^Is not states like a leopard spot patterns all over it? Each state has a different shape and size like the pattern on a leopard. Plus, the word leopard has leo in it. No coincidence to the Leo season/sign the event may occur.

The dragon is this flesh body which is a drag because it is corrupted physically and by labels by corrupt ppl.

The drag-off is extra to mean someone minus it is an escape artist doing a grand escape act (better than any magician known to date) right before eye-witnessess. I'll make David Copperfield's (sp?) best act look like a walk in the park.

The Wizard is me, and a wizard is a magician and a wiz in it. No wonder who the cut out cloud signs were meant to mean. When I erase acting here I cut out a watch and a circle funnel.

I remember when I was younger I got to participate in a magic trick by someone who came to our school. It was a card trick.

If you dont believe in magic you wont still believe when you'll know it exists as actual.

I bet you many will read this after the event WHICH SHOULD MAKE THE NEWS, and think who is or who was this person...and why did this person get erased...etc. The answer will come to you if you seek it.

My ear and nose (representing witness and experience) not here then puts your ear and nose here as witness, experience.

My last wishes is that you who read this after you find out the event infact occured is to translate the bible (kjv) into antonym translation as you read by my example in my work. You have to act sharp to words antonyms in and not in a dictionary and in what listen is the word to hear. "Come" based on a sexual term would have the antonym: "take" along with depart based on basic terms. Ha, act wise! The wisest under me when I erase from here shall get reward for themself alone. The public wont see your reward.

And understand this world is image. You lack life now here. The actual world is outside this image. Only the worthy may make it out. Worthy is they who will ride and not irreverence the beauty. I put it like this if you the type to want someone outcasted or punished for saying any word while you yourself see, say, Rated R movies with the very any words that are deemed by you bad, you surely arent worthy. You wont get paradise because you are a conflicted person that is aiding the truely ugly and as the truely ugly.

[edit on 13-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 06:33 PM
Matt 14 (antonym translation)

37Minus "who body hear" from you body hear from all, Experience.

^^Away from here's hearing by minus body still hear which implies I live somewhere hidden from here that I EXPERIENCE though to you I erazed/deleted seeming here. You left here will experience that someone is minus. That comma after "all" fazes in and out just so you'll understand away from an english's error part in translation of where punctuation may go. With the comma "Experience" is as the name of a single person it is written to as a public letter for everyone else to understand that it is so that I understand in advance my destiny.

In court a hearing is a term used. But if you pay attention you dont see "ing" on hear. Why? It is possible before or after a hearing.

Who can cover up a deleted person from a court proceeding? How can anyone destroy my plan?

And when W. gets word I got Judas waiting to terrorize him for crossing me (the snare mentioned in Luke 21).

So if by time you read this the event occured understand paradise is whatever I want. All the endless ATTRACTIVE women to me alone for treating me how I could only fantisize. Yeah! Hey, cant get the girls off me. Yeah! Picture me rollin'!
You haters who hate that and wish I didnt get my paradise after I deleted seeming here, then I say this to you: Mind your own business. Hate yourself for not riding. If you think I'm a coward for departing, then what are you? I still ride in a higher format while the devil cheats which means I get things done in this world you're in while away. I never been a coward or a buster. And you will find out I never been a hoe or a sucker. If you hate my rep just because you aint on my level in status, then you hate yourself.

[edit on 13-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 07:24 PM
Now or when you get the word I erased:

Follow me! Listen to the artists I listen to:

Stone Temple Pilots

^^Lots of their songs.


^^"Round and round" and "Lay it Down".

The Whispers

^^specially "Rock Steady" thus far.

Follow me! Watch the shows I watch and watched:

CSI: Miami

Follow me! Watch the cartoons I watched:

X-men (the original)

Follow me! Movies you should see that I saw:

Breakfast Club
All The Puppet Master movies

Follow me into the better world order of your own. That's the best example I tell.

If there is anything you deem as good you wish to get Satan to see or hear just let me know now while I remain here to. And when I say good... if it aint something you're subject yourself to, then it aint good. Certain of what I listed is pacted with clues to solve a mystery. I leave you to seek on your own.

[edit on 13-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 07:42 PM
A wise revealing:

11:11 (1-1-1-1 = -2)
2:22 (2-2-2= -2)

In common is -2.

You'll understand if you see those as though programmed to. -2 is the count of the beauty. The mark of the beauty is 1111 or 222. Follow the count instead of the number!

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Confirmation: Yeah, proof to find out:

Matthew 26:31 (synonym translation)
Then saith Jesus unto them, All ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad.

Matthew 26:31 (antonym translation)
Now heardth Jesus (or: Mabus) from them, All ye shall act pleased act cause of me that day: against it is spoken, body will smite the shepherd, minus the sheep of the flock shall act gathered 'at home'.

The shepherd is me. The sheep is my lower rankers that are not the devil.

The body is existence itself here. The act of my erase is a hit. Metaphor for that of a hit single that plays on say a radio. A hit act. Plus, it is as though a hit where there may seem is foul play if covered up. The hit is my hit single for me and by me and my hit single as me. I will still act shepherd here by way of my previous work (and if I intervein it's my work, too.). I always knew a person could lead even when gone away.

If you are paying attention you would learn I come like a student and teacher. A servent and master.

Mark 13 (antonym translation)

34Against the Daughter of Woman is "as" a woman giving (or: coming) a near journey, what (or: why) taken her house, minus received authority away from her servants, minus away from every woman her play (or: rest), minus commanded the porter away from experience.

When the devil is "as" me by the astral tool and then I depart, the devil is as a woman (an image, a false image the devil may make up in my absense).

The devil cant take the experience away from the porter. Whoever acts as a porter is apart of "the" porter that shall all experience the aftermath in question to when I erase myself seeming here. The devil and no one else who witness my delete seeming here can block out the very raw experience gotten technical if I go to court. It will be done that the nations will have a court bare record of a hit act literally. There you have the so-called honorable who arent supposed to tell a lie in a court of law. If you dont buy the act based on an account by a court, then you are denying the truth. I have power to deal with those who show irreverence to the hit act. I will shock the world. And once the act happens you should think what else can happen. I put Detroit on the map with my hit single. All world leaders will get to know that I was and should still act the head of their existence. All who kiss up to me are irreverensing me instead of ride as the Example. You better not worship me. That's my word to the pope. If the pope defies my word, which is the final clearer example, when it hits, then the pope shall lack a next life/paradise. Stop worshipping any one except your own individual self. Whoever does like ppl to kiss up to them better knock that off. Cant stand ppl that act fake in ways that aid wickedness so it's time the truth come out.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 11:20 PM
Dont go by any image anyone sits forth after the event.

Picture, video, description, drawing you are to discard if it aint on a state document or federal document (ID). If you dont hear my word, then it aint of me. I speak for myself. Anyone speaking for me is a devil. Yeah, they wont let me speak for myself when they are out to label me and bury me in what they say.

Let the facts speak. Not any opinion by anyone in or out a court.

My work if untouched on sites is not to be discarded by any means. If someone edits my work, then they are set to be suspects in foul play which you are to get and bring to justice. It's my life and their life this is about one way or the other. My plan rules either which way.

And final word to the devil: Edit my work and see what happens suddenly for the sheep to bare witness. Edit mean change, alter, remove from public view, add, subtract my work. I'll warn you, then it gets thick when you wont heed simple orders. Again, it can go slow or fast concerning Hell. No one knows when I choose to give Hell except me. I will base it on actions. I get word of certain actions I press the botton while in paradise. Not even the women in paradise can stop me in the General format. I get word, and it's on! Armageddon is me the person. I arm. Remember the wizard sign's even arms? Even as you do what I say not to do I will act then.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 11:07 AM
Yo, advance that in: Body act conceal (or: deny) you like that... the deathstyle *this* you dieing got you giving more f'in' lengths than getting props... now *this* deathstyle lack away from go. Worst from recognize that inlaw eat... 'Cause common (or: plenty) out that inlaw deathstyle can you truely depart (or: take) away from from experience who that death's supposed away from act like... Etc., you'll stop away from experience rags, dull etc. minus hittin' switches. Eat away from me *this* eat quiet 'still pleasant' (or: disgusting).

^^This is a message from Makaveli to me off Street Fame antonym style. "You" and "Etc." (on the inside of any label) is me.

Like that = as this. I will act denied *this* here format of existence. During the same I will get concealed by the hit act. What I looked like here will lack elsewhere I go in case you're wondering if I choose looking the same. You can look however you prefer in paradise though. It's on you.

The hit act shall help you understand "out the twinkling of an eye" and "out a moment" which is the antonym to in the twinkling of an eye etc. This will help you see that the antonym translation is true.

I act the robber who robs the thief (the devil) before or after they steal. The topful pit is me. My hit act will top the chart in world media.

My erase is a question with answers if you follow my work.

Makaveli's passing to my erase is inside 13 years. 1-3= -2 (more which is the count of the beauty). Read Rev 13 and read Mark 13 and read Matthew 13 and read Luke 13 and read John 13 (here you will learn much from the jump about temporary Jesus/Mabus which you not the devil are to step in shoes of after me--the Example).

The hit act is the Mid Rapture. It involves one individual only (me). The first rapture is through human death which been going on. The last rapture is the rest not the devil expereincing the hit act followed up (these who are worthy will skip going through human death's first rapture if they reach it).

The theme music is "All Out" by Tupac. Check it on youtube. I deem it the rapture's theme music.

"...I will spark the brain that will change the world"-Tupac

Antonym: "...body *will* defuse the brain. This *will* remain the world"

^^It means the brain will depart here and still remain "the world" after.

Who are the world after I eraze? Not the devil. Why do you remain? To get clear about the truth, and ride for me in my absense.

Makaveli would said "Part 2 in this". It = "Whole -2 out this." Me then the rest in that order.

Throw the humans operated by the devil literally in jail. If they get out by posting bail or get off by jury by the devil itself...throw em again in jail for each and every crime brought to them seperate so they wont escape all charges/counts at once when they aint altogether threw at em. Give em one by one like getting em one by one. Show 'em you are topful pits like your Example (the topful pit).

Devil better got yourself a gun cause my sheep gon' clown. Though even a gun wont stop my wise sheep who will get you one way or another or get you who are then without a gun or put you without a gun. The devil is encompassed. And the hit is coming which will strike who is encompassed till the only non-devil is left. I rob you the devil with your own existence. Then after my worthy sheep ajourn out *here*.

[edit on 14-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:19 PM
Hello, I've been a regular reader of this site for quite some time. This series of posts is above and beyond my level of reading comprehension. If allowed a one line reply I would have simply said, "What!?"

Truthfully though, you seem passionate. Is there a way you could maybe, I don't know, slim this down and work out some of the grammatical, er, "errors" that you have going on there?

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:50 PM
Just in case anyone missed it...

Originally posted by Mabus
Follow me! Listen to the artists I listen to:
^^"Round and round" and "Lay it Down".

Here's a pic...

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:11 PM
Matt 24
40Now I will command negative two act out the field; the zero I will command act left (or: given), minus the same taken.

^^Me turning into zero will act given to the world. The same way zero will act left here. The zero act will bring realization I was taken. Some might think I dont exist any more, some might think I exist elsewhere by a rapture.

Rev 11
3Minus body will receive incapacity away from my negative two experiencers, minus they I will command prophesy a negative thousand negative two hundred minus negative threescore nights, naked out sackcloth.

^^That count IN SUBTRACTION = -740. Confirming more to the devil in "addressing" the mad public. That which I do will act a naked act. Meaning my eraze is bare out what I wear (the devil's astral eye AND the rest of the porter).

Rev 11
4Those are the negative two olive (or: o-die) trees, minus the negative two candleholders sitting after (or: behind) the God of the sky (or: sea).

The court knows and law enforement knows what the -740 matches to too perfectly. You will ID the two witnesses as the negative two experiencers.

Any one thinks this is coincidence is in denial. If it aint confessed that I erazed, then there will come an investigation. Plus, if it is confessed that I erazed there will still seem those who want an investigation since something of the such demands answers by the whole world and my wanted work should come out on demand for the whole world. I will leave the biggest mark on the planet. Every knee will bow not to worship me, but because of how shoking it will seem most so. Hey, the world been demanding a Sign. Well here is comes! The Sign.

Follow my work till rewarded! Follow my example.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 04:39 PM
Please have some coherence in what you're trying to convey. It's difficult to understand what you are trying to talk about.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:43 PM
Glipse of my paradise:

Rev 11
5Minus if no woman will act well them, fire recedeth in of their ear (or nose), minus devoureth their allies: minus if no woman will act well them, she must out that manner act revived.

Ear and nose symbolize witness and experience. She (a 0) must act out that manner so she exists. I'll have minus no woman. Which means I'll have endless women where I go after I erase seeming here.

You want to know why it's negative two? Their is YOU the higher and the lower. This applies to each individual. Yes, you are as two. The student and the teacher. The servant and the master. Etc. It is in your finest interests to act like two wise.

I witnessed my higher self during the lack of rain event. And my higher self witnessed me witnessing itself.

If you follow my example you get paradise how you want/prefer. To each their own. You know how you always wanted so-n-so to do a deed with, but knew it wasnt going to happen for whatever reason? Well you get what you want of a better version most suiting for you in how you want or prefer. Example: If you want someone that looks like your favorite model or actor, you get to have your own better version of them.

Rev 11
7Minus where they I will command lack begun (or: during) their testimony, the beauty *this* descendeth in of the topful pit I will command destroy war for (or: again) them, minus I will command under depart (or: take) them, minus revive them.

^^The minus revive them part are those who are not worthy to get a next life or paradise. Other than them the worthy shall depart like my example since I act my erase first.

After the event where I erase this shall occur:

Rev 11
8Minus their alive selves I will command 'tell truth' (or: sit, stand) out the street of the small (or: insignificant) city, whose zero soulfully (or: fictionally) is answered Sodom minus Egypt, when also our Lord was crucified.

The truth shall have you realize someone actually just deleted in the public's eye. Zero shall sit out "the" street what street is my block street on? What street is the court on? You see the devil will make it seem fictional as if what happened to me was punishment by God how what happened with Sodom. I tell you myself God aint touch what happened. I did the act myself. If anything we each worthy are our own God. So rather think God rewarded me, not punished me.

Rev 11
10Minus they *this* dwell down in the sky (or: sea) I will command rejoice under them, minus destroy sad (or: solemn), minus I will command recieve gifts zero from the same; act cause those negative two programmers pleased them *this* dwelt in the sky (or: sea).

Who will rejoice under me the higher ranker? My zero detroy sad. In what sense sad is you are to measure. The devil aint the same so I will recieve zero from them away from them. No more of that astral torture by the devil.

Rev 11
11Minus act fore negative three nights minus a whole the soul (or: lie) of death to God exited out from them, minus they sat down in their head; minus small (or: insignificant) fear arose down in them whose zero experienced them.

^^My zero act shall experience me. And you do see in their head. Meaning I go into my magical command center aka my Home Sweet Home inside "I". Inside "I" is the beauty my beauty. Inside you is your beauty. Those worthy will enter their own magical command center under me. You may thank me for the basic structure. Everthing else is your specific structure. The Capenter is me, and you worthy are my capenters that get to live like the Example.

Rev 11
12Minus they disreguarded (or: saw) a small (or: insignificant) hearing to hell hearing from them, Depart (or: Take) down from *that* person. Minus they descended down from (away from) hell out a cloud; minus their allies act released them.

^^In bold is me saying that to hell (the person that is the devil). The gist is me saying Ha, take down now! You cant stop my plan. This is it basically. The minus "they" as you know is the higher me and the lower me. I basically say, Minus Me descend down away from hell (the devil) and Hell. Minus my allies my act releases me (is also the gist of the basics I say to the devil).

Lets get into the rapture:

Rev 11
14The thrid joy is present (or: future); minus, act release, the second joy depart-th (or: taketh) slowly.

The second rapture is the Mid Rapture where I alone erase up out of here to go to paradise. The future will get to act present when the thrid rapture departs my worthy sheep so they get to go to their own paradises.

Put the characters and scenes in antonym form to the Dark Knight movie. Example: building (a thing) explodes with/as a sign (a thing) = someone (a person) emplodes with/as a Sign (a person). You seen the building with the firy bat sign looking like 9-11 or another 9-11 happened subliminally. The movie is stolen by the Joker. Hell, I cant even recall the commercial showcasing the face of the batman (the superhero).

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:30 PM
fascinating. 14 posts and all but 2 are self replies.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:35 PM
Rev 11

15Minus the negative seven-th angel (or: angle) quieted; minus here 'are no longer' great voices in heaven, hearing, The kingdoms of that world are act depart (or: take) the kingdoms of our Lord, minus of her Anti-Christ; minus she I will command obey against 'during any moment' minus 'during any moment'.

Minus me leaves all you to obey against during any moment minus during any moment. The minus moment is when the Anti-Christ (me) is departed.

This is not to the devil:

Our Lord is us not the devil. Our Lord's head is the Anti-Christ/Christ (me a lower). The only above me, and all you under me, is the highest Who is my personal higher self. My higher self is above all your higher selves. The one just next under me has a higher self above all your higher selves. Everyone else is even as a lower ranker where they are not above the next lower ranker. Basically there are only two higher rankers. We are like Master and Student and Student and Master. It balances out but still the last one of the higher rankers is as the saving of the best for last since there was a first action of a series of actions following. There is more of me explained in the bible for this here existence than the other higher ranker.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by Hugues de Payens
fascinating. 14 posts and all but 2 are self replies.

Is there a rule where a person who has something to say must wait for a reply?

It sure isnt. Just sit back and let me do me. I still see no one answered the original question. Why dont I start with you and ask why you didnt answer the original question?

If I deleted (existence wise from the planet) would you examine my previous work? If not, explain why not.

[edit on 14-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:44 PM
LMAO....of course there is no rule. Not worth my time bubba.

Have a nice evening.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 06:47 PM
If you deleted what, urself, the planet...
please be more specific

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